Nov 9th Update


Enjoy your extra Long Weekend

No school for students on November 10th – Curriculum Implementation Day
or November 11th – Remembrance Day Holiday

Me to WE Day

Please enjoy the comments from a number of Maple Grove students who attended:

We Day Comments:

My experience at We Day was spectacular. So many inspirational speakers and performers supported the event, and it was just really comforting to hear people speak up and relate to our feelings. Everyone felt equal as one, men and women together. It was a great day to connect with people!
Katherine Huang, Div. 1

We had so much fun. I was honoured to have the opportunity to go. We got up early and it was really worth it! I really support people who what to go!
Tina Lin, Div. 1

I thought We Day was really cool. I thought it was really inspiring to hear the life stories of some of the people who followed their dreams and worked hard to achieve their goals!
Marisa, Div. 3

Experiencing We Day is not just about having fun.  For me, listening to Lilly Singh was the highlight of my day.  Hearing her talk about her trip to Kenya to see how We Charity works to help people in poor villages and how ordinary people like us can help. She went on about how all women should be treated the same and how there can be successful women and not just one. She has her own line of We Rafiki Bracelets to help women living in We Villages. She made me want to buy a bracelet to help support these women and other people out in the community.
Carlo Santos, Div 13

I think what was most inspirational at We Day were the speeches and how they all had different perspectives but all had the same message about doing the world good is We!
Nicholas, Div 13

I think We Day was fun and informative. For example, you can recycle batteries to give zinc to children who need it. It was also inspiring to see a bunch of celebrities make a change in the world!
Brady, Div 16

We Day was very fun! You can learn about a lot of things. I learned that even if you are a little different (such as your skin colour or your health) it is fine. In Kenya and other places in the world, the water is very dirty where some people live so a lot of people have to walk long distances several times a day just to get clean water.

Mio, Div 14

Global Citizenship Club is going to have 3 bake sales in November to go towards our Christmas Hampers.  Please support this worthy endeavour.

Trip to Historical Fort Langley

Grateful for the glorious weather, Divisions 5, 14, 15 and 16 visited Fort Langley on Tuesday. In “brigades” students took on the “Fur Trade Challenge”, completing tasks (flattening furs, building barrels) and learning as they went (What food from BC was shipped to Hawaii? What were common words in Chinook jargon?)


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November 10 – Curriculum Implementation Day – No school for Students
November 11 – Remembrance Stat Holiday
November 18, 11:00 am – Information session for Montessori Choice Program Link to Maple Grove District calendar    or click the following pdf link to see our monthly school calendar



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