January 22 Update

principals-message-1Principal’s Message

Good afternoon parents.  Maple Grove is getting busy again- since the Christmas break- with lots of activities and learning opportunities for students.  Presently classes are skating, and visiting a number of interesting venues around Vancouver.  We also have a Jr and Sr boys basketball team.  Additionally, we have  noon hour girls (gr. 3-7) extra curricular soccer sessions running in January – February.  There is the ongoing Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) and the upcoming Satisfaction Surveys.  The FSA runs through February and the Satisfaction Surveys start up at the end of February.  We even have a school-wide spelling bee coming up in February.  This is a short term, so please watch for reporting information.  Enjoy your weekend.  Mr. Evans

Safe Arrival – 604 713-5792

Please call the safe arrival number anytime your child will be late or absent.  The number goes to a 24 hour message system, so you can call anytime.  Our safe arrival volunteers pick up the messages and make sure that all the students are accounted for each morning.  There is no need to email the teacher (who may not be able to collect the message until after safe arrival is done), or call the main office.  This number is in your child’s planner on the front page.

Bake Sale – January 27th – Recess

The Global Citizenship Club is hosting a bake sale to raise money to help the families in the Amazon region of Ecuador through our Adopt a Village campaign.

The primary students go to the boys’ basement, and the intermediates to the lunchroom to make their purchases at recess.

Parents, if you would like to make any donations of nut-free goods, please deliver them to the lunchroom on Wednesday before 9:00 am.  All items will sell for $1.00.  Please send individual items, packaged and ready to be sold.  Thank you!

Dress Like a Character Day

Dress like a Character Day

In recognition of Family Literacy Day on Wednesday, January 27, Maple Grove’s Student Council is sponsoring “Dress Like Your Favourite Literary Character Day”. 

The Student Council is inviting students to come to school dressed as a character in a book.  Please take some time and talk with your child about a character in a book that they would like to come to school dressed as.


Skating Fun!

Skating 2016

Kindergarten Registration

kindgarten Registration imageThis is going on Right Now and there is only one week left if you wish to apply for a choice program!  If you have a Kindergarten aged child (born in 2011) we want you to come and register now for September.  Remember, you must  register at your home school- even if you’re planning to apply to a choice program, and even if there is a sibling in the choice program. For more information, please refer to previous blogs, or visit the VSB Website Click hereand follow the links to Kindergarten Registration.

January 20, 2016

Dear School District 39 (VSB) Parents:

DPAC is the Vancouver District Parent Advisory Committee. We represent the Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) of the Vancouver School Board (VSB) with the common goal of assuring our children receive the best possible education. DPAC is composed of representatives from PACs and meets twice per month at the Board of Education building at 1588 West Broadway in Vancouver. 


* Supports PACs and shares parents’ views at the district level.

* Represents the views of city parents to the Vancouver Board of Education through participation on school board standing and advisory committees.

* Meets on the second and fourth Thursday of the month at 7pm at the VSB offices and all parents are welcome. DPAC covers parking and childcare.

*Currently has funding available to support learning activities of our members. Please be in touch to find out more!


DPAC’s day-to-day activities are performed by the volunteer executive council which is made up of up to 12 parents who are elected by the PACs. (We also have a staff person starting soon.) Currently there are vacancies on the executive committee and parents are encouraged to consider putting their names forward. The table officers and executive committee speaks on the behalf of DPAC. All PAC members and parents are welcome to executive meetings. We encourage all PACs to have a DPAC representative to attend our meetings on a regular basis and are appreciative that many PACs are already doing so. While all parents are welcome to attend our meetings, only the executive members vote at our meetings. We also encourage parents to become DPAC representatives at VSB advisory committees.

DPAC invites all parents and PAC executives to subscribe to the DPAC mailing list for up-to-date information about DPAC activities, DPAC initiatives, and developments at the school board level.

In particular, we request that each PAC sign up a DPAC representative for your PAC to help us ensure that the PACs remain up to date on developments at the district level. 


Subscribe to the DPAC mailing lists:



Follow the DPAC Facebook page for up to the minute updates: 



Watch DPAC on Twitter:


Bylaws Update Initiative:

The  DPAC constitution is out of date and needs to be updated. The DPAC executive is asking for input from parents to help us make our bylaws more effective so we can do our job better. 

Our current bylaws can be found here:  http://www.vsb.bc.ca/dpac-bylaws.

Please send feedback to DPAC by email to dpac.sd39@gmail.com or in person by attending a DPAC executive meeting. Please let us know ahead of time if you wish to speak in person so we can add time in the schedule.

Additional feedback will be requested throughout the renewal process when drafts of the new constitution and bylaws are made ready. DPAC encourages parents to provide feedback at each step.


SD39 (VSB) DPAC Executive

Lord Nelson PAC Parent Information Event – issues facing our children in our digital world.

The presenter, Sam Jingfors, is a consultant who brings a background in criminology with a focus on cyberbullying, digital citizenship, and the privacy and security of children and youth online.  Sam currently works with Safer Schools Together as a presenter and consultant on the issue of digital safety.

In this presentation, Sam will outline how we, as parents, can make age-appropriate decisions to support our kids to understand the short and long term implications of the choices that they make in their social media and online participation.   PAC is also hosting Sam to work with all Lord Nelson Children in grades 1-7 on this topic; this presentation will also briefly update parents on what was shared with our children.

  • Wednesday, January 27th, 6:30-8pm.  
  • In the Lord Nelson Gym.  
  • Sadly we cannot offer childcare at public events.  
  • Cost:  $5 online in advance, $7 at the door.  
  • Register Here:   https://socialmedialordnelson.eventbrite.ca 


Upcoming Events:

January 25 to 29 – Turn off the screen week
January 27 – Family Literacy Day and Camp Read
February 8 – Lunar New Year and Family Day Holiday – no school
February 9 – Professional Development Day – no school for students
February 17 – PAC Meeting (Montessori Parent Ed)




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