April 22 Update

principals-message-1Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,
April is quickly flying by.  Schools are presently busy with Term 3 activities, while at the same time, planning for September.  As I’ve indicated in previous posts, Maple Grove is expecting about 508-511 students next year.  We will be very full.  Part and parcel of the enrolment projections game is the speculation regarding staffing and organization.  Presently we only have a preliminary sample from the VSB as to what our staffing envelope will look like.  We anticipate being able to speak in greater detail after May 9th. Presently no teacher has requested a transfer and we have several staff who have been away on leaves of various kinds planning to return (details to follow in May).  That being said, anything is possible in the spring so just sit tight for now and watch for updates.  For now, I’m comfortable saying that Maple Grove is a popular school which many families find rather appealing.  The staff are super conscientious and diligent.

We have been steadily registering new students for September.  While many of these students are young Kindergarten students who will be having their first school experience, many of our registrations are students transferring into Maple Grove and living in our catchment area.   We are always working to ensure the students at Maple Grove have an engaging and robust educational experience.  To this end, please note that a School Organization will not be available until mid to late May.

This past week, staff enjoyed two informative Pro D sessions.  Friday staff delved deep into the re-designed BC curriculum and started planning for next year.  Apart from examining Core Competencies in subject areas on Friday, our Monday session was excellent as we had VSB behaviour consultants work with our team, and a special presentation from the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) at UBC.  This group tracks Early Years Developmental Indices (EDI), Middle Years Developmental Indices (MDI) and Youth Developmental Indices (YDI) and examine students’ abilities and vulnerabilities in the areas of physical growth and development, social emotional learning, problem solving, language and communication.  I’m hopeful to have one of their staff available for a parent session either this spring or early next year.   Our next PAC meeting is May 18 at 7:00 pm in the library.

Here’s to a great Term 3.
Mr. Evans

earth day 2

Let’s all be aware of sustainability.  Let us all reduce our consumables and be aware of our carbon footprint.

RBC Run for the kids

RBC run for the kids

Register on line at


Click on the orange REGISTER button on the right hand side.
Click on MYSELF or  MULTIPLE PERSONS – depending on how many people you are registering.
Answer one question – Did you participate last year?


Student Placement (Re-post by request)

I’ve received a lot of positive comments about a post I wrote a few weeks back regarding the process we are using this year for student placement.  I’ve been asked by many parents to re-post the article.  Here you go….

We have started to receive letters from some parents requesting that their child be placed in a particular teacher’s class for September. We do not endorse this type of teacher requesting process.

Instead, if you feel the need to express your concerns about your child’s placement for next year, you should be speaking with this year’s classroom teacher and discussing viable educational options for September. (This year’s classroom teacher plays a significant role in the class casting process for September in conjunction with resource staff ).  If, after speaking with the classroom teacher, you still feel a need to write a letter to me regarding the placement of your child, you may do with the the following understandings and criteria:

1. Understandings:
(a) A letter is NOT an opportunity to request a specific teacher!  It is an opportunity for you to forward any educational concerns or issues that you think might be helpful for the school to consider and raise with the casting teachers, for consideration, when they start casting classes.

(b) Writing a letter is not a guarantee that your request will be accepted.  It is merely an opportunity for you to share your thoughts and opinions about how your child may learn best. While teachers may consider your wishes, they exercise a great deal of thought, time and effort into casting classes, and I lean towards giving that the consideration it deserves.

(c) There are often structural parameters that govern class casting (e.g., class size regulations, combined class options, school organization limits). These factors sometimes limit educational options available for casting teachers.

2. Criteria:
Maple Grove staff consider the following 5 notions when casting classes.  All the members of the Maple Grove team meet to discuss each child at length to ensure that all known factors are taken into consideration before a decision about class placement is finalized.
(a) Each child’s academic needs
(b) Each child’s social needs
(c) Class group dynamics
(d) Gender balance
(e) Equitable distribution of students

Again, if you have a specific request about the above information, please talk to your child’s teacher or submit a request in writing by May 31. Requests will NOT be considered after that date. My suggestion would be that if you have concerns regarding your child, that you discuss the matter with their current teacher.

Please know that it is our intention to achieve the following for all students:
(i)  To organize classes so that each student is in a positive learning situation
(ii)  To ensure that each teacher has a manageable teaching assignment that conforms to ministry criteria + the collective agreement
(iii)  To ensure that there is a balance of ability levels
(iv)  To ensure that there is a balance of students with a range of work habits
(v)    To ensure there is a variety of learning styles
(vi)   To ensure that there are positive social groupings
(vii)  To ensure that students have a friend in the class; and that we limit peer conflicts
(viii) To give consideration to boy/girl ratios
(ix)   To ensure there are some positive leaders in each class
(x)    To consider previous class assignment of teachers and classmates
(xi)   To give thoughtful consideration to teacher recommendations
(xii)  To consider parental input regarding their child
(xiii)  To listen to Resource Team input

Thank you to everyone for their passion, interest and involvement in Maple Grove.  We look forward to working with you in making this school a wonderful place for student teaching and learning.  It is our collective goal to ensure all students are engaged with their learning and receiving an excellent, comprehensive educational experience.

Spring Fair!


We are blessed to have some amazing parents in our school community.  You are all so talented.  Every time I get to chat with one or two of you I’m always amazed how shy you are- your skill set is so profound we’d love to have you share it with us.  Come volunteer in the school.  Right now we’re in the process of putting on the annual Maple Grove Spring Fair.  This is a favourite event at Maple Grove.  Spring Fair is scheduled this year for Friday, May 27th.  

We need you.  If you can help us, please contact Karrie Bogart at ckbogart@shaw.ca
She is awesome to work with and really fun.  This is a great way to get to know more parents and friends in the school community.  Also, our amazing fair organizer, Mr. Tim Luu, is a great mentor and wonderful person to work with.  Tim has selflessly and sometimes single handedly put on this event for many years!

Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP)

a long range plan

Parents, if you haven’t taken a moment to add your input to the LRFP, please take a moment to visit the following link. The survey is available in Chinese; to access the Chinese version just click the button on the top right corner of the first page of the survey.

Survey Link

We appreciate your input. Please note the dates, times and locations of our open house/ public input sessions:

Public Workshop & Open House dates and locations:
April 24th River District Centre – Workshop from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm / Open House from 2:30 pm to 4 pm
April 30th SFU (downtown campus) World Art Centre – Workshop 1 pm – 2:30 pm / Open House 2:30 pm – 4 pm

Thank you in advance for your support in sharing this information with your community. Please contact me directly if you have any questions, concerns, or require further information.

Summer School Information

  1. 2016 Summer School Program information can be found at :   https://summer.vsb.bc.ca/Pages/default.aspx
  1. Registration Opens on May 2nd, 2016
    Course Calendars will be arriving to your schools during the third week of April
    A global message has been posted on all school websites through share point.
    Thanks for your on-going support of the summer school program!

Charlotte Diamond… and others, sponsored by DPAC

upcoming event
April 27- Secretary Day (we have two fantastic secretaries who run this school)
April 29- VSB 2021 surveys to Mr. Evans – 9:00 am in the library
May 10- Night of the Bands (Sr Bands)
May 11- Spring Concert dress rehearsal
May 12- Matinee Performance
May 12- Evening Performance
May 18- PAC Meeting @ 7:00 pm
May 19- Volunteer Tea
May 20 – School not in session (for Good Friday Stat Holiday that fell during March break)
May 23 – Victoria Day
May 27- Welcome to K
May 27- Spring Fair
June 3- New students welcome
June 6- Pro D day (no school for students)
June 8-10- Grade 6 Camp
June 14- Kilometre Club Celebration
June 16-17- Talent Show (Ms Hales is organizing)
June 24- Sports Day and year end BBQ(???)
June 27- Grad
June 29- Last day of school


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