February 13th Update



Tomorrow is Saint Valentines Day. February 14 each year is celebrated in many countries around the world as Valentines Day. It celebrates Saint Valentine and there is a story that he used to perform weddings for Roman soldiers who were forbidden to marry. For about 400 years it has been associated with romantic love and people send flowers and cards to each other. There is an old saying that “Love Makes the World Go Round”. Here’s wishing everyone lots of love to share around tomorrow and every day.


Some children are coming to school very tired. It is difficult for them to get through a whole day of work and play because they feel sleepy. Here is a website you can go to to learn how to help them understand the importance of sleep and what to do if you have sleep problems.



We are very proud of all the effort children put in to their projects for our Heritage Fair. They learn a great deal from doing this Project Based Learning from oral presentation to writing, from researching to presenting. You can help us by volunteering to be an adjudicator. While we do choose twenty or so projects to go forward to the regional fair, our main emphasis is on having the children able to talk to people about their work and their learning. If you can volunteer to come and help with this on March 5th, please email me at:  ssellars@vsb.bc.ca


Some parents will be receiving letters to draw their attention to the fact their child is often late or absent. Regular attendance and punctuality are an expectation at Maple Grove. Developing this structure and commitment to the day are excellent habits which serve everyone well in later life. Students need a little time in the morning to settle down and prepare for the day. They also need to greet their teacher and classmates. While it may not look like instructional time, this is an important part of the day.

Note that if you have had an extended absence due to a need to travel, you may still get a letter as these are generated through the computer checking for the number of absences and lates. Everyone should be aware that absences in excess of one month (20 school days) mean that the place cannot be saved and may be taken up by someone else moving into our catchment area.


Our next PAC meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 17th @ 7pm in the School Library.


Principal’s report

Cross boundary petition update

Movie night

Spring fair

Annual donation campaign update

Montessori Report

 We look forward to seeing you there!

Your PAC Co-Chairs, Monica Tang & Allison Arato

From the Grad Committee

Dear Parents of Graduating Grade 7 Students:

On behalf of the 2015 grad yearbook committee, we would like to remind you to send photos to us. If you haven’t sent any photos, or if you have found more photos, please email them as an attached file to grad2015maplegrove@yahoo.ca as soon as possible.

Please note that the deadline for collecting baby photos and first photo in Maple Grove is due on Feb.14, Valentine’s Day.

As previously planned, each child will have 3-5 personal pictures of their choice in the yearbook 2015.

First one will be the baby photo. Baby photo means the first year in child’s life. Second one, since not all kids came to Maple Grove when they were kindergartners, will be a photo of their first year in Maple Grove. Other than that, photos showing grads’ School Days in the passing 7 years are being collected from Feb 1 to March 7.

They need to be in good condition, taken from 2007 to 2014 in Maple Grove School or related to school activities /events/ field trips.

There are more than 70 children in grade 7 this year, and we have limited time, space and budget for the yearbook.   We will try our best to include as many photos and memories as possible, for all the students.

Thank you again for all your support and cooperation.

Yearbook editor, Jenny Chen

各位七年級的家長: 您好。


這份禮物 — 畢業紀念冊, 需要所有家長的幫忙才能完成。兩星期前我已發出一信,請求家長協助,但是僅收到八位家長回信。而紀念冊的內容希望涵蓋每一位畢業生過去在校生活的所有精采片段。計劃每位學生可以有3- 5 張個人選擇的照片,這完全需要由各位家長提供,請儘快以 「附件」寄到以下電郵地址: grad2015maplegrove@yahoo.ca


(1) 出生第一年的幼兒照片。

(2) 在楓林小學第一年的照片。因為畢業生並不是都從小入學,所以這照片可以是五歲幼兒園時期的照片,也可以是任何年級轉入本校的第一年照片。

(3) 任選兩、三張。您的孩子過去在本校的校園生活、校外教學活動、體育項目、才藝演出、同學聯誼等照片。時間點為2007年到2014年。

照片募集時間為二月一日到三月七日。其中(1) 及 (2),希望在二月十四日之前收到,先進行編輯整理。其他照片(3)則部份向家長募集之外,還會向校長、老師及目前在運作的攝影俱樂部同學,多方面匯集。本屆畢業生超過七十人,但是時間、經費與紀念冊空間都有限,煩請收到本信後,立即翻查過去的照片,找出孩子最珍貴的記憶,寄給我們。如有任何疑問,請利用 freebird201314@gmail.com 與我聯繫。



Jenny Chen (Div. 1, Isabella的媽媽)


Upcoming Events

February 18th – Presentation to the School Board concerning cross boundary policy. More details at: https://maplegrovemontessori.wordpress.com/

February 19th – Professional Development Day, No School for Students

February 20th – Lunar New Year Crafts Morning (Grades 1,2 and 3). Wear red or traditional costume to celebrate the Lunar New Year. As usual there will be coffee and treats in the library.

February 24th – Ready Set Learn

February 25th – Pink Day

February 26th – Band Concert at Magee

March 5 – Heritage Fair

March 6th – Reports Go Home

March 8th – Daylight Saving – Spring Forward

March 9th – 20th – Spring Break

March 23rd – First day back from March Break

March 25th and 26th – Parent Conferences – Early Dismissal at 2:00 pm.

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