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welcome backPrincipal’s Message

Welcome Back Everyone!  The summer holiday is a wonderful time to relax, have fun and enjoy time with family and friends.  As we prepare for next week, I’m sure a number of us are starting to think about routines, making lunches, and getting up early in the morning.  Regardless, the Maple Grove staff hope you had a wonderful holiday and are looking forward to working with you and your children this year.

I hope you all had a terrific break no matter which part of  the world you may have explored. The Olympic Games are always a welcome distraction and the Summer Games in Rio were no exception.  I watched with enthusiasm, cheering on our Canadian team, yet hoping all athletes had personal best performances after years and years of hard work and dedication.  I’ve always found that the Games help to inspire youth from all parts of the globe to follow their dreams and do their personal best!

Similar to the Olympics, triumphant moments, personal best’s and disappointing setbacks sometimes characterize a child’s learning journey throughout their school years. At Maple Grove we continually urge students to go the distance and try for personal best’s.  That being said, encouraging students to merely do their best without providing guidance and support is not enough.  The Maple Grove staff are excited about the opportunities that exist for all students this year as we help ready students with the knowledge, skills and competencies they need to experience success in school and life.  Throughout the learning process students will discover their areas of growth, be encouraged to take risks and not feel defeated when faced with disappointment and rejection.  They will also be inspired to strengthen their strengths and delve into areas of passion with zest and enthusiasm. Setting meaningful goals and engaging in ongoing reflection will be key areas of the learning agenda.


There will be numerous opportunities, which will present themselves throughout the course of the school year, for our school community to reflect on and contemplate our core purpose.  An obvious one relates to the redesigned BC curriculum and how we continue to enhance our knowledge and skills in approaching teaching and learning through inquiry. Another related item that immediately comes to mind is reporting and assessment and how we document this process.  Ten divisions at Maple Grove are delving into FreshGrade reporting software in an effort to grapple with portfolio-based documentation and reporting.  And, while several of our classes piloted the project last year, we are still growing and experimenting with the pros and cons of the software and format.  You can expect similar reporting as in the past- with Term 3 looking more like digital portfolio.

In addition, given face to face interactions are so important in an increasingly digital world, staff are embarking on an underlying theme of helping students to continue to learn how to interact respectfully by developing skills encompassed within the social domain of self-regulation.  You may recall the staff committed parts of last year’s Pro D days to learning more about self-regulation and differentiated instruction.  This year we are hoping to implement many of these processes.

We look forward to welcoming new families and our returning families to Maple Grove on September 6th.  (New Kindergarten students’ first day of school will be Wednesday, September 7th)

Parents, as part of the annual VPD/VSB back to school campaign to alert drivers to the fact that children are back in school and to exercise good road sense along with defensive driving, we would like to WARN YOU that Maple Grove has been selected for this year’s media event school.  This means: on Tuesday AM starting about 7:00 AM various media outlets will be broadcasting from Maple Grove (Cypress Street).  There will be trucks, police, Ministry of Education officials, City of Vancouver officials, VSB Trustees and numerous other dignitaries onsite.  While we anticipate that they will not be venturing into the school as they will be doing interviews and PR stuff out on the street with traffic as a backdrop, please know that there will be an unusually high volume of police, trucks and media at the school.  You may wish to consider parking a block or two away from the school and walking onto the school grounds.


keep calm



HERE’s THE RUN DOWN OF THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL… broken into day of the week

MONDAY- No School
TUESDAY- School in session from   9:00-10:00  ONLY.   Dismissal at 10:00 AM (limited supervision)
There will be signage posted on Tuesday AM to advise students where to go on Tuesday AM.
No School for NEW Kindergartens- they have their own gradual entry schedule.  They don’t come to school on Tuesday.

Go to last year’s classroom Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 9:00 am.  There MAY be a different teacher since some teachers have transferred and we’ve hired new teachers.  We plan to roll into NEW classes sometime Wednesday morning (hopefully~ nothing is confirmed at this point).  We will post class lists after students have moved into their NEW class so parents will know where to go to retrieve their child on Wednesday afternoon.

Traditional Program go to:
Grade 5, 6 and 7 (Traditional Program) to Mrs. Humeniuk (Room 301)
Grade 3, and 4 (Traditional Program) to Mrs. Watkins (Room 306)
Grade 1 and 2 (Traditional Program) to Ms. Serbic (Room 308)

Montessori Program go to:
Grade 4, 5, 6 and 7 Montessori to Ms. Burghall (Room 303)
Grade 1, 2, and 3 Montessori to Ms. Roopra (Room 308A) now Ms. Carolyn Andres for the year

Go to the Main Office to register with Ms. Peters

Dismissal by 10:00 AM…   Teachers will be very busy and the staff have meetings all day.  Please pick your child up at 10:00 am as we only provide limited supervision on Tuesday.


School in session 9:00-3:00 (students bring snack and lunch)

1. All students go the classroom they were in on Tuesday.  Announcement about rolling into new classes will be made to staff in the morning.  We will post class lists after students have moved into their NEW class so that parents will know where to pick up their child at 3:00 pm.


School in session 9:00-3:00 daily.  Students go directly to their new class.  Students bring recess snacks.  Hot lunch starts today to those who sign up, forms will be sent home Wednesday.  Exception-  New kindergarten students are on a gradual entry schedule.



We are looking for parent volunteers to help serve our children hot lunch in the lunch room everyday.

Total commitment time is maximum 40 mins each shift (from 12:00-12:40pm), unless you would also like to help serve the kindergarteners who have their lunch at 11:45am.

Frequency is up to you. One or two days a week, once or twice a month – you can volunteer as much or as little as you want.

If you are interested, please email Angela Barrington-Foote at abfoote@shaw.ca. Any amount of time you can offer would be greatly appreciated! Parents’ support makes a big difference to our school. We look forward to another year of great support from you in the lunch room. Thank you!


PAC Blog

Please use this link (also a side tab on this page) for the latest from PAC:



MG.YR Flyers-Fall2016

Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday, Sept 7th- 7pm – PAC Meeting (Public Ed & Advocacy – in the Library

Thursday, Sept 8th – First day for Hot Lunch – Please be sure your child has a lunch for Wednesday.

Wednesday, Sept 14th – Welcome back social BBQ (PAC) and Meet the teachers

Thursday, Sept 22nd – 9am – in the Library – PAC sponsored 1st English Practice Tea

Sept 19th to 22nd -Book Fair

Sept 30 – Professional Development Day – No School for Students



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