March 15th Update



march break

And Happy March Break ! and End of Term 2

(School Opens again on April 2nd)

Principal’s Recognition List:

These are the students that I would like to recognize for their hard work this term. All of these students  were also meeting expectations in Social Responsibility. I am proud to have a school where so many students work hard in all areas of the curriculum. Congratulations to these students and to all our students who have done so well this term.

Adam Mong   Jason Kim
Adrienne Li   Jenni Huang
Alex Dou   Jessie Wu
Alexander Franke   Justin Ho
Alexander Huang   Kailan Tang
Alvina Leung   Kaitlyn Gee
Amber Cornick   Katelyn Seto
Aneesha Gill   Kevin Gu
Anna Li   Kianna Lacasse-Watanabe
Areeb Meher   Lauren Tang
Armaan Kahlon   Mack Lee
Arman Schroff_Mehrabadi   Marco Tom
Arushan Varatharajah   Marcus Wright-Smith
Ben Marlow   Margaux Arboleda
Brendan Chia   Marypaz Pulford
Bryana Spur   Matthew Kong
Caitlin Mak   Max Yang
Calum Mackenzie   Medina Wardman
Chantal Yang   Melissa Zhang
Chloe Pang   Michelle Wang
Corey Scott   Mila Burry
Crystal Yang   Nahira Gerster-Sim
Dana Aldave   Natalie Yee
Derek Gee   Nathan Cai
Desiree Fung   Nathaniel Leung
Diya Haq   Nicholas Kuan
Dominic Denofrio   Otis Ashby
Elaine Zhang   Owen Hang
Emily Grabovac   Palas Scandolari
Emma Everson   Rachel Constant
Emma Gunn   Rachel Luo
Emma Young   Rachelle Arboleda
Enika McGowan   Rebecca Eastman
Errol Xu   Ryan Ma
Evan Stuart   Sabrina Cao
Faryal Shuja   Samuel Che
Felix Suen   Sanja Katic
Flora Wu   Sarvajan Gnaneswaran
Grace Lin   Shaolin Young
Hannah Jeong   Simon Ding
Hao Shi   Stephen Lin
Henry Wang   Thea McLaren
Imogen Randle   Valerie Wong
Isabella Chen   Vivian Chen
Isabelle Wolodko   Willow Amara
Jade Trimble   Yeh Yeh

Spring Festival is Coming Up Friday April 26th 2013

Students can enter the poster competition to have their design used to promote our exciting event. Here are the details to put in the poster. There will be prizes for the best posters as well. Entry forms are available in the office. Details are below.


Jr boys basketball

Junior Boys Basketball

Congratulations on a very successful season! And thanks to our wonderful coaches, Mr. Munk and Steve Cao. We are very appreciative of all your hard work.

Foundation Skills Assessment for Grades 4 and 7

Students will bring home their test booklets and results today. Please let me know if you would like help interpreting the results. Remember too, that this is just a snapshot of learning that is demonstrated in a particular way. It may not give a complete idea about how your child is doing.

Destination Imagination

On Saturday, March 2, 2013, the Annual Vancouver/Lower-Mainland Regional Destination Imagination Tournament was hosted at Lord Kitchener Elementary School.  Every year, Destination Imagination puts out six new challenges, with each challenge focusing on a different area of interest:  building, science, performing arts, mechanical, improvisational and community service.

     This year, Maple Grove was represented by three teams from Division 1 – “RU4 Reel”, The Mysterious Mimes” and “The Twizzlers”.

     “RU4 Reel”, which included Jenni Huang, Angelina Jordan, Adrienne Li and Chantal Yang, competed in the improvisational challenge entitled “A Change in Reali-Tee”.  For their solution they were given 5 minutes to create a skit about a drastic change in reality, using only white tee shirts, washable markers and lots of imagination!

     Maple Grove’s “Mysterious Mimes” performed a solution to the “In Disguise” challenge, where the group members, Daniel Chan, Calum Mackenzie, Emma Young and Michelle Zhang, had to create a story about a character who uses a disguise, build at least two masks (one decorative mask and one transforming mask), and perform the entire skit without talking, in less than 6 minutes.

     Last but not least, Maple Grove’s third team, “The Twizzlers”, solved the structural challenge “Twit-O-Rama”.  For this challenge, they needed to build a hollow structure that can withstand considerable weight and torque while performing an original skit.

Out school’s teams did very well, with “RU4 Reel” placing 3rd, “the Mysterious Mimes” placing 4th and “The Twizzlers” placing 5th in their respective challenge.

     The entire Destination Imagination experience was very cool, but it would not be possible without the help and support of our amazing Teacher Sponsor and Team Manager, Mrs. Humeniuk, our fantastic Appraisers, Mrs. Sellars and Mrs. Zeitz and, of course, the constant and everlasting encouragement from our parents.  Thank you all so much for this great opportunity to unleash our creativity and reach our Destination Imagination.

Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea

Parents were enthralled by the presentation and advice from our own English as a Second Language teacher, Mr. Johnny Wu. He provided some excellent ideas for how children can be supported at home to learn English in ways that are fun and family inclusive. Thank you to Elizabeth Chan, our SWIS worker, for organizing this and also to our parent helpers.

Upcoming Events

March 18                    First day of Spring Break

April 1                         Easter Monday Holiday

April 2                         First day back after Spring Break and Easter

April 2                         Hot Lunch Order Forms and Menus go home

April 23                        Montessori Parent Education Evening at Tyee 7:00 pm

April 5                        Deadline for Hot Lunch orders for April

April 11                       Class Group and Panorama Photo

April 26                      Spring Festival

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