June 29th- End of Year Post


Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,
Well folks, we made it!  It is amazing how quickly the end of the school year has come. Thank you to all of our teachers, support staff, students and parents for the effort and support you have given to help make Maple Grove a great place to be.  Ten months have gone by very quickly.  As I look at the calendar, I find it hard to believe that the end of June has arrived.  So let’s celebrate all that we’ve done and accomplished this year.  We have had many special presentations, successes, acknowledgements and recognitions- too many to list individually.  This morning we acknowledged all of our students for a wonderful year.  Our students have learned, laughed and made many memories during the past year.  Each year, Maple Grove creates a Learning Improvement Plan.  As a staff we set goals for learning improvement and come up with strategies to meet our goals.  This year we focused on improving reading fluency and accuracy.  We also investigated Social Emotional Learning and charted a course for continued work in this area for September.   These skills are important building blocks for learning for all students.  Behind all of this are not only dedicated, energetic teachers and support staff, but also a wonderful PAC.  We said Goodbye to our Chair and Vice-Chair today, as well as our Treasurer.  We also acknowledged two parents who’ve tirelessly dedicated themselves to school-wide events at Maple Grove.  They have given countless hours of their free time to help out our school. Sincere thanks to each of you – you are true gift to us, and without you, much of this would not be possible!

To the staff, Ms Sleep and I want to express our sincere admiration and appreciation for your marvelous cooperation and support.  Together we have offered the best education for each student entrusted to us. Great things happen when we work together. I congratulate all of you, and your students, on a successful school year.  I particularly want to acknowledge our grads who will be starting high school.  It will be sad to see you leave, but we wish you the very best as you venture forth into this new phase of your life

BYOi (Bring Your Own i-device) next year Survey Results

Here are the results encapsulated…

capture 1 population


Capture 2 population mf mt


Capture graph


Capture graph 2

Essentially, if we exclude primary grade parent responses saying their children are too young, we have a pretty clear majority supporting the notion of BYOi.  I think what we’ll do is leave this for now, and begin the roll out of protocols, expectations, user agreements, etc in the fall.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey.  Thank you also to the parents who wrote to me and spoke to me privately.  We will move slowly and purposefully through these waters as we endeavour to provide all the benefits and advantages of a Maple Grove education.  Thank you.

Cultus Lake – Fantastic Year end trip for our Grade 7’s

Cultus Lake

Grade 7 Grad

Year end Assembly

Have you seen our signs?????

2015-11-04 08.46.162015-11-04 08.47.132015-11-04 08.47.34Hey Everyone!  Our parent parking signs have gone missing.  We’re sure someone was trying to be helpful, and has forgotten to put them back up… but, we need them for ensuring the safety and security of students walking to and from school.  Since the signs were removed without permission from the school, we have contacted our policing partners to inform them of their disappearance.  We expect them returned ASAP.


Upcoming Eventsupcoming event


September 6 – First day back for students after summer holidays –

One hour only from 9:00 am to 10:00 am on Sept 6.

Please be sure the school knows if you will be returning later than September 6.


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