January 30th Update

Joy Alexander

Our New School Liaison Trustee is Joy Alexander

Joy is a retired teacher, parent, and school psychologist with a Doctorate in Educational Psychology. She is passionate about expanding the work of the School Board by improving early learning outcomes and learning outcomes for Aboriginal students, supporting efforts to keep neighbourhood schools open, and maximizing the district’s relationship with post-secondary institutions.

604 713 5601    joy.alexander@vsb.bc.ca

Ukulele Club


Every Tuesday at lunchtime a dedicated group of students from Grade 2 to Grade 6 meet to learn how to play the ukulele. The group has been meeting since October and they have learned a few chords and also learned a few songs. They are hoping to perform at an assembly one day. New members are welcome to join at the beginning of each new school year.   Ms Hales.

A big thank you to Ms Hales for organizing this club. The students really enjoy it.


The VSB are seeking feedback about their calendar proposals. Please follow the link if you are interested.



Research is showing how important free play is for students. Note that does not include free play with a video games. Check out the link below. Some of our primary classes will participate in free play just for the afternoon.



Lots of fun on the ice. Outdoor education and recreation opportunities are an important part of the program at Maple Grove.

 Dear Parents of Grade 7 Students

Happy New Year and welcome back to school!

On behalf of the 2015 grad yearbook committee, I would like to invite you to take part in preserving our children’s experiences at Maple Grove.  We plan to create a yearbook by May, 2015 – and hopefully if all goes well – hand it out at the graduation ceremony in June. We would like to include photos, art work and written work. Currently, we have a team of young photographers made up of grads, and led by mom, Sonja Everson, who will be capturing photos of activities, school events and grad life.

We also need your help, too.  If you would like to contribute to the yearbook, we invite you to send a digital copy of the following types of photos:

1.     Your child’s first year of life / baby photo

2.     Your child’s first year at Maple Grove

3.     Three photos of your choice of your child with classmates, doing Maple Grove sports or other school activities, etc.

Please indicate your child’s name and the names of others in your photos, if relevant, and email your photos to grad2015maplegrove@yahoo.ca  no later than Saturday, February 14, 2015.

On behalf of the yearbook committee, thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at freebird201314@gmail.com if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. 

With warm regards,

Jenny Chen (Isabella’s mom, Div. 1)

Reminder: please have a conversation with your child about the pictures he/she would like published and be careful when including others students in the photographs. Thank you



Students always enjoy this event. We can stress the importance of the joy, relaxation and benefits of reading. These children certainly look happy.

  Featured Image



Feb 6 – Montessori information (Grade 1 – 7 focus) 9:15 am

Feb 9 – Family Day Holiday

Feb 19 – Professional Development Day.  No School for Students

Feb 24 – Ready Set Learn









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