February 22nd Update



All around the school you will be seeing students art based on the work of Todd Parr. The work celebrates differences. Each child has chosen a different way in which it is OK to be different. Many have made interesting, thought provoking and touching choices. Please take some time to read and get a view of how children see our world.

Pink Day celebrates an incident in 2007 when a Grade 9 student, Charles McNeill wore a pink shirt to school. He was called homophobic names and students threatened to beat him up. When David and Travis, two Grade 12 students heard this, they took action and asked other students to wear pink the next day. Hundreds of students wore pink and the bullying stopped.

On PINK DAY we hope that all our students will wear lots of pink such as the T shirts that were on sale earlier this month. It’s a way that they can stand up for what is right. There will be an assembly during which together we will affirm our belief that bullying and unkindness are not acceptable at Maple Grove.


In line with PINK DAY this month we have been emphasising tolerance and kindness. Tolerance helps us to accept differences and frees us from being judgmental. It recognizes that all people have feelings, needs, hopes and dreams. It leads to unity. It is being patient and forgiving when others make mistakes. Be thankful for the gift of tolerance. It broadens our horizons.

Be thankful for the gift of kindness. It awakens our hearts. It is the daily bread of love. For children they know that it is being warm, friendly and ready to help. It is thinking about how other people feel and trying to make them happy and comfortable.


The students are all busy with their projects. We need your help so that they know how special and important their work is. Come and volunteer to be an interviewer, listen to their presentations and encourage their work. We will provide you a template to ask questions but many students will have oral presentations ready to go. They just need someone to present to. If you can sign up please do so. We hope that you can circulate in your child’s class and at least one other class. If you just pop in for a shorter time to see your own child’s presentation take in a few more to support all the students.

Parent viewing times will be Thursday at 1:15 pm tp 2:45 pm. Official interviewers can also come in the morning from 11:00 – 12:00 noon. Please sign up to be an interviewer in the library or in the office.

For handbook  Science Fair 2012 028

Lab Coats – we are looking for some lab coats for our student greeters so if you have access to any we could borrow we would greatly appreciate that.

Calendar Survey

There are new Ministry Rules for creating the school calendar. The Vancouver School Board has made a plan for the next two years and would like your input. Please go to : https://survey.vsb.bc.ca/TakeSurvey.aspx?SurveyID=l2MJ77l)

There you will see the new calendars and be able to provide your input through the survey. Translations are available in the office.


You are invited to join the fun!
PAC Spring Festival Organization Committee Meeting
February 27th 7pm in School Library
We are going to be planning a fundraising event that the entire community can be proud of so we need the entire community to help.
If we get enough people to divide up the work everyone will have a great time.
We need people who want to help organize:
and so much more!
Bring your ideas and your enthusiasm!
We have a ton of ideas on how to make this a profitable and fun event for PAC and we need you to help make it happen.
Come, check out the plans and see if you can help, and bring a friend!
If you can’t come but want to help please email me at colleen.seager.cs17@gmail.com



 or this?child--died-accident

 YOU BE THE JUDGE. It is worth teaching your child to use the cross walk. Model it for him or her because they will do what you do. Today a small child ran into traffic and thankfully was not hurt. Please drive slowly and carefully around the school and teach your children how and where to cross safely. They get lessons every year on pedestrian safety but if their parents model something different and cross in the wrong place or without care, that is what the children will do.


Congratulations to our girls basketball players who play with such grace and enthusiasm.
Aneesha  The Game


March 25th – March 28th  Your children can be engaged in healthy games and activities and many creative projects each day. There are extra events such as planting flowers, a superhero sports day, a visit to UBC pool and a scavenger hunt. For more information check for the fliers and registration forms outside the office. Speak to Mrs. Sellars if you would like help with the cost of the camp.

Upcoming Dates.

February 25th 7:00 pm Montessori Evening with guest speaker Erin Higginbottom       speaking on Cosmic Education. Everyone is welcome.

February 27th    PINK Day

February 28th    SCIENCE Fair

March 1st            READY SET LEARN (10:00 am for all interested pre-schoolers and their parents)

March 2nd         DESTINATION IMAGINATION TEAMS compete at Lord Kitchener

March 7th          MASSED BAND CONCERT at MAGEE. Maple Grove senior and junior bands

March 12th        CHINESE TEA in Lunch room 1:30 pm

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