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Principal’s Messageprincipals-message-1

Well its Friday, July 8th.  The office is now closed for the summer.  We will be returning in late August.  Ms. Peters will be in Monday, August 29th.  Students do not return until Tuesday, September 6th.  They will be here from 9:00 – 10:00 am to check in and confirm their attendance at Maple Grove for the 2016-2017 school year.

In parting: May the sun warm you and keep you and may the joys and delights of the summer season shine upon you and your family.  Enjoy!  Peter

Just a couple of final notes:

Thank you to the PAC exec for their amazing leadership all year.  We acknowledged them in front of the children on Wednesday morning.  Thank you also to Mr. Tim Luu and Ms. Susan Lin for all their years of leadership in the school.  They are leaving us as their youngest children are moving on to high school.

Thank you to Susan Kong and the Grad Committee for a wonderful afternoon/evening.  Susan and the committee spent hours upon hours getting ready to host a beautiful Grad.

Grad Committee Members:
Susan Kong
Susan Lin
Tim Luu
Helen Yee
Patrick Roberge
Sandra Roberge
Heejung Jang
Anne Lee
Jenny Kuan
David Fouts
Sarah Wall-Lobo
Jennifer Ashby
Maxine Wolodko

Grad Committee Parent Volunteers:
Elsie Chan
Patricia Lowe
Emily Ng
Estelle Dufresne
Elise Greaves
Sarah Ching
Tiffany Zhang
Joy West
Selena Ip
Joyce Fan
Janie Pang
Sanfy Lam
Shad Ma
Michelle Kang
Serena Zheng
Otis Ashby Sr
Michael Mong
Monica Tang
Andrew Tang
Jasmine Chang
Dorothy Lin and Matthew Mong (Maple Grove Alumni)
Gr.6 Student Helpers: 
Vicky, Alex, Karen, Katherine



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