November 25th Update

principals-messagePRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE  

Dear Parents,
Thank You- Thank you to those parents who support the school in so many ways either through time, volunteering or through donation.  We appreciate all that you do, and please know that you are valued partners in educating your child.

Maple Grove School works to ensure that each child has a robust and engaging education that enables them to be successful in secondary school and beyond.  To this end, we work diligently to ensure the safety and security of all students who attend Maple Grove.  We can best support students when they have an understanding that the school and home work closely, and communicate often about expectations, routines, events, notices and school work.  And it is our collective goal to have all students experience success with their schooling at Maple Grove.  We continue to work toward that end and look forward to your cooperation and support.  Please understand that it is our intention to provide students with opportunities for success that we can build upon.  In anticipation of your interest, support and collaboration, thank you!  To this end, if there were ever any situation that occured at the school that required external agency support, or that was unsafe in any way to students, we would debrief in a timely manner with parents so that appropriate messaging was provided.

Cold Season:
Parents, as the flu season is rapidly approaching, this serves as a timely reminder that we like to ensure the health and welfare of all students and staff.  As per our school handbook (found on the blogsite).  It is important that your child establishes a habit of coming to school regularly and on time. This will demonstrate to your child that the work they are doing at school is valuable and important.  Extended trips during the school year are discouraged.  Absences of more than one month mean that you may lose your child’s place at the school and you would have to reapply.

School is a fun and active place and many children need more sleep when the school year begins.  Early and regular bedtimes are important habits. Encourage your child to practice good hygiene (using a tissue; coughing or sneezing into their elbow; avoid putting hands in their mouth or nose; washing their hands with soap and warm water after using the washroom; avoid sharing hats, hair accessories or clothing due to head lice).  While regular attendance is important, please keep your child at home if she/he:

 has a cold, sore throat or cough
 has an upset stomach or fever
 has an unusual skin rash
 has other symptoms of illness or contagious disease

This will help them get better more quickly and also prevent others becoming infected and passing disease back to your child who may already have a compromised immune system.

Please make sure the school is aware of any allergies or other serious health concerns regarding your child.  We can then make the proper provisions at school.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter you may contact the school.

Signing in/ Signing out:
Adults- The school likes to keep track of adult visitors in the school.  If you are volunteering at the school, please sign yourself in, and later out, at the main office.  It is important that we have an idea who is in our building, and where they may be working.  This is a health and safety matter.

Children- If you are removing your child from school- prior to the end of the school day, please sign your child out at the main office and then go retreive your child (or simply have them meet you at the office at a given time- it’s helpful to advise the teacher in advance). It is imperative that we know the whereabouts of children throughout the school day.
If you are expecting to return to school before the end of the school day, you must sign them back into the school so that we are aware of their presence.

Thank you for your assistance with these matters.
Principal Evans


holiday concert

Maple Grove Holiday Concert

Thursday, December 15th.

1:15pm Matinee and 6:30pm Evening Performances

Next week watch for an invitation and order form for tickets to the holiday concert.

Tickets are complimentary this year, and each family is guaranteed two tickets.  You must have a ticket to attend the concert, however, so please be sure to get your order in by December 2nd. We are asking concert goers to bring a non-perishable food item for donation to the Vancouver Food Bank along with their tickets.  Please note that if you are not available for a December 15th performance, parents may attend the dress rehearsal in the afternoon of December 14th at 1:00 pm.



November 24th, 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Maple Grove School is continuing a school tradition through our participation in the Holiday Hamper Drive to help families in need.  We will once again be helping needy families from our sister school.  The sponsor teacher at the school always expresses deep appreciation for the generous donations from our families.

On behalf of the children from our sister school, we hope that you will be able to contribute several non-perishable food items such as canned stew or soup, pasta rice, beans, cereal, or anything else that will keep.  Please make sure that the items are not past their expiry date.

We would also appreciate a donation of $ 2.00 per child to be used to purchase a gift card from the local grocery store for each hamper.

We would like to have all of the contributions at the school by Friday December 9th and we will be collecting items starting on Monday November 28th.

Thank you for helping to make this season brighter for needy families in our city.

Ms. Watkins, Ms. Garrod and the Global Citizenship Club


Pop-Up Book Sale Maple Grove Nov16_8.5x11




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