April 2nd Update

Happy Easter ….Have a good long weekend.


Actually, it was triplet day in the office!

Pirates. The Musical

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We had a wonderful musical presentation by divisions 1, 4, 6, and 7.  Many thanks to the teachers, Ms Plavan, Ms Yeung and Mrs. Humeniuk



It is very important that we receive hot lunch orders by the deadline. We cannot accommodate late orders as the food requisitions are put in prior to the beginning of each month and cannot be changed easily. If you forget to hand in the order, or your child forgets, please do not ask Jane to allow you to submit a late order.


Many of you have expressed concern over the current news regarding cutbacks to public education in BC as well as the current deficit facing the Vancouver School Board.  The Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council (Vancouver DPAC) has released a bulletin to address these questions. This bulletin also provides details on the FACE rally happening on April 12th at the Vancouver Art Gallery, as well as further resources to explore on this issue.


Budget Process. Here is a link to the VSB website where the process for the budget is outlined.



A the recent PAC meeting there was a report about the seismic upgrading process which has begun for Maple Grove. A question arose as to what happens in the event of an earthquake. This is a brief summary.

1. Students and staff respond to an earthquake by following the procedures that we practice during our several earthquake drills.

a. duck and cover    b. exit the building by the safest route. c. gather on the north gravel field   d. earthquake shed contents and staff procedures are initiated including radio contact with command station.

2. Parents/guardians/caregivers can come to the gravel playing field if they are able. Students have to be signed out with the teacher or the command post. Parents may be asked for assistance.

3. After a significant earthquake students do not return to the building until it is declared safe.

4. Students may go to Magee after a certain length of time and if no parents have come to pick them up.

5. Contact is made through the emergency contact information given to the school.

There are many more details to this plan which can be presented at a PAC meeting if requested.

Child Run!

Dear Families,
We are very excited to announce that Maple Grove will have a team in the 30th annual ChildRun! This wonderful event is held annually as a part of the BC Children’s Hospital Miracle Weekend and raises funds for childhood cancer research and treatment areas at BC Children’s Hospital. Chances are most of us have been touched by the life-saving care of Children’s Hospital.

This year’s ChildRun event takes place on Sunday, May 31 at 9:00 a.m. in Vancouver. It is a fantastic family event with a 5 km run and a 1 km Fun Run, followed by a carnival for the kids including live music, face painting, crafts, games, and fresh fruits and veggies.
It is easy to register at childrun.com and register your family. Make sure to select ‘Join a Team’ and sign up as a part of the Maple Grove Elementary team! If you want to have our school name printed on your ChildRun t-shirt, make sure to register before May 4. Our goal is to recruit 40 team members (including students/parents/siblings/others) and to raise a minimum of $1000 – let’s work together to make this happen! 
Thank you for supporting such a worthy cause, and hopefully we will see you out on Sunday, May 31!

Teens & Cannabis:

􀁸 Vancouver hosts one of the largest cannabis events in North America: 420.
􀁸 Over 50 “medical” dispensaries have opened in Vancouver since summer 2014.

􀁸 There is little public health information about marijuana.

􀁸 Adults are often unclear about the health impacts of marijuana on teens.

What do we need to know to guide our teens?  Join the conversation on April 14, 2015 to learn more.

FREE Panel discussion & presentation; sponsored by Vancouver Technical Secondary School PAC. Panelists: Dr. Joy Johnson, VP of Research, SFU; TRACE project, Annie Smith, Executive Director, McCreary Centre Society, Jamie Shaw, President, Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD); Compassion Club Vancouver

Moderator: Art Steinmann, Manager SACY, Vancouver Board of Education

Parents & caregivers will learn:

􀁸 How do we have honest, respectful discussions with teens?

􀁸 How do we support critical thinking? Healthy choices?

􀁸 What are appropriate limits to promote youth health and well-being?

Facilitated by: Mary Anne Crabtree (Odyssey and Parents Together, Boys & Girls Club)

Alexandra Wilson(SACY Parent Engagement, VSB)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 7:00pm to 9:00pm 6:40pm doors open

Vancouver Technical Secondary School Auditorium, 2600 E. Broadway

For information please contact: ajwilson@vsb.bc.ca

Upcoming Events:

April 2 – Bicks4KIDZ starts (Register on-line)

April 3- Good Friday Holiday

April 6 – Easter Monday Holiday

April 9 – Class Group, Grade and Panorama Photo


April 22 – Earth Day

April 27 – ProD Day

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