May 3 Update


Spring Festival

What a wonderful Spring Festival we had last Friday night. The event was relaxed yet exciting, wonderfully well organized, yet certainly went with the flow, full of fun and laughter and profitable too. Thank you so much to all those who worked hard to put it on.   From meeting and planning, to set up, from games and giggles, food and fun, to the final clean up done so well. Colleen Seager, our PAC Chair, was a true leader in developing a vision and Tim Luu provided all his knowledge and expertise with the real commitment he always shows to Maple Grove. Thank you so much.

20130502-205226.jpg Thank you to all those who supported us by coming to our party. Thank you to the wonderful volunteers from Magee who were a huge help and won praise from everyone, and thank you to the businesses and individuals who donated gifts and services for prizes and baskets.


Exterior doors of the school are now locked at 3:30 pm

Vancouver School Board has a new emphasis on security. Having had a few incidents after school at Maple Grove, with people who enter the school after dismissal, I have decided that we will lock all the doors at 3:30 pm, except for the front door which will remain open until 4:00 pm. When there are after school activities, students involved may use the boys basement door, with their activity leader’s direction.   Parents should meet their children in the under-cover area when the activity is over. 

Maple Grove students should go home after dismissal at 3:00 pm. so that parents know where they are.


In the past couple of weeks we have had two fine assemblies. We celebrated our goal of improving oral language in our speech arts assembly with some fine speeches, poetry and drama. Earth day was a festival celebrated as students dressed up using earth day themes: they were trees, flowers, animals and so on. In our assembly we heard songs and poems about the earth and how precious and beautiful it is.


For those of you who might wonder about the dress code at Maple Grove and the reasons for it, here is an interesting article that  shows what we are trying to accomplish by requesting students maintain certain standards of dress. I particularly like the quote from Jo’s Boys, a classic novel by Louisa May-Alcott.

Meg has just returned from a party, for which she was dressed, made-up, and corseted by the other girls. Meg is embarrassed by her behavior and motivations.

Marmee (her mother)  consoles her:

Meg: It was nice to be praised and admired. I couldn’t help it. Marmee: Of course not. I only care what you think of yourself. If you feel your value lies in being merely decorative, I fear that someday you might find yourself believing that’s all you really are. Time erodes all such beauty, but what it can not diminish is the wonderful workings of your mind. Your humor, your kindness, and your moral courage. These are the things I cherish so in you.

 digital 1digital 2


On Tuesday after school, Sasha, Bria, Andrew, and Ms Hales went to the Vancouver School Board offices to participate in a Digital Fair. There were students from at least 15 other schools who had also brought projects to share that had been made using some sort of digital device. I think that they were the youngest group there.

They received many visitors to their table and Bria, Sasha, David, and Andrew did a wonderful job of describing their projects. A lot of people were amazed at what kindergartners can do. One principal even brought her staff over to take a look at our projects because she was so impressed at what kindergarteners could produce.

They will continue to use the iPads for the rest of the school year! Well done Ms. Hales and Division 12.

earthquake drill


Yesterday every school in the Vancouver School Board did an earthquake drill at 2:00 pm. It is important that we do prepare ourselves for such an eventuality, both at home and at school. Students reacted very calmly and showed their usual good behaviour. This is reassuring as we hope that we can all remain calm in the event of a catastrophe and think clearly. May I also remind you that it is a good idea to have made some preparations at home. You can check out the following link for information about preparing for an emergency.


Congratulations to Palas and Shaolin, Division 15 and Chloe, Division 16 who all  placed in the top three at the Western Canada Provincial Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition in Edmonton last weekend.   gymnastsgymnasts2Upcoming Events:

May 10                    Professional Development Day – No School for Students

May 13                    Panoramic Photo (weather permitting) and grade 7 grad photos

May 17 daisyVolunteer Tea 10:15 am to 11:15 am in the Library

May 20                Victoria Day – No School for Students

May 22 to 24      Grade 6 camp

May 24                 Welcome to new grade 1 to 7 students for September 2013

May 27 to June 7    Tennis

May 31                    Welcome to kindergarten for September 2013

June 11                    Primary Talent Show

June 12                    Intermediate Talent Show

June 21                    Sports Day

June 24                    Grade 7 Grad

June 25                     Grade 7 Field Trip

Primary Picnic

June 26                     Service and Sports Recognition Assembly

June 27                      Awards Assembly and Farewell

Reports go home

Last day of school for students

June 28                      Administration Day

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