September 2nd Update

Dear Maple Grove Families:

Sadly school will not start on September 2nd. The government and the BCTF (teacher’s union) were not able to reach an agreement. Please follow the link below to read Steve Cardwell’s letter. Mr. Cardwell is our Superintendent of Schools in Vancouver.

Although the teachers are picketing the school today, I know that they also want to get back to work. The decision is largely out of their hands. Their main concern seems to be that class size and composition language should be in the contract. I have been trying to find websites which would provide information about this situation, but it is hard to choose balanced reporting from the many media reports that are available. I suggest that you do some research yourself. Be aware that there is a long history to these issues, which involves court cases that have occurred (BCTF won the decision) and court cases yet to come (Government appeals to the BC Supreme Court).

I am so very sad that our highly successful and internationally recognized public school system is in jeopardy. My expectation and hope is that when we are all back together again, our community will continue to make Maple Grove the wonderful school it is.

Best regards
Stephanie Sellars

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