September 26th Update

End of Week One

It is so lovely to have all the children and parents back in the school. We had a lovely assembly in which Division 16 and Division 1 did presentations. Division 16 had a welcome poem and Division 1 did some effective dramatic presentations about this month’s focus virtue, courtesy.

Thank you to parent drivers who are driving slowly and carefully in this congested area and moving on quickly after dropping off students so that others can drop off their children. This courteous way of thinking about others is what we value at Maple Grove. A big thank you to those who walk with their children to school or drop them off a little way from the school giving them the benefits of a refreshing walk and possible opportunities to interact with friends.

Class Change Requests

Every year I have some parents requesting that I change their child’s assigned class. Parents have the opportunity before we do our organization to make requests which should be in writing to me, as well as to the teacher. We do take these requests into consideration among the many other factors that are involved in making up the new classes. As well as trying to ensure the very best placement for students, it is important to balance the classes so that no one teacher is overloaded.

It is our policy not to make any changes to class lists after they have been finalized and the teachers have their new lists. If we started to make changes then we could end up with many people wanting changes and it would be difficult to start the year. However, it is always the case that if things are not working for a child and they are not successful or happy in spite of consultation with the teacher and other consultants, a class change might be made,  but this would usually be after at least 2 months so that the actual experience of the child can be assessed. It is hard for parents to predict sometimes what will work well as they may not be aware of some of the factors which influence placement. We often cannot share some of this information because it might breach confidentiality.

Some parents are concerned that their child is in a combined class. There is evidence that children in multi-age classes do at least as well as children in straight classes so that from our point of view we do not see one kind of class as more valuable than another. Because of our organization and staffing, this year  50% of our classes in the traditional program are multi-age.

Here is a link to an article on the VSB webpage about combined classes. You may also pick up a copy from me.


Please come and spend some money to support our library. Books make great gifts! Volunteers can contact Linda Tornroos. Please read the bright orange handout that went home.


Thank you to the parents and to Mrs. Belliveau for getting this wonderful club going so quickly. Eighty students signed up on Friday morning. Students can sign up throughout the year by going to the table in the undercover area. The Kilometre Club runs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Check it out:



Dear Maple Grove community:

Please take a moment to look over all of our volunteering opportunities here at Maple Grove.  There are many ways you can get involved in your child’s school and your time and efforts make our community deeper and richer.   Many hands make light work!  We are looking for Halloween Bingo volunteers ASAP! Please fill out and drop off form in the PAC mailbox in the office, return to your child’s teacher or email me directly at Kindest regards, Karrie Bogart Volunteer Coordinator

2014-2015 Volunteer Form

Special Note for Lunchroom Volunteers

Our hot lunch program is up and running. Parents are very welcome to volunteer in this program. It is always a great pleasure to meet our own children and their friends in the lunch room. Eating time for Kindergartens is from 11:45am – 12:05pm, and for all other students is 12:10pm – 12:30pm. If you are interested in joining us, please email Katherine Chak, Hot Lunch Coordinator (Volunteer), at Or you will find a sign up outside your child’s classroom door.

Parents’ support makes a big difference to our school! Together we make this program a success!  Thank you and hope to see you in the lunch room!

Refund or Credit for Hot Lunch payments made in June

Please pick up a form from the office to apply for a refund or credit from last year’s missing lunch days.

Revised School Calendar

Please make a note of these days:

October 8 and 9 – Goal Setting – meetings with parents and teachers.  Early dismissal at 2:00 pm both days.

January 19 – Professional Development Day (in lieu of September 26th)


Mad Science

A new session is starting on October 3Please pick up a registration form from the office or print this one:  Mad Science Registration form.

Upcoming Dates:

September 30 – PAC meeting  – 7:00 pm in the library

October 3 – Hot Lunch orders for October are due

October 8th and 9th – Goal Setting conferences – Early dismissal at 2:00 pm

October 13 – Thanksgiving Day holiday

October 24 – Province wide Professional Development Day – No school for students

October 28 – Individual Photo Day





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