January 11th Update

Welcome Back to 2013 School Year. Happy New Year.

kids and hampers

Holiday Hamper Drive

Thank you Maple Grove for all the donations made towards our  Holiday Hamper Drive. In December, with the help of the Global  Citizenship Club, we collected enough food, money and gifts to make  the lives of 14 families at Nightingale Elementary a little brighter this holiday season. We would like to say a special “thank you” to the students, parents and staff who took the time to decorate and pack the hampers. It was a big job, but our “elves” worked tirelessly to make sure each family received wonderful holiday gifts from our school. We really embodied the December virtues of community and generosity.
Well done, Maple Grove!

Montessori Kindergarten Program – September 2013

If you are already in the Montessori Program, and you have a child born in 2008, that child is guaranteed a spot in the Montessori Kindergarten.  But only if you register by January 31, 2013 at the Maple Grove office! If you miss that date, your spot will not be saved for you. You will be added to the waitlist.


The Lego Robot NXT Club

This club will meet once a week at lunch time on Thursdays. Initially it will be open to Grade 7 students only. They will meet in the open area.

Primary Lego Club

Students have signed up. The club will meet on Fridays at lunch time in the open area. Thank you to Ms Gill for initiating and sponsoring this club.


Unfortunately, our choir director has been unable to continue for personal health reasons. She has reluctantly resigned her position. Choir is therefore cancelled until further notice.  Refund cheques will be issued to the families that paid the choir fee.

Vancouver Sun Run April 21st 9:00 am

We are building our Sun Run team and Mr. Munk has a letter ready which can be collected from outside his classroom for those who would like to register.  The site to go to is: www.sunrun.com.

1) Click on “Register Now” near the top left of the webpage
2) Click on “Teams and Members: Schools”
3) Click on “School Team Registration”
4) Click on “JOIN TEAM – team members ONLY” and then click “continue”
5)Fill in personal information
6) Choose team: “Maple Grove Elementary School”: Password wildcats
7) Pay fee

Join the team, join the kilometre club and get ready for the Track and Field Season.


The basketball season has begun and we have a five teams. Thank you very much to all those who have volunteered to coach. Please remember that we do rely on parent drivers to get our team members to away games.


All applications for high school should be in by now. It is important that you register and also that you go to the information sessions.

traffic issues

Traffic Violations

We are still having quite a few problems around the school. Please consider driving clockwise around the school, dropping off your child in the appropriate areas and then driving on immediately. This will help the traffic to flow smoothly and our children to be safe. Please do not drop your child off and expect them to cross the road by themselves unless they cross at the cross walk.

A very few people are still parking and leaving their cars in the no parking area. I will be asking to meet those people by contacting them directly if I see them. If I do not, and have the licence plate number I will put it in the Blog so that they can come and see me. This will help me to identify why they need to park in the No Parking Zone and try to do some problem solving around this.

Come and Learn about How to Keep your  Child Safe in the Digital World.

PAC Meeting and Presentation by Dr. Shelley Hymel. January 16th 7:00 pm

Baby sitting will be provided.
Interpretation in Chinese will be available


Introducing Dr. Hymel

Research Overview:

Dr Hymel’s research addresses the interface of social and academic functioning in school-age children, with the goal of understanding the processes involved in youth social development and using this information to develop effective means of supporting high-risk youth in educational settings. Most of her work is conducted through collaborative partnerships with local school and community agencies such as Maple Grove.

Dr Hymel has also collaborated in an International Study of Bullying (2004-2007). A one-year longitudinal study examines bullying behavior across countries and cultures, including researchers from Japan (Professor Taki, NIER), Australia (Dr. Phillip Slee, Flinders U), Korea (Dr. Hee-og Sim, Kusan U.) and Canada (Dr. Deb Pepler)  The second phase of this study expands the collaboration to include US researchers, Drs. Susan Swearer, U. Nebraska and Dr. Dorothy Espelage, U. Illinois).

In collaboration with Dr. Susan Swearer at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln,she has established an international network for bullying researchers that fosters the exchange of ideas and research and enhances the possibilities for international research. She has also been involved in the Canadian Initiative to Prevent Bullying (2003-2006).

Dr. Hymel has been involved with the Practicum Course in Social-Emotional Learning (SEL Practicum, 2005-2010) operated in partnership with the Social Responsibility Task force of the Vancouver School Board (VSB). With Dr. Kim Schonert-Reichl and she is launching a yearlong, graduate level practicum course in social-emotional learning in schools. Using a “train the trainer” model, this unique graduate course includes both practicum and didactic components through which Masters level teachers and graduate students learn about the nature of childhood social and emotional development, are trained in the latest techniques for enhancing social-emotional growth, work directly with schools and community agencies under the supervision of faculty to implement social-emotional learning programs with children and youth, and learn about and participate in efforts to evaluate such programs.

Bullying and Peer Harassment (ongoing). The research team works in partnership with both the Vancouver and West Vancouver School Districts to develop student surveys to evaluate the extent of school bullying, harassment & discrimination and the impact of school-based programs for reducing such problems. Within the VSB – UBC Partnership, she works with Dr. Kim Schonert-Reichl (UBC) and members of the Social Responsibility Steering Committee (Jan Sippel, Lisa Pedrini and Larry Haberlin).

Upcoming Events:

January 16th           PAC Education Evening 7:00pm                                  

January 21               Professional Development Day – no school for students

January 21                Turn off the Screen Week

January 25                 PAC Movie Night

January 25                Camp Read-a-Lot and Family Literacy Day

January 31                 Spelling Bee

January 31                 Deadline of submission for Movie Competition (extended)

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