February 8th Update

Family day

BC’s First Family Day is Monday, February 11, 2013

Students and parents will enjoy an extra long weekend.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate family by planning activities that are fun that you can do together. There are many opportunities to get outside such as go to the beach, walk or bike together, explore a mountain, go out to the Fraser Valley and walk by the Fraser River. Getting out into the community helps children to have a sense of connectedness both to their community and their family.

There are also many indoor activities such as card games, board games, chess or chequers, crafts and of course reading together. Children love adults to read them stories or tell them stories about their grandparents, or your own childhood. Looking through photographs is a great family activity. I suggest that we also make Monday Feb. 11th a TURN OFF THE SCREEN day in celebration of Family Day.

Friday Morning Chinese Tea in the Library

Chinese Tea

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Candygrams for February 14th


The Student Council is selling candy grams for Valentine’s Day. Each box is filled with some Hershey’s Kisses and an eraser. They cost one dollar. They are on sale before and after school just outside the office.  They will be on sale until Wednesday, February 13. Only a limited supply is available.

Pink Day – February 27th

Got a pink shirt?  Pull it out.  Pink Shirt Day is coming.  On February 27, people around the world will wear pink to stamp out bullying.  Last year, 6.4 million people participated in Pink Shirt Day.  Pink Shirt Day has raised awareness, but bullying still happens.  Please join the protest against bullying on February 27th.


New Session Coming up for Mad Science

Mad Science will be starting on Friday February 15th. Please make sure your registrations are handed in.

 Snowshoeing at Seymour

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Montessori Parents Event (Everyone is welcome)

Please join us on Monday Feb. 25th at 7:00 pm in the Maple Grove Library with guest Speaker Erin Higginbottom.  Erin has been teaching Lower and Upper Elementary for the past six years. She works as an Administrator and Educational Resource Assistant at Squamish Montessori School. She currently serves as Vice President with the Montessori Society of Canada and is a Board Member of V.A.M.I.A.

Our topic will be Montessori Upper Elementary: Cosmic Education & Beyond. See examples as to how the older Elementary child (9-12 yrs.) extends their Montessori experience and educational journey by going beyond the classroom materials and elevating their knowledge to new heights. We will discuss what an Upper Elementary classroom environment looks like, new and exciting opportunities for the older Elementary student and how to support your older child at home as they transition into that sensitive and elusive third plane of development – Adolescence! This event is free to parents. Light refreshments will be served. We look forward to seeing you there!


Lunar Chinese New Year Tea

(You’re welcome to dress in traditional Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese wear, and please bring a Lunar New Year snack to share.) Tuesday 12th February, 2013 @ 1:30pm in Lunchroom.  Parents are invited to this social event. Join us to:

–    Meet our Principal, staff and Maple Grove parents

–    Share ideas on building community

–     Learn more about our upcoming school and community events

–     Celebrate Lunar New Year

The Maple Grove Elementary School is a community that CARES deeply, SHARES generously, and HELPS willingly.

May Your Coming Year be Filled with Happiness



Happy New Year!



2013年2月12日 星期二 下午一時半 學校餐厅


–         與校長Ms. Stephanie Sellars, Ms. Andrea Zeitz, 学校及教育局职员和其他家長相聚

–         就“社区建设”分享意見

–         了解更多有關學校及社区即將舉行的家庭或教育活動

–         齐来共庆新春团拜和享用家乡美点

楓林小學是一個互相深切關懷 、慷慨分享和樂於助人的社區。



Happy New Year!

variety club 2

Wear Your Variety Club Pins on Valentine’s Day!

The Global Citizenship Club is raising money for the Variety Club. The pins are a minimum of a $3 donation and are sold in your child’s classroom daily. We have a limited number of pins left. Get them before they are gone!

Upcoming Events:

February 11            B.C. Family Day. No School

February 12            Chinese Tea in the lunch room. 1:30 pm

February 20           PAC meeting 7:00 pm

February 25           Montessori Evening

February 27           Pink Day – Don’t forget to wear your pink t-shirt

February 28          Science Fair

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