May 10th Update


Congratulations to the Maple Grove School Band who played so well at the Night of Bands at Templeton Secondary School last night. They have really worked hard this year and I was very proud of their performances.

The Age of Digital Parenting

Cyber Bullying Watch: Warning about the site

The advent of the internet presents parents and their children with unlimited opportunities, both good and bad. One of the main challenges that you face as a parent is keeping your child safe online. That makes knowledgeable digital parenting one of the most important components of being a responsible parent these days.
Cyber bullying is a very real threat to today’s youth, and it has drawn a lot of attention in the media recently for the grave lengths it can go to. The anonymity of the internet allows bullying to run rampant, with kids feeling free to say unbelievably nasty and hurtful things without fear of reprisal.

Why Knowing What Your Child is Up To Online is So Important

The popular social networking and Q&A site, is one example of why digital parenting is so important. Unlike other social media sites frequented by teens and tweens, it lacks many of the parental control features that can help shield your child from the harmful elements that are online. Cyber bullying can be a huge problem on this site. 

Open dialogue with your child is always the best method to keep them safe online or anywhere else. Today using the internet is imperative to everything from schoolwork to getting a future job; however your role as a parent is to help your child navigate the internet successfully and safely!



Please encourage your children to take pride in who they are, to value their family, environment, school, country etc.

Friendliness keeps everyone from feeling lonely or left out. It helps people to feel that they belong. Encourage your child to greet classmates as well as relatives or visitors to your home. Teach them how to greet others politely, to shake hands or wave. Most importantly encourage them to smile. Ways to be friendly include offering a helping hand, showing an interest in another person, or trying to cheer someone who feels sad.


We will be audition for the talent show very soon. Students can pick up an application form in the office. There will be a selection process and we encourage parents to help their children make good choices about material, and practice before the audition. We do not like to tell a child that they cannot participate. However respect for the audience requires that we expect a certain level of committment to practice and present their best effort.

Any music must be provided a week before the show in a format that is easily transferred to an IPOD without having to do file conversions. Please provide any music on a CD.

Students will be expected to dress for the perfomance.

Upcoming Events:

May 10                    Professional Development Day – No School for Students

May 13                    Panoramic Photo (weather permitting) and grade 7 grad photos

May 17 daisyVolunteer Tea 10:15 am to 11:15 am in the Library

May 20                Victoria Day – No School for Students

May 22 to 24      Grade 6 camp

May 24                 Welcome to new grade 1 to 7 students for September 2013

May 27 to June 7    Tennis

May 28                     Hot Lunch orders due for June

May 31                    Welcome to kindergarten for September 2013

June 11                    Primary Talent Show

June 12                    Intermediate Talent Show

June 21                    Sports Day

June 24                    Grade 7 Grad

June 25                     Grade 7 Field Trip and Primary Picnic

June 26                     Service and Sports Recognition Assembly

June 27                      Awards Assembly and Farewell

                                    Reports go home

                                    Last day of school for students

September 3             First day back to school for 2013 2014 – half day only

June 28                      Administration Day

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