Oct 30th Update

Principal’s Message

Greetings Maple Grove families.  What a busy week!  We were frantically preparing for our Halloween Assembly in an effort to host all the scary, and not so scary costumes, belonging to our spooky students.  What fun it was!!  We owe a couple of special thank you’s.  Firstly, I’d like to thank the Student Council (Sponsored by Ms Hales and Ms Wong and Ms Wilson) for all of their organization regarding setting up our annual haunted house.   I’d also like to thank Mandalay for her conscientious efforts to pull the event together- as well as the team of student who worked tirelessly to organize and run the event.  Also, I’d like to acknowledge Patrick, Sandra and Thailey for letting us borrow their amazing decorations and props.  It was truly a fun event and very pulled together.  Like Patrick said to me earlier today, “It takes a Village.”  Thank you for your inspiration and work.  Also, High Fives to Vinnie the Vampire for being so entertaining and spreading sooooo much Halloween Spirit to our students!

Enjoy the following Clip

Enjoy the following stills

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A special visit from our friend Vinnie The Vampire!!

Don’t forget that our Halloween Parent Bingo is this evening!!

 Halloween Bingo 2015

Maple Grove Teachers Give Back

Several of our teachers are sponsoring UBC student teachers.  Please know that these student teachers will be completing their 10-day practicum in early November and then a 3-month practicum in the Spring.  We are both happy and excited to have Megan, Leanne and Hannah with us.

2015 cross country

Cross Country 

Congratulations to Cross Country members on a very successful district meet at Trout Lake.  Thanks to sponsors Ms. Wong and Mr. Richard for coaching and helping the kids.

DEAR (Drop Everything + Read)

DEARintermediate  DEARprimary2  DEARprimary

On Monday October 26 students and staff at Maple Grove were a part of a very exciting event that dropped everything and read. (DEAR).  Schools all over Canada were celebrating National School Library Day and in British Columbia the British Columbia Teacher-Librarians Association sponsored DEAR. From 11 – 11:20 students and staff in every district in the province were reading and recognizing the joys of a good book. And they loved it.  At Maple Grove the Intermediate students gathered in the gym to read.  They were engaged and you could hear a pin drop it was so quiet.  They did not want to it to stop. Thanks go to Ms Wong for speaking to the students.

The Primary students all came to the Library and they DEAL or dropped everything and listened. Ms Yeung did a brilliant job of reading “Listen, Buddy” by Helen Lester and Ms Hales was awesome in her delivery of one of her favourite Elephant and Piggie books. Mrs. Tornroos ended their time reading some wonderful poems from “Jumping Off the Library Shelves”  about Libraries of course.

Ready Set Learn

RSL invite

Individual Photo Retakes – November 5, 2015 – 1pmphotographer

The retake procedures are no longer a prepay plan.  The students who need a retake come to the photographer on the 5th for  a new photo.   They will receive a  new proof envelope with a new deadline date about 7-10 after retake day.

WE Day Excitement

Click on our We Day 2015 tab We Day 2015 to read reflections from the students who attended.  I’d like to acknowledge Ms. Peters and Ms. Lam for sponsoring Me to We and for accompanying the students to We Day 2015.

We day 1   download

To The Maple Grove Band + Ms. Macaulay

The University of British Columbia
Teacher Education Office, Faculty of Education

To Ms. Macaulay:
Thanks again for having UBC student teachers give music clinics to the Maple Grove Beginner band students on Thurs, Oct 1, 2015, @8:30-9:45AM.  UBC students were truly inspired by the young musicians during clinics which added to their excitement about becoming school music teachers.

It’s wonderful to be able to bring UBC student teachers to a school where they can have such a positive and educational experience.

Thanks again,
Karen V. Lee, Ph.D., Lecturer/Faculty Advisor/

download (1)Allerject Recall

Re: Allerject injector device recall: Please forward this information to Staff and Parents today.

Parents and staff may be worried about the recall of Allerject injectable epinephrine by Sanofi, the manufacturer.

Here are a few salient facts about the recall:

There have been a small number (1 per 100,000 units distributed) of reports that Allerject devices may not have delivered the correct dose (too little) while treating allergic reactions.  No deaths have occurred because of this.  Sanofi is recalling the devices as a precautionary measure.

Allerject devices may be returned to the pharmacy to be replaced with an alternative device.  If the exchange cannot be done immediately, patients should keep their Allerject devices and use them if needed as usual.

Anaphylactic (severe allergic) reactions at school are very rare, thanks to the education and preventive measures parents and schools have instituted over the years.

Here is the link to the announcement of the recall by Sanofi:


If you have any further questions, please contact your school’s Public Health Nurse.

Parent Education Evening Workshop

Happy HalloweenHalloween safety tips

Tips for parents and caregivers

Halloween can be an exciting time for children and with the distraction of candy and costumes, safety rules can easily be forgotten.  In fact, research shows that distractions can increase a child’s chances of being struck by a car.

  1. An adult or responsible older child should accompany younger children since they may lack the developmental skills to cross the street on their own. This is a year-round tip that will help keep your child safe while you share good pedestrian habits and pass on a legacy of safety-minded behaviour.
  2. Teach your child to stop at the curb, look left, right and left again, and to listen for oncoming traffic. This vital skill is especially important when children are distracted and excited. Never rely on traffic signals alone – use your eyes and ears to make sure it’s safe to cross.
  3. It’s unsafe to cross between parked cars or other obstacles – always cross at crosswalks, street corners or intersections. Many injuries occur when children run out between parked cars, but even at intersections it’s vital that children practice tip #2.
  4. Stay on the sidewalk or path when walking from house to house and if there is no sidewalk, walk beside the road, facing traffic so drivers can see you. From a very young age, children can be taught that roads are for cars and sidewalks are for kids. If your community has no sidewalks, walking beside the road at night can be very dangerous – adult accompaniment and flashlights are a must, regardless of the child’s age.
  5. Select costumes with bright colours to increase your child’s visibility and choose face paint instead of masks. Masks can make it hard for your child to see properly and often restrict peripheral vision, making it difficult to check for oncoming traffic before crossing a road.

Tips for drivers

Halloween means that there will be more children out on the streets. Drivers need to take extra care.

  1. Drive slowly in residential areas where children are more likely to be trick-or-treating. Did you know that drivers cannot accurately judge their own speed when driving? The higher the speed, the less likely you are to see a child pedestrian, and the harder it is to stop quickly.
  2. Watch out for kids, many of whom may be wearing costumes with masks that make it difficult for them to see. With the excitement of Halloween, children may forget simple pedestrian safety rules. They have a tendency to dart out in the most unexpected places – the most common being between parked cars. Remember also that costumes can limit a child’s vision and they may not be able to see your vehicle.
  3. Reduce your distractions and stay alert. All your concentration should be on the road, not diverted by cell phones or loud music.
  4. Remember to enter and exit driveways slowly and carefully. Excited trick-or-treaters may run on sidewalks, or dart out unexpectedly. Proceed with caution, when entering or exiting the roadway.

See more at: http://www.parachutecanada.org/injury-topics/topic/C11?gclid=CNfDw9jx6sgCFROSfgodpqsKFA#sthash.FBGfYvN0.dpuf


Upcoming Events:  Mark your calendars….

October 30th- Halloween Bingo
November 5th – Photo Retakes at 1:00 pm
November 13th – Montessori Information Session – Kindergarten focus
November 19th – Ready Set Learn
November 27th – Professional Development Day

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