March 1st Update

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Science Fair

During our science fair I was so proud of our students who had done such interesting experiments. They were able to talk about their work in terms of hypotheses, results and conclusions. Their oral presentations were articulate and their boards showed thoughtfulness in using graphs and charts, tables and maps to display results. This was a very worthwhile endeavour.   It was great to see the large number of parents that came out to support their own children and all our students.


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Pink Day 

We had a wonderful Pink Day celebration with many of our classes performing songs and poetry about how it is “OK TO BE DIFFERENT’, our theme based on Todd Parr’s book. Every student in the school made a picture for our walls. Thank you to the dance club and Mr. Wu who led our assembly in dancing together. Thank you for the support of all our parents who encouraged students to wear pink on this day.

Bullying is something that we do not tolerate. We need to all stand up against bullying, meanness and unkindness. Children can learn to stand up to bullies, and can also learn that as bystanders they have a powerful role. If they just watch a bully in action then they are supporting him/her. They can try to say something themselves to express disapproval, or they can report it to an adult. Children learn from their role models.  Parents, grandparents, siblings, coaches and teachers are important people whose behaviour they copy. Children learn what they see. Thank you for your support in this.


This is a continuing problem as mentioned in last week’s blog. I am thinking that it might be helpful to have volunteer parents wear a safety vest and walk outside our school to help with traffic patrol. This has been done with some success in the past and was organized by parents. If you think that you could spare 20 – 30 minutes from 8:45 – 9:05 am or from 2:50 – 3:15 pm one day a week, please email me and let me know at If you could volunteer to organize this, I would also be very grateful.

Let’s all try to work together for the safety of our students.


Congratulations to our Socially Responsible Student Council for organizing cupcake sales to support the SPCA. We sent a donation of $200. Thank you parents for supporting this.

Parenting your Teen Workshop

Part two is coming up March 12th at Magee.  Parents of Maple Grove Grade 7 students are welcome to attend.

Parenting Your Teens: Three workshops for parents of teens at Magee Secondary school

Part 1: Adolescent development and parenting styles, January 22, 2013. Learn what’s typical, what’s not, and parenting styles that support healthy development.

Part 2: Communication, March 12, 2013. Get to know why communication matters, and strategies to know your teen better.

Part 3: Health and Safety, May 1, 2013 . Understand topics such as internet use, dating, and the balance between independence and safety.

All three workshops are held in the Magee Secondary Library from 7 – 9 pm. Please email for details or to pre-register.

From our SWIS Worker:

ELL On-line Resources Sharing;  ELL  网上学习资源分享会(国/英语)ELL Online Workshop 2013mar06

CAN Bracelets-jpegJersey Cutout Jpeg

Jersey Fundraising Campaign

The Global Citizenship Club is supporting the Canucks Autism Network!  Starting on Monday donate a minimum of $2 and you will receive a bracelet and a  jersey cut out to write your name on.  The jerseys will be displayed in the front hall.  Let’s support the Canucks Autism Network and individuals living with Autism.  

Upcoming Events:

March 2nd         DESTINATION IMAGINATION TEAMS compete at Lord Kitchener

March 7th          MASSED BAND CONCERT at MAGEE. Maple Grove senior and junior bands

March 8th          STUDENT COUNCIL COOKIE SALE at recess in the boy’s basement

March 12th        CHINESE TEA in Lunch room 1:30 pm

March 15th         Last day of school before March Break

April 1 st              Easter Monday Holiday

April 2nd             First day back from March Break

April 11th             Class Group and Panorama Photographs

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