June 7th Update

 art gala

Art Gala

The art gala will be a wonderful opportunity to see how talented our students are.



Congratulations to our Child Run participants. They did a great job of raising money for the Children’s Hospital by running 8 kilometres. The event was lots of fun with much free food and many child centred activities. Let us hope more families will participate next year. Thank you very much to all the parents who participated and gave our children this experience of showing their courage and determination as well as their community spirit.


street garden2 streetgarden1

Student Council

“If you walk or drive by 45 and Cypress you may have noticed how well our corner of the roundabout is growing. For the past few years, a neighbour who lives across the street from the school kindly purchased some plants for us to plant on our corner.  This past month, the student council used some of the money they raised to purchase new plants for our school flower gardens.  The older plants and the newer plants look lovely!

Request for Photos

A “year in review” slide show is being put together for our final assembly.  Do you have any photos that you have taken this past school year that you think could be in the slide show?  Please feel free to email a few pictures to maplegrovephoto@gmail.com.

Kilometer Club  


Kilometer Club Pizza and Awards Lunch

(30+ kms required for invitation)

Monday, June 10th  

12 noon in the Library 

Please RSVP to jodileebrown@shaw.ca 



Courage is personal bravery in the face of fear. It is doing what needs to be done even when it is really hard or scary. Courage is going ahead even when you feel like giving up. Courage is needed in trying new things. It is admitting mistakes and then doing the right thing. Courage is the strength in your heart.

One of the hardest things to do is to say to a friend that you think what they are doing is wrong and refusing to join them. It takes a lot of courage to say “No” if friend suggests something that looks like fun but you know is wrong. It takes courage to be different and stand up for what you believe in. It takes courage to live a virtuous life.

Summer School with the VSB

Everyday Active English (Grades 2-6) at Magee 6360 Maple St.

Improve your English language skills by interacting
with people in the community and with classmates. In
this class you will be physically active. You will attend
field trips and learn the vocabulary connected with real
world places like parks, beaches, and museums. Your
grammar and fluency will improve as you shop, prepare
meals, and learn English the way native speakers
learn. Bring your bathing suit, walking shoes, and your
lunch. Students will be required to pay entrance fees
when applicable.

8:30-2:30 ……………. MG30385 ….. July 17-26
8:30-2:30 ……………. MG30395 ….. July 30-Aug. 9
Register by phone: 604 713-4550
OR online to register http://summer.vsb.bc.ca

Upcoming Events

June 11                    Primary Talent Show  1:15 pm

June 12                    Intermediate Talent Show  1:15 pm

June 18                    Art Gala      1:00 – 4:00 pm, 6:00 – 7:00 pm

June 20                  Montessori Drama Productions

                                  Chinese Tea. Ms Zeitz will talk about using Ipads

June 21                    Sports Day Dismissal at 1:00 pm

June 24                    Grade 7 Grad – Ceremony at 1:30 pm – Dinner Dance starts at 5:30pm.

June 25                     Grade 7 Field Trip and Primary Picnic

June 26                     Service and Sports Recognition Assembly

June 27                      Awards Assembly and Farewell

                                  Reports go home

                                   Last day of school for students

June 28                      Administration Day

September 3             First day back to school for 2013 2014 – 10:00 am dismissal

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