March 14 Update

march break

Happy March Break ! and End of Term 2

(School Opens again on March 31)


We had a wonderful Heritage Fair. It was very hard to choose the students who will be representing us at the Regional Heritage Fair at Killarney Secondary School on May 8th evening and May 9th all day. The adjudicators chose the following students: Division 1: Hannah Jeong and Melissa Zheng; Division 2: Derek Gee and Fumi Akagami; Division 3: Sanja Katic and Michelle Wang; Division 4: Areeb Meher and Kianna Lacasse-Watanabe; Division 5: Sarah Pawliuk and Michael Juan; Division 6: Braydon Newman and Megan Ng; Division 13: Arman Shroff-Mehrabadi and Justin Ho; Division 14: Hoa Tran and Reilen Millar; Division 15: Ken Nakajima Pettingale and Akshay Mahi; Division 16: Mack Lee, Maddi Muir. Congratulations to all of our participants. We are very proud of you. The adjudicators were very impressed with all the projects and with how well our students spoke about their Critical Questions and their research.


I would like to recognize our many students who work hard in all subjects and are socially responsible. I enjoy reading the reports of all the students, but it is a particular pleasure to read reports of students who always do their best.

Principal’s Recognition List
Abigail San Juan
Adam Mong
Adam Wang
Alex Chen
Amolak Randhawa
Areeb Meher
Armaan Kahlon
Arman Shroff-Mehrabadi
Bella Chan
Ben Marlow
Benjamin Dou
Bonnie Feng
Brendan Chia
Bryana Spur
Celena Lin
Chloe Yung
Daisy Lyn Dulay
Dana Aldave
Daniel Lai
Daniel Rocha-Zandbergen
David Lowe
Derek Gee
Desiree Fung
Diya Haq
Elaine Zhang
Elena Leung
Elly Young
Enika McGowan
Eric Sun
Erin Ma
Evan Stuart
Flora Wu
Grace Lin
Hannah Chang
Hao Shi
Henry Wang
Hoa Tran
Ian Mak
Imogen Gay
Isabella Chen
Isabelle Wolodko
Ivan Lin
Jackson Wen
Jacqueline Nguyen
Jason Su
Jennavieve Joa
Jessie Wu
Jonathan Eng
Justin Ho
Juvan Marco
Ka Ren Shi
Kaitlyn Gee
Kamilla Rojas Serrano
Karen Wu
Katelyn Yuen
Katherine Huang
Kevin Gu
Kianna Lacasse-Watanabe
Lucia Yang
Lulu Wang
Mack Lee
Marco Tom
Marypaz Pulford
Maslin Kim
Medina Wardman
Megan West
Melissa Zheng
Michelle Jin
Michelle Wang
Mila Burry
Nahira Gerster-Sim
Natalie Yee
Nathaniel Leung
Nenad Mitic
Nicholas Kuan
Nika Zondag
Orion Roussopoulos
Palas Scandolari
Qing Ru Kong
Rachael Lowe
Rachel Atkinson
Rachelle Arboleda
Rebecca Eastman
Reilen Millar
Ryan Lee
Sam Jeong
Sama Ahmad
Samuel Che
Sanja Katic
Sarah Pawliuk
Shaolin Young
Simon Ding
Siriane Maume
Stephen Lin
Thea Mclaren
Tyler Pawliuk
Valerie Wong
Vicky Xie
Vivian Chen
Yeh Yeh
Yu Matsumoto


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I was very proud of both our Junior and Senior Bands. They played beautifully at the Night of Bands at Magee on Tuesday evening. It was great to see so many parents come out to support our students. I would love to see all students in Grade 6 and 7 sign up for our excellent band program. This is an excellent program and a wonderful opportunity for students. Being part of a band is a very different experience from playing a solo instrument so that even if your child takes piano or violin lessons, consider this as an additional musical experience for them.


A team from Maple Grove will be entering the CHILDRUN which raises money for Children’s Hospital. This is a lovely event and many school teams participate. I hope that many people from the Kilometre Club will join our Maple Grove Team. Watch out for more information or go to:

Mrs. Belliveau and Mrs. Sellars will be going in the CHILD RUN and hope to see you there.

Grade 7 Grad

Greetings Grade 7 Maple Grove Parents,

Grade 7 Parent/Student Grad Survey:  R.A.C.E. To The Finish

Deadline Extension to Monday March 18th–‐grove–‐grad–‐2014–‐race–‐to–‐the–‐finish/  (Unfortunately, this link will not work if accessed directly from this blog.  Please access it by entering the address in a new window outside of this VSB site.)

Your child’s Grade 7 Graduation Event – June 23, 2014 is only 3 months away.

This event is traditionally a parent led initiative. Your participation is needed to help make this landmark event a success. To date a Parent Grad Planning Group (PGPG) has been set up. Our first project was a brainstorming session with each Grade 7 classroom. Students’ ideas were captured into a survey sent out on March 7th  to all Grade 7 parents.

In the interest of ensuring everyone has had the opportunity to provide input into the design of this event, we are now extending the deadline for submission of this survey to March 18th. If you have not already done so, 10 to 15 minutes of your time to complete this on-line survey would be much appreciated.

The results of this survey will be presented at our next:  Parent Grad Planning Group Meeting-3 Wednesday April 2 @ 6:30 pm in the MG School Library

The PGPG encourages all parents to get involved and to attend this meeting where we will:

– present the survey results

– design the Graduation Events

  •  – an appreciation event for MG teachers
  •  – school legacy gift and student fundraiser
  • – Graduation Ceremony and Celebration-
  •  Students, Parents,Teachers
  • – Grade 7 ‘Big Party’
  • – Memory Book

– formalize members of the Working Group and sub-committees

– create a RACE To The Finish timeline

Thank-you for your time. The PGPG looks forward to more parent involvement as we spring our way into this 2014 Grad R.A.C.E. To The Finish.

Paula Temrick, PGPG Chair


Towards the end of the year, staff at Maple Grove spend considerable time considering which class each child will be in for the following year. There are many factors to be considered including teaching styles, learning styles, characteristics of children such as leadership abilities, friendliness, thoughtfulness etc., class composition with respect to gender and abilities, which children work well together and are supportive of each other, and occasionally student friendships. We are  interested in parents’ perception of what will be best for their child and this is one of the factors that we take into consideration. However, we do not encourage parents to identify a particular teacher as parents are not so familiar with the teaching style and program offered by that teacher.

If you would like to make specific requests as to your child’s placement next year, please write a letter to the classroom teacher and Mrs. Sellars specifying the educational reasons for your request. It is best to describe the teaching style which will most suit your child rather than naming a teacher. All requests are taken into consideration as we make our decisions.


In April, students in Grades 4 and 7 will be taking an on-line survey related to their school experience. A reminder that parents of students in Grade 4 and 7 can also complete a survey by completing a paper form available at the school. The school office staff enter the data. A better way would be to go on-line yourself to complete the survey. You will need a login number which is available from the school office. You can email Mrs. Peters,, to get your personal login number. The site for the survey is:


Any Vancouver parents with students in Grades 1-12 in Vancouver public schools
who either have moved or are planning to move and want their child to attend
their new neighbourhood catchment school need to register in their new school by
April 4, 2014. This will mean that your child can be probably be accommodated in next year’s organization for that school. Please let us know if you plan to leave and go to another school. Check the VSB web page for more information.

Upcoming Events

March 17th to March 28th – March Break

March 31 – First day back to school after break

April 2 – Grad Parent Meeting

April 4 – Mad Science First Session

April 10 – Class Group & Panorama Photos photographer

April 15 – Montessori Parent Education Evening 7:00 pm

April 18 – Good Friday Holiday

April 21 – Easter Monday Holiday

April 24th – PAC Meeting

April 28 – Professional Development Day – no school for students

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