February 15th Update

science fair


February 28th 2013

By now many of our students are actively engaged in their scientific studies as they prepare for the science fair on Thursday 28th 2013. We are hoping that many of our parents will visit our Science Fair and talk with our students about their work. Parents are invited to come and look at the exhibits on Thursday afternoon from 1:15 pm to 2:45 pm. We look forward to seeing you there. Please mark your calendars.

LICE – the Inconvenient TruthLouse

The truth is that head lice seem to occur in all schools at some time or another. At any one time many schools will have one or more classes where one or more students have head lice. The other truth is that there is no VSB policy that requires children to stay at home who have lice. This is probably because lice are so common among school children, and apart from being very annoying, they do not carry disease or cause problems other than itching.

This does not minimise how very annoying these parasites are to parents. Our policy is to keep parents informed and to encourage all parents of students with lice to take actions which will get rid of them in the child’s hair and throughout the home. It is small comfort to know that lice apparently prefer clean hair so that their presence is not indicative of poor hygiene. You can follow this link for some detailed information about how to deal with lice.  Head Lice Information

Spring Break Program at Arbutus Kids World

kidsworld@shawbiz.ca Check out all the fun programs scheduled for Spring break.  March 18th to 22nd and March 25th to 28th.

7505 Arbutus St., Vancouver B.C. V6P 5T3 (604) 269 6612



Free Kids Water Polo Trial

Saturdays and Thursdays.
Your kids love swimming – want to try something new?
Get your kids off the computer, and doing something active and FUN!
Vancouver Vipers Water Polo Club (formerly Vancouver Vikings)

Open House Introduction Free Trial – Girls and Boys Water Polo

Saturdays – Kerrisdale Community Centre Pool 5851 W. Boulevard, Vancouver, BC
4:30 pm for 14 – 17 year old,
6:00 pm for 7 – 13 year old

Thursdays, 7:30 – 9 pm for 8 – 17 year old at
St. George’s Senior High School Pool, 4175 West 29th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Invite your friends to join in the fun!

No experience necessary. CALL TODAY to arrange for a FREE TRIAL.

Girls and Boys 7 – 17 years for those who are comfortable in the deep end.
Also Mini Program for kids 7 – 10 who are able to swim at least one width but not quite as comfortable in the deep end yet. Builds up their swimming while having fun!

For info contact Registrar: 604-739-0025 or registrar@vancouverwaterpolo.com

Upcoming Events:

February 20           PAC meeting 7:00 pm

February 25           Montessori Evening 7:00 pm

February 25            Hot lunch orders for March are due to the office

February 27           Pink Day – Don’t forget to wear your pink t-shirt

February 28          Science Fair

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