December 19th Update

Holiday Greeting From All the Staff at Maple Grove

We wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Peace and Good Fortune in the New Year. May you find joy in family and friends and in the traditions that are important to your family at this time of the year.

Thank you for your generous contributions to our Christmas Hamper Drive sponsored by our Global Citizenship Club and the tireless work of Ms Debbie Lam.

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The Holiday Hamper campaign was a great success this year! 12 families from Nightingale Elementary will have a more festive and fun Winter Break thanks to all of the generous donations from our families. Two boxes of food, a grocery store gift card and a box of new clothing, toys and gifts was given to each of the families.

The staff at Nightingale have expressed their sincere thanks to all of you for your generosity. Many of these families would go hungry over the holidays as they rely on school meal programmes to feed their children on school days, but have no other help during the holidays. Thank you for making their holidays a little brighter.

We would also like to recognize the hours of work that the Global Citizenship Club, parent volunteers and staff put in to making this project a success.

More Holiday Giving: Ms. Griffith’s, Mr. Munk’s and Ms. Bartlett’s classes worked hard this week creating “care boxes” for the Lookout Society’s “Living Room”, a drop-in centre on the Downtown Eastside that provides services to people with mental health issues, many of whom are homeless. The care boxes, which were delivered to the centre on Wednesday, were decorated by the students and filled with toiletries, gloves, tuques and warm wishes for the holiday season. Thank you to Ms Peters for donations, to Mr. Davies for help with transporting the boxes, and to all the students and teachers who donated goods and put them together with care!


Our students put on wonderful and enjoyable performances at our Winter Concerts. Thank you so much to all the teachers who generously gave their time  to make this happen. I was truly proud both of the commitment of the teachers to do something so beneficial for the students, and their ability to encourage students to such high levels of fine behavior and performance. I was also very proud of our students who performed beautifully, took on various important responsibilities and did all this work with good cheer. Thank you to the students who decorated the gym and to our engineer, Mr. Malimban, who put the lights around the stage. Thank you to Ms Hales who created our lovely program. There are many others who went the extra mile to make this happen. The money raised through the concert helps to support our music programs.

20141217-100107.jpg  20141217-100334.jpg20141217-100251.jpg

Our sound engineers and stage crew plus our talented MCs.



Please be aware that the residents of the new houses on 47th Avenue just opposite the school, do need their parking spots. Please do not park there. If you want to stop there to drop off your child please move on immediately. This is not really a good place to drop off children because they end up crossing 47th Avenue at a very busy time. The residents of these houses want to be good neighbours to our school and we often rely on local people to keep an eye on what happens in our grounds etc. We all need to be good neighbours. Please do not park at these spots.  Thank you

Principal’s Recognition List

This list is the names of those students who have worked hard in all areas as mentioned on their report cards. Students who are on this list are doing their best and I am proud of them.

Name Division
Adam Mong 16
Alex Chen 4
Alex Yang 4
Anthony Leong 5
Armaan Kahlon 13
Ben Marlow 13
Bill Van 5
Bonny Feng 3
Brayden Spur 16
Braydon Newman 4
Brian Ni 3
Carlo Santos 15
Cassidy Tran 5
Cathy Zhang 5
Chloe Pang 13
Dana Aldave 13
Dang Nguyen 5
Daniel Wang 1
Derrick Yang 5
Diya Haq 3
Elaine Zhang 13
Emma Chung 16
Emma Everson 13
Eric Ou 4
Erin Ma 16
Ethaniel Tan 16
Grace Lin 2
Gurleen Purewal 5
Hannah Chang 2
Henry Wang 3
Jackson Wen 5
Jacob Everson 16
Jessica Zhou 5
Jessie Wu 1
Joanne Pan 2
Jonathan Eng 16
Jordan Llorente 5
Joud Alotaibi 3
Kaitlyn Gee 3
Kamilla Rojas Serrano 16
Karl Pan 4
Katherine Huang 4
Ke Ren Shi 5
Kianna Lacasse-Watanabe 3
Kitty Lin 5
Mack Lee 13
Mandalay Roberge 16
Marco Tom 1
Marisa Lowe 5
Marypaz Pulford 13
Maslin Kim 3
Megan Ng 4
Michelle Wang 1
Mizuki Kai 4
Nahira Gerster-Sim 16
Nathan Yee 16
Nathaniel Leung 13
Nickolas Zhang 4
Rachael Lowe 15
Reilen Millar 13
Ryan Lee 13
Ryan Wang 5
Sam Jeong 3
Sama Ahmad 3
Sarah Tomlinson 16
Siriane Maume 3
Thea Mclaren 1
Valerie Wong 3
Vijay Kuo 4
Vivian Chen 13
Yu Matsumoto 4
Zoe Wang 5


Our student council sold 400 candy-grams. The money raised is spent by the Student Council to support special events such as buying the Christmas Tree for the hallway, celebrating Lunar New Year etc. It is lots of fun for the children too.


For our final assembly of 2014 we had a special visitor. Santa came to hand out stockings for each class.

20141219-100842.jpg    Santa hands out stocking helped by our own Rose.

20141219-101003.jpg Kindergartens all come up for their stocking.


Chloe Yung, Ben Marlow, Grace Lin. Michell Wang, Katelyn Seto, William Chen, Isabella Chen and Sanja Katic

Winter Daycamps at Kerrisdale Community Centre

Please use this link for more information: Kerrisdale CC Winter Daycamps Schedule


As 2014 draws to a close we just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much to all our parents, teachers and staff who have been supporting the activities of the PAC this year.

Your participation in student activities, your donations, your volunteer time and energy are are all very much appreciated.

May you all have a terrific and well deserved holiday with family and friends!
Looking forward to seeing everyone in January,

Monica Tang & Allison Arato

PAC Co-chairs

Gr 7 Parent Info Night 2015
Here is a link for more information and the application form for Magee:



Upcoming Events

December 22nd – January 2nd – Winter Break

January 5th – School Reopens

January 19th – Professional Development Day – no school for students

January 26th to 30th – Turn off the Screen Week.

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