June 13th Update


From all of us at Maple Grove, we want to wish every family a very happy and safe summer. Maybe we will be back before July, but at this point we must say, “Goodbye”. Take care and we will look forward to seeing you in September. Please check the blog for information updates.

We would really appreciate it if you could make sure that text books and library books are returned to the school. Ms Zeitz and Ms Sellars will be at the school for the next two weeks and will leave the front door open so that you can drop off anything belonging to the school. Please come to the office.


Camp was a wonderful and educational experience. It gave our Grade 6 students as chance to be together, and a chance to think about the kind of world that they want. Should it be ethical, sustainable, with a consciousness appreciation of the natural world and with citizens who will work and act to make it so. Many, many thanks to the parents who volunteered their time to be “on the job” 24/7 for 3 days: Mark Marlow, our polar dipper, Dr. Eric Leung, our photographer, John Li and Renee McLaren who organized the students. Everyone helped in so many ways. Thank also to Rosemary Chen who brought her youth and energy to our camp and will be preparing a special photo presentation.


We had two amazing talent shows to end the year. We have extraordinary students who performed so well. In addition we had MCs and stage crew and audio visual technicians who were so efficient at running the whole thing. Thank you students.

Talent show


Our office, library, computer and music listening monitors gathered in the library to be recognized for their great contribution to our school. We really appreciate all of their hard work and cheerful helpful attitude.



Sadly at the end of the year there are always some farewells. We say goodbye to our Grade 7 students and to some students in lower grades while welcoming new students.

Among the staff that we will be very sorry to see go:

Ms Stephanie Cheung    Prep teacher. She worked with many students in P.E. and also helped with Track and Field

Ms Tanja Cvekic. ELL teacher

Mrs Binika Roopra  ELL and Special Ed. Teacher. We wish her and her husband every happiness with their new baay and look forward to her return.

Mr. Scott Poole. Montessori Grade 7 teacher

Mrs. Andrea Zeitz our very special Vice Principal and Rsource Teacher

The Maple Grove School Community gratefully acknowledges the following businesses for their generous donations toward our 10th Annual Spring Festival.

Reid Hurst Nagy, CGA; Avenue Eyecare (Dr. Jessica Chang, Dr. Sherman Tung ),
BCAA (Kerrisdale), Buy-Low Foods (Fraser), Charlies Chocolate Factory,
Choices Markets, Churchs Chicken (Fraser), Domino’s Pizza (Kerrisdale),
Dunbar Theatre, Essential Trading Inc/Fields Stores, Fresh Slice Pizza
(South Granville), Hagensborg Chocolates, Ho’s Chess and Math, Kaboodles,
Kerrisdale Cameras, Kerrisdale Lumber / Ace Hardware, Kids Books, Nester
Market, Panago Pizza (South Granville), Safeway, Starbucks, Sylvan Learning
Centres (Arbutus), Uprising Breads, Vancity Credit Union, Whitespot

HEAL Summer Daycamp at Maple Grove

With the school year winding down, we are looking forward to the start of the West 1 Community Schools Team’s Healthy Eaters and Leaders Summer Daycamp!  What better way for your kids to spend the summer than making new friends, going on fun and educational out trips, and learning to love healthy food and sustainability??  There is still some space available in most weeks of camp (Weeks 5 and 7 are almost full) – but hurry, because registration is first come, first served!  You can drop off the attached form to your child’s school office (if listed on the form); however, if you want to have your child registered sooner, you can drop it off at Eric Hamber Secondary to Attn:  Julie Van Oyen, HEAL Camp Director!”   HEAL14_RegForm

Fun with Mythology for grades 4 – 7

A summer school program being held at Magee this summer, more information here:  Fun With Mythology

Day Camps at Kerrisdale Community Centre:  Kerrisdale CC One Day Camp June 17 18 19

Byte Camp

Creative Technology programs for youth aged 9-14 Byte Camp – Vancouver North Shore

Coyote in the Neighbourhood

An injured coyote has been lingering around 43rd and Adera, and reports say that some residents have been feeding it. Coyotes are naturally timid animals, but when fed by people they become aggressive. It is illegal to feed dangerous wildlife under the provincial wildlife act.

Coyotes are very difficult to trap unless totally immobile, and relocation is not an option. Educating yourself and your neighbours is the fastest way to resolve this problem. If education fails and the coyote shows aggression to people, it will be destroyed.

There are three keys to co-existing:

  • Scare coyotes

o   Children and adults alike should be Big, Brave, and Loud – Put your arms up in the air and yell “Go Away Coyote”

o   Use advanced techniques like a coyote shaker or waving sticks/throwing objects at it

  • Do not feed coyotes or wildlife

o   Intentional feeding will lead to aggressive behaviour, report if you see people feeding coyotes or ask them to stop (the SPCA considers wildlife feeding as animal abuse)

o   We also feed coyotes by accident with garbage, compost, yard fruits etc.

  • Spread the word

o   Talk to neighbours about co-existence – the importance of scaring and not feeding

o   Report your sightings online or call 604-681-9453

o   Print our ink friendly poster and post around the community (you can also request a mailout of posters when you make a report)

If a coyote shows aggression or is completely immobile please call the Ministry of Environment Emergency line at 1-877-952-7277

Upcoming Events

June 23       Grade 7 Celebration at the Hellenic Community of Vancouver

September 2   School Opens for the 2014-2015 school year. Dismissal at 10:00 am



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