June 28th Update and Goodbye


See you on September 3rd. Dismissal is at 10:00 am.  There will be a welcome event in the library organized by PAC.

We had two wonderful awards assemblies and recognized students for their participation in sports, dance, math club, home reading and much more. We also gave certificates for service, diligence, academic achievement and citizenship. Special awards were the Maple Grove pins – see below.

We also said some goodbyes. Leaving our community are: Ms Kuang, Mrs. Dorchester, Ms Pashilides, Ms S. Wong, Ms Burghall, Mr. Matthewson, Mr. Wu, Mrs. Mohammed, Ms Watt and Mrs. Wall. We are sad that they are leaving and wish them well in their continues careers. Retiring are Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Wagner and we wish them all the best in their new life.


Warm congratulations to the recipients of our new award pins for service. Six students in grade 6 and 7 received a special silver pin for providing service in four areas, three of which had to be at the school. Ten students in Grade 7 received the gold pin for providing service in five areas, one of which could be outside the school.


Adrienne Li
Corey Scott
Amy Kim
Bryana Spur
Lauren Lee
Dhara Wright


Emma Young
Christine Wong
Rachel Constant
Aneesha Gill
Caitlin Mak
Ostara McDonald
Mckenna O’Connell
Faryal Shuja
Kailan Tang
Crystal Yang


I would like to recognize the following intermediate students for their hard work during the previous term. They have also met expectations in Social Responsibility. I am proud to have these students at Maple Grove. WELL DONE.


Name Name Name
Adam Mong
Adrienne Li
Agnes Xi
Akshbir Mahi
Alexander Franke
Alexander Huang
Ali Nurani
Alvina Leung
Amber Cornick
Andy Chen
Anna Li
Areeb Meher
Armaan Kahlon
Arman Shroff-Mehrabadi
Audrey Wong
Ava Lee
Ben Marlow
Brenda Chia
Bryana Spur
Caitlin Mak
Calum Mackenzie
Chloe Yung
Christine Wang
Cissey Li
Corey Scott
Crystal Yang
Dana Aldave
David Lowe
Derek Gee
Desiree Fung
Diya Haq
Dominic Denofrio
Donald Chen
Elaine Zhang
Elijah Tubajon-Sharma
Emily Grabovac
Emma Everson
Emma Gunn
Enika McGowan
Eric Sun
Errol Xu
Ethan Tao-Lem
Evan Stuart
Faryal Shuja
Felix Suen
Flora Wu
Fumi Akagami
Grace Lin
Hannah Jeong
Hao Shi
Ian Mak
Imogen Gay
Imogen Randle
Isabella Chen
Isabelle Wolodko
Ivan Lin
Jason Kim
Jess Xie
Jessie Wu
Jonathan Eng
Justin Ho
Justin Wong
Kailan Tang
Kaitlyn Gee
Katelyn Seto
Katelyn Yuen
Kevin Gu
Kevin Kong
Kianna Lacasse-Watanabe
Lauren Tang
Mack Lee
Marco Tom
Marcus Wright-Smith
Marypaz Pulford
Matthew Kong
Max Yang
Melissa Zheng
Michelle Wang
Mila Burry
Nadine McLaren
Nahira Gerster-Sim
Natalie Yee
Nathan Cao
Nathaniel Leung
Nicholas Kuan
Otis Ashby
Palas Scandolari
Peter Wei
Rachael Lowe
Rachel Constant
Rachel Luo
Rachelle Arboleda
Rebecca Eastman
Ryan Ma
Sabrina Cao
Sam Jeong
Sama Ahmed
Samuel Che
Sanja Katic
Shaolin Young
Shinzo Shiratori
Shugo Kai
Simon Ding
Sophia Clarkson
Stephen Lin
Thea McLaren
Tyler Pawliuk
Valerie Wong
Vivian Chen
William Chen
Yeh Yeh

 Thank you to everyone: parents, staff and students for a really wonderful year.




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