October 16 Update

principals-message-1Principal’s Remarks
Dear Parents, This has been a very busy time.  There’s lots going on around the school.  Our Cross Country team is preparing for the District Cross Country Meet on Thursday, Oct 22 at 1:00pm.  We’ve got an active student council; numerous student reps attending next week’s Me to We conference; Kindergarten bake sales; Math Club, Safety Patrol and numerous staff team meetings (Staff Committee; primary; intermediate; resource and Montessori).  It’s been a very productive 6 weeks getting up to speed with all that occurs here at Maple Grove.
There’s lot’s of good things happening at Maple Grove, and it’s shaping up to be a busy school year.  Thanks to all the parents who took the time to provide Outdoor Camp feedback to the school.   We value your opinion and want to take recommendations to make the program even better for the next sessions (TBA).
We have a number of staff involved in piloting a new reporting system that’s in line with the new curriculum.  More to come on this.  Sufficed to say, that it’s been a learning curve, but the end results looks very promising.  In addition, we have a new curriculum that is optional this year, and mandatory next year.
The staff and I have submitted a Collaborative Inquiry grant asking for 18-22 days worth of TOC’s to be shared amongst the 30 teachers to enable our staff to meet and discuss what curriculum implementation will look like at Maple Grove next year.
We are also in the process of analysing our technology needs and charting a direction that looks at our past, present and future needs, combined with our wants; proposed uses, and core purpose.  We must examine, how we see using technology with the new curriculum; and what do we need to get there?; etc.
Our Primary, Intermediate, and Resource Teams have met and had very productive conversations around assessment, resources, and meeting the needs of our most vulnerable learners.  Our Montessori Team meets next week.  It is indeed a busy time with lots of initiatives in various stages of initiation and completion.  We have a great school!!!  If you don’t believe me… I’ll share with you a common theme from the fireside chats.  Each week I meet 1:1 with staff in the school and ask them:  What’s working well?  Where do we need to improve?  How are we going to get there? (there’s other questions too).  Almost every staff member so far has highlighted the students, parents and staff as the number one thing they like about the school.  They usually elaborate and state that while the school is super busy, they love the culture and feeling of cohesiveness that runs throughout the school.
Enjoy your weekend.  P.Evans

supervision-picAfter School Supervision
After 3:20 pm, there is NO SUPERVISION for students.  Staff supervision of students ends at 3:20 pm.  Parents are expected and encouraged to be at the school by 3:20 pm to collect their child and either go home, or continue to play on the playground- under the supervision of a parent.  Children with no adult supervision are expected to go home, check-in, and then they may return to the school and play (as long as their parent knows that where they are).  We appreciate your understanding and support as we’re working hard to ensure the safety and security of all students.  Thank you!

Halloween Bingo 2015

Student Vote

It happened in the Library on October 15th.  Many enthusiastic voters turned out.

vote 5 vote 6

vote 1


Do you have a child born in 2011?

Kindergarten registration starts on November 2nd

All Kindergarten applicants are required to submit an application to their English catchment elementary school.  This includes families who wish to apply for choice programs and/or a cross boundary placement.

The priority registration period for Kindergarten opens on Monday November 2nd and closes at 4 pm on Monday February 1st.  Students who submit an application within this priority period will be accommodated prior to late applicants.

In a few Vancouver schools there may be more in-catchment applicants than the school can accommodate.  In this event, applicants who applied within the priority registration period (Nov 2 to Feb 1) will be included in a draw for available spaces.  Students with siblings already in attendance at the school (and who will be attending next year) will be placed prior to the draw.

When registering your child please bring:

  1. Proof of residence in Vancouver
  2. Child’s birth certificate
  3. Immigration documentation (if applicable)
  4. Immunization records

For more information on Kindergarten registration please visit: http://www.vsb.bc.ca/kindergarten

Global Citizenship Club

Maple Grove Citizenship Club is holding a food drive for the Vancouver Food Bank during the week of October 26th to October 30th.  You can drop off your non perishable food items outside the office, or to your child’s classroom teacher.  Thank you for whatever you can contribute.


Hello Parents,
Please take a moment to go to our PAC blog. We have posted information about our next PAC meeting and an update on our annual campaign.

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Have a great weekend!
Monica Tang, PAC Chair

traffic issues

Traffic  Around the School

Thank you to all those people who take the trouble to park a little way from the school. There are still a few who park illegally.  We will be having the parking/traffic control officers visiting the school area over the next couple of weeks.  They will be issuing tickets to those who are not following the posted regulations for safe driving/parking  in a school zone.  Our Safety Patrol students should be acknowledged for the care they take in making sure our students can cross the streets safely.  Drivers should be aware and respectful of the safety patrol members.  PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO STOPPING ALLOWED AT THE FRONT OF THE SCHOOL.  YOU MAY STOP AND DROP YOUR CHILD NORTH OF THE SCHOOL AND SOUTH OF THE SCHOOL ON CYPRESS.

Trash Cleanup!

tcl2 tcl3

Today Division 16 and Division 19 did a trash cleanup. They cleaned the gravel field, the primary playground, and the intermediate playground. After they finished cleaning up, they examined the pieces and they sorted them into categories, including compost, landfill, “not sure”, and recyclable objects. –Written by Michelle, Brady and Kamila, students of Division 16

Upcoming Events:  Mark your calendars….

October 21st- PAC Meeting at 7 pm

October 23 – Professional Development Day – No School for Students

October 26 – Drop Everything And Read

October 26th to October 30th – Global Citizenship Club Food Drive for Vancouver Food Bank

October 30- Halloween Bingo

November 5th – Photo Retakes

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