May 19 Update

Volunteer Tea

To our amazing volunteers…  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Volunteerism empowers, connects, gives meaning and a sense of purpose and help to those in need.  We need you!  You move us to the next level.  Our school simply could not do the things we do, or offer the amazing experiences we offer students without the wonderful support of our school volunteers.  You make this place wonderful!
From us, to you.  Thank You!!

Thank you Ms. Adams, Mrs. Tornroos, Ms. Plavan, Alexis (Ms. Plavan’s daughter), Ms. Yeung, Ms. Garrod, Ms. Seebaran, Ms. Lam and Ms. Emery for all of their amazing work in pulling together a stellar event.


principals-message-1  Principal’s Message

Good Long Weekend Everyone!  Wow, what a week.  Please rest, relax, heal, and enjoy the family time this beautiful weekend provides.  Our personal health and wellness is so important, and, regrettably, it’s usually last on our list of things we tend to.  I will be in Sea to Sky Country, backpacking, camping and hiking, as I ready myself for The West Coast Trail, Cape Scott National Park, and a week of kayaking with killer whales this summer at Robson Byte.


Parent Information Night

We had an amazing parent information night on Wednesday evening.  iMatter was an informative, engaging interactive discussion on technology and our children.  It was a frank conversation with Saleema Noon’s facilitation team, Ryan and Anna, who led us through a conversation on “Rules” to guide our engagement (fears and concerns) regarding children and the ageless, faceless, locationless, sexless, internet.  There were over 30 parents participating in the conversation and discussion.  Part 2 of our engagement will be Ryan and Anna working with our grade 6/7 students next week.  The school would like to acknowledge the amazing support from our PAC and the Executive for their strong leadership and support in providing for this discussion series.  It costs money to bring these specialists into the school and our PAC is such a forward thinking, proactive group, that they recognize and support arming students with the tools, information, and background knowledge they need to navigate today’s electronic world.  Thank you PAC, Executive, and a special thanks to Galen Hutcheson for all the organizing, scheduling and connecting behind the scenes.  Awesome!  For details on the course, follow the link:


School Organization

Last week I talked about staffing and some of the changes that we’ll be experiencing.  Here is a recap:

There are always changes in staffing, for a variety of reasons, which take place in a school year. Teachers make decisions for their careers, families, and personal interests.  Maple Grove has a number of changes taking place for September.  Here are some changes to anticipate… please note that there may be more.

Mr. Gruenwalde Will be leaving his position and returning to the TOC pool
Ms. Gill Will be returning from Mat Leave in January (Ms. Shoemaker will be leaving)
Ms. Wong Will be returning from Mat Leave (Ms. Wilson will be leaving)
Ms. Adams Will be going on Mat Leave for the year (A TOC will be provided)
Ms. Watkins Will be returning from leave (Ms. Ng will be leaving)
Ms. Roopra Will be here in September; but then going on Mat leave for the year (A TOC will be provided)
Ms. Macaulay TBA- depending on budget decisions re: Music programs
Mr. Davies TBA
Mrs. Bevacqua On leave; maybe returning in September
Ms Sleep Promoted to Principal at Jamieson

Today, I will share some more of the school organization with you.  As Maple Grove is very full for September, there has been little we can do in the design of our organization.   It is subject to the numbers of students who enroll at a variety of grade levels in the two programs.  You may anticipate:




1 7 Mrs. Humeniuk
2 6/7 Mr. Naipaul
3 5/6 Ms. Plavan
4 5 Ms. Wong/Barreira
5 4 Ms. Garrod
6 ¾ Ms. Yeung
7 3 Ms. Chester/TBA
8 2/3 Ms. Gill (TBA)
9 1/ 2 Ms. Seebaran
10 1 Ms. Wong
11 K/1 Ms. Hales
12 K Ms. Lam
13 M  7 Ms. Burghall
14 M 4/5/6 Ms. Adams (TBA)
15 M 4/5/6 Ms. Griffiths
16 M 4/5/6 Ms. Bartlett
17 M 1/2/3 Ms. Boulanger
18 M 1/2/3 Ms. Lin
19 M 1/2/3 Ms. Belliveau
20 M K Ms. Greyhurst


Please note:  This may not be a final school organization.  The organization depends on numbers that actually materialize in September.  We have accounted for returning students, international students, new registrations, transfer-ins, transfer-outs, and graduating students.  We are presently adding students to our waitlist and also losing students who are making family changes, daily.  We will keep you informed as to where we are, numbers wise, in September.  But, for now, this looks to be the organization we’ll organize to.

Please be reminded… we do not take parent requests for specific teachers.  If you have a concern about the placement of your child for next school year, you need to be having a conversation with this year’s classroom teacher as they are the ones who shepherd the process and placement. 

Scholastic Book Fair is coming May 30th to June 2nd

Get ready to go shopping!  Funds raised are for our Library.  You should have received a letter from Ms Tornroos this week with more information.  If you’d like to volunteer, we could really use your help.  Please let Ms Tornroos know.

Bike to School Week May 30th to June 3rd

Pump up your tires, dust off your helmet and make sure you have a lock.

There will be a sign up outside the office for you to record your rides.  Each day during Bike to School Week, members will check in with Mrs. Peters and her helpers in the office.  If they have ridden their bike to school they will get a sticker to put on our poster.

We did well last year for Bike to School Week, let’s do better this year!

Leaving before term ends on June 29th?

Reports cards can be mailed to you if you provide the office with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  You may also have someone else pick up the report card for you, with your  permission in writing.

Returning Late from Summer Holidays?

Important to know:  If a student is not back at school by September 7th and we have not been informed of their late return, the student will be withdrawn and a waitlisted student will take their place.   Places will not be held for students who plan to return after September 30th.

Here is a link to the letter you must complete to inform the school if you will be late retuning to school next year, you may also email this information to  Notice of Late Return Form


RBC Run for the kids

RBC run for the kids

Register on line at

Click on the orange REGISTER button on the right hand side.
Click on MYSELF or  MULTIPLE PERSONS – depending on how many people you are registering.
Answer one question – Did you participate last year?


Deadline for registration is MONDAY MAY 23.

Passion Project Pictures. . .


Night of Bands



Track and Field


Big Hero 6 jpg file



Upcoming Eventsupcoming event

May 20 – School not in session (for Good Friday Stat Holiday that fell during March break)
May 23 – Victoria Day
May 27- Welcome to K
May 30 to June 2 – Spring Bookfair
May 30 to June 3rd – Bike to School Week
June 3- New students welcome Grades 1 to 7
June 6- Pro D day (no school for students)
June 8-10- Grade 6 Camp
June 14- Kilometre Club Celebration
June 16-17- Talent Show (Ms Hales is organizing)
June 24- Sports Day and year end BBQ(???)
June 27- Grad
June 28 – Primary Picnic
June 29- Last day of school

September 6 – First day back for students after summer holidays


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