June 5th Update

Ms Sellars

Dear Maple Grove Families

I want to let you know that I will be retiring at the end of  August which means I will not be back at Maple Grove in September. 

It will be difficult for me to leave such a wonderful community that has come to be home for me. Every day it has been a pleasure to come to a school in which I take such pride. Maple Grove is a wonderful place: parents, students and staff. I shall miss your morning greetings and smiles, the sound of children’s laughter on the playground, their hugs and waves as I walk through the school. I shall miss watching the band play, the musical, our early morning runners, the Winter Concert, those crazy costumes at Hallowe’en, the fun at Spring Fair, all those wonderful projects, the incredible art on the walls, the poetry, the sports teams and so much more. I have been so glad to be in a school where democracy has been important as shown by our active student council, and where giving to others through the Global Citizenship Club or service to the school has been seen as a responsibility, not an option. Maple Grove has a wonderful staff in all areas from office to classroom and from library to boiler room. Their energy, enthusiasm and devotion to teaching children and caring for them has been an inspiration.

Thank you parents for all your wonderful support, for your understanding of the challenges, and for your willingness to help in so many different ways. I shall miss those Friday morning goodies and chats in the library.

The new Principal will be Mr. Peter Evans and I will try to arrange for him to meet you soon. I expect him to attend the next PAC meeting and this will be a wonderful opportunity to meet him.

My very best wishes go to all of you.    I shall look forward to those last few Friday coffee mornings.

Warm Regards



Message from PAC

Dear Parents:

As you will have read above, our fearless leader is retiring!!

Ms. Sellars has been such a force for good in our school. Her knowledge in both Traditional and Montessori schooling is well informed, her experience in dealing with parents, teachers, students and administration is strong, and her thoughtful approach and collaborative nature have been unparalleled.

Though we know this is the best decision for her, we will miss her terribly!

Ms. Sellars, we wish you a healthy, happy, and well deserved retirement! Our deep appreciation and gratitude for all that you have done. Thank you for the tremendous positive impact you have made. Maple Grove is so much better for your having been a part of it. We hope that you will come back to visit!

Our warmest wishes,

Monica Tang & Allison Arato, PAC Co-Chairs

 Genius Hour

For the last six Tuesday afternoons we have been having a period of time dedicated to encouraging students to make choices and follow their own interests. This time has been most interesting as we have seen students explore a wide variety of interests and also gain ideas from each other about what they might do. While some students are still learning to use this time productively, these are the students who probably most need this opportunity to explore their own interests. It is important to respect and validate the interests of students so that they learn to have confidence in making choices. Those choices may not seem good to us, but we can guide students. Among good memories I have of these afternoons is helping a primary student who wanted to learn to shoot goals, watching a student on her roller blades, seeing some wonderful models being built, listening to students together composing on the piano, students playing the guitar or cello, learning chess, origami or doing more traditional projects.

Maple Grove Library

All Library books are now overdue. Please help by searching high and low for missing books and please be on the lookout for some that might not have been on any overdue list but students still might have at home.

Linda Tornroos, Teacher-Librarian

summer reading club

Summer Reading Club 2015: Build It!

Get ready to have fun all season long with free summer programs for kids and families at the Vancouver Public Library. Build your story, build your imagination and build for fun!

Kids can sign-up for free at their nearest VPL branch starting June 19 until the end of the summer. Once registered, club members can attend free events and earn a 2015 Summer Reading Club medal by reading for at least 15 minutes a day for 50 days. Visit your local branch for details or check out the schedule for programs, locations and dates.


Child Run

Thank You to the Maple Grove Community!

The 30th annual ChildRun raised $1 million for BC Children’s Hospital and set a record for attendance, with 6,910 participants. 65 members of the Maple Grove community that participated in this event and as a school we raised a total of $4,742.00.  Congratulations!

Mark your calendars!

Next year the ChildRun will take place on June 5, 2016.

walk to cure diabetes


Reilen Millar and his United for a Cure teammates in Division 13 are holding a popsicle sale at lunchtime Tuesday June 9 to raise funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Walk for a Cure. Reilen has Type 1 diabetes and is a Youth Ambassador for JDRF. He’s participating with some of his classmates in the JDRF Walk on June 14. Bring your twoonies next Tuesday so you can cool off with a popsicle on a hot, sunny day and contribute to a good cause at the same time! All proceeds go to JDRF.

Grade 7 Grad

Grade 7 Parents: It’s coming up in less than 3 weeks!  Invitations for your grad’s ceremony has been sent home earlier this week.  Please note RSVP & ticket order due date of Tuesday, June 9th.  Tickets will be issued in the RSVP envelope as per your order.  Your timely response is greatly appreciated. Grad Committee 2015

BC Lion’s School Offer

As part of the VSBs continued support and collaboration with the BC Lions, the BC Lions would like schools to share their discounted family ticket offer with school communities. In the past, each school had received a bundle of promotional vouchers to share amongst the school community. In an effort to go ‘green’, they have provided the voucher as a printable PDF, or it can also just be used as an E-voucher at the gate on match day.

BC Lions 2015_School_Offer

Lost and Found 1

Lost and Found 2

Lost and Found

Recognize anything?  We’ll be donating the items in the Lost and Found to a charity at the end of June.  Unfortunately we cannot keep them over the summer.  Please have your child check to see if anything belongs to them.

Summer Drawing Camp with Young Rembrandt’s

Details here:  Summer Camps-COLOr-2015



Upcoming Events

June  10  Band and Choir Performance

June 11 – Primary Talent Show

June 12 – Intermediate Talent Show

June 15 – Art Gala

June 18 – PAC Annual General Meeting – 7pm in the Library

June 19 – Sports Day – Students come to school at 8:30 am. Dismissal at 1:30 pm

June 21 – Father’s Day

June 22 – Grade 7 Celebration and Farewell

June 23 – Primary Picnic

June 25 – Grade 7 Field Trip

June 25 – Last Day of Classes

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