December 20th Update

2013 holiday greeting

Merry Christmas

This is a lovely time of the year to spend with family. A time  to emphasize joy and peace in the world. While we may be concerned about the secularization and commercialization of this season, it does not take away from the good feelings we all have towards each other and our community. We remember the good spirit of the season.  The love and care we have for our children, and our desire for joy and peace in the world. I came across this poem about how every night is a holy night.

And so the children come. 

And so the children come…
And so they have been coming. Always in the same way they come — Born of the seed of man and woman. No angels herald their beginnings, No prophets predict their future courses  No wise men see a star to point their way  To find a babe that may save humankind. Yet each night a child is born is a holy night. Fathers and Mothers — Sitting beside their children’s cribs — Feel glory in the wond’rous sight of life beginning. They ask: “When or how will this new life end? Or will it ever end?” Each night a child is born is a holy night
Sophia Lyon Fahs

Winter Concert

We had a wonderful Winter Concert. Thank you so much to all the teachers and to all the students who worked so hard to put it on. We did take a Video of the evening performance and those DVDs will be available at the office in the New Year for $10.

MCs for our Winter Concert

MCs for our Winter Concert

Divisions 1, 4 and 6

Divisions 1, 4 and 6

Little Snowflak

Little Snowflake

20131218-192212.jpg20131218-141005.jpg20131218-140509.jpg Our Soloist Sings

Divisions 1, 4 and 6

Divisions 1, 4 and 6


We had our Christmas sing-a-long and a visit from Santa. We also recognized students who had represented our school on the Cross Country Team and in Volleyball. I was very pleased that so many students have been running with the Kilometre Club. There was also a presentation from the Global Citizens Club to recognize those who had walked to school this term. We also had a performance by our school choir under the direction of Peggy Hua. They sang beautifully. Students may still join the choir.  If you are interested, check in with the office to get a letter next year. The cost is $30 to cover the cost of music, the pianist, etc., but the main funding comes from PAC. The choir meets after school on Friday in the lunch room.

.20131220-115447.jpg  20131220-115543.jpg


Our students supported many good causes over the last few weeks including Christmas Hampers, a toy drive, donations to the Salvation Army and Care boxes. We really appreciate their generosity supported by parents. It is very good for them to understand the difference they can make in the world.

Divisions 2, 13, 15 & 16 went to the ‘Living Room’ which is sponsored by the Lookout Emergency Aid Society. We delivered around 40 Care Boxes.

Living Room #1 Living Room #2 Living Room #3

 Principal’s Recognition List:

I am pleased to recognize all the students who have worked hard this term. This means that they all have good work habits in all subject areas and are also meeting expectations in Social Responsibility. I am very proud of these students who always do their best.

Name Division
Abigail San Juan 3
Adam Mong 16
Adam Stewart 5
Alex Chen 4
Alvin Li 5
Amolak Randhawa 14
Andy Dang 15
Andy Sun 5
Anthony Leong 5
Areeb Meher 4
Armaan Kahlon 15
Arman Shroff-Mehrabadi 13
Audrey Wong 1
Bella Chan 14
Ben Marlow 14
Benjamin Dou 5
Bonnie Feng 5
Brendan Chia 13
Bryana Spur 13
Carlo Santos 15
Celena Lin 1
Chloe Pang 16
Chloe Yung 3
Daisy Lyn Dulay 13
Dana Aldave 14
Daniel Lai 14
David Lowe 13
Derek Gee 2
Derrick Yang 5
Desiree Fung 13
Diya Haq 4
Elaine Zhang 15
Elly Young 15
Enock Lian 4
Eric Sun 4
Erin Ma 16
Ethan Hansen 16
Elena Leung 16
Evan Stuart 13
Flora Wu 13
Grace Lin 3
Hannah Chang 2
Hannah Jeong 1
Hao Shi 3
Henry Wang 4
Hoa Tran 14
Ian Mak 4
Imogen Gay 13
Imogen Randle 13
Qing Ru Kong 3
Isabella Chen 14
Isabelle Wolodko 15
Ivan Lin 3
Jackson Wen 5
Jacqueline Nguyen 14
Jason Su 3
Jessie Wu 3
Junior Chen 3
Justin Ho 13
Kaitlyn Gee 4
Kamilla Rojas Serrano 16
Ke Ren Shi 5
Kevin Gu 1
Katelyn Yuen 2
Katherine Huang 5
Kevin Gu 4
Kianna Lacasse-Watanabe 4
Lauren Tang 14
Louie Yang 16
Lucia Yang 5
Mack Lee 16
Marco Tom 3
Marypaz Pulford 14
Maslin Kim 5
Megan West 14
Melissa Zheng 1
Michelle Chan 5
Michelle Wang 3
Mila Burry 2
Nahira Gerster-Sim 16
Natalie Yee 14
Nathan Yee 16
Nathaniel Leung 16
Nicholas Kuan 15
Otis Ashby 14
Palas Scandolari 13
Rachael Lowe 15
Rachelle Arboleda 14
Rebecca Eastman 13
Reilen Millar 14
Ryan Ma 13
Sabrina Cao 13
Sam Jeong 4
Sama Ahmad 4
Samuel Che 3
Sanja Katic 3
Sarah Pawliuk 5
Sean Yen 1
Sebastian Burry 5
Shaolin Young 13
Simon Ding 2
Siriane Maume 5
Stephen Lin 14
Teresa Li 3
Thea McLaren 16
Tyler Pawliuk 2
Valerie Wong 4
Vicky Xie 2
Vivian Chen 14
Yeh Yeh 13
Yolanda Feng 3
Yu Matsumoto 5

Upcoming Events

January 6th – First day back to school

January 10th – Hot Lunch orders for January are due to the office

January 10th – Montessori Info Day (K Focus) 9:15 am

January 27th – Family Literacy Day

January 31 – Chinese New Year

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