November 15th Update

kilometer club

Kilometer Club – Meeting for Volunteers

All parent volunteers please meet at 8:40 next Wednesday morning (Nov. 20).  

New volunteers welcome!


Both the Junior and the Senior bands performed at Magee on Wednesday evening. They performed very well and our new band teacher, Mr. Law, was very pleased with them. It is wonderful to see how quickly the children in Junior Band have progressed with their new instruments. They have had only since September to learn and practice. Our Senior Band is very good and we are proud of them.




Our focus this month is on empathy. Empathy is the ability to put ourselves in another’s place and to understand their experience. We are deeply present to their thoughts and feelings. Empathy connects us with humanity. It protects us from prejudice, blame and judgment – those things that divide us from each other. With empathy, we reflect on how our actions affect others. Empathy inspires us to be giving and selfless.


I am sure we all feel empathy for the terrible situation so many find themselves in as a result of the typhoon that hit the Philippines. In addition to the terrible affliction of losing close family members and friends, parents have no food or water to give their children and medical aid is in short supply.

Our Global Citizenship Club and Student Council have raised  over $800  with their bake sale today. This money will be donated to the Red Cross. Thank you to those people who have sent cheques to donate money for aid. May we suggest that you donate by going to: By doing this you will receive a receipt that you can use for tax purposes. The Canadian Government is also matching such donations. If we accept the donation in a cheque made out to Maple Grove there will be no matching donation from the government. Bake Sale 2


Our first choir practice is today after school in the gym. Peggy Hua is our new choir director. Please pick up your children from the gym entrance near Cypress Street at 3:55pm


This is a reminder that we will be conducting the district wide survey of Grade 4 students that relates to their health and well-being, school and community connectedness, how they feel about school, their peers and if there is bullying occurring. A link to the summary of the letter sent out earlier this term is provided. If you wish to withdraw your child from this survey please complete the form attached to the letters or you can email me at stating in the subject line that you wish to withdraw your child from the MDI. There is also a link to the letter in Chinese.

MDI Summary Parent Letter 2013-14_GR4 English

MDI Summary 4 Parent Letter 2013-14 Traditional Chinese



Student Council is sponsoring a school spirit day on Thursday, November 21st. Students are encouraged to wear pajamas, bring a stuffy and think of crazy things to do with their hair.

Upcoming Events

November 20 – 8:40 am, Undercover Area – Meeting for Kilometer Club Volunteers

November 21st – 7:00 pm  PAC meeting in library

November 21st – Crazy Hair/Pajama Day

November 22 – Pro D Day – No school for students. Critical thinking focus for staff.

December 2 – Hot Lunch orders for December are due to the office

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