December 14th Update


Principal’s Recognition List for Hard Work and Social Responsibility

Adam Mong
Alex Dou
Alexander Franke
Alexander Huang
Andrew Hwang
Aneesha Gill
Anna Li
Areeb Meher
Armaan Kahlon
Arman Shroff-Mehrabadi
Ben Marlow
Berlant Sahmani
Brendan Chia
Brendan Lowe
Bryana Spur
Caitlin Mak
Calum McKenzie
Chantal Yang
Chloe Pang
Christine Wang
Corey Scott
Daniel Roche Zandbergen
Derek Gee
Desiree Fung
Dhara Wright
Diya Haq
Domininc Denofrio
Elaine Zhang
Emily Grabovac
Emir Lin
Emma Gunn
Emma Young
Enika McGowan
Enock Lian
Errol Xu
Evan Stuart
Faryal Shuja
Felix Hong Suen
Grace Lin
Hanan Gerster-Sim
Hannah Jeong
Hao Shi
Henry Wang
Ian Mak
Isabelle Chen
Isabelle Wolodko
Jade Trimble
Jason Kim
Jeff Guo
Jessie Wu
Jonathan Eng
Justin Ho
Kaitlyn Gee
Katelyn Seto
Kevin Gu
Kevin Kong
Kevin Luo
Kianna Lacasse-Watanabe
Lauren Lee
Lauren Tang
Mack Lee
Madeline Weih-Wadman
Marco Tom
Marcus Wright-Smith
Marypaz Pulford
Max Yang
McKenna O’Connell
Michael Lin
Michelle Wang
Mila Burry
Nadine McLaren
Nahira Gerster-Sim
Nathan Cai
Nathaniel Leung
Nicholas Kuan
Otis Ashby
Peter Wei
Rachel Constant
Rachelle Arboleda
Rebecca Eastman
Sabrina Cao
Sam Jeong
Samuel Che
Sanja Katic
Simon Ding
Stephen Lin
Tyler Pawliuk
Valerie Wong
Vivian Chen
Yeh Yeh

Congratulations to  the ninety-one intermediate students I am acknowledging. They have made a  conscientious effort this term  and achieved “good” work habits in all, or all but one, of their subjects.  They have met or exceeded expectations for Social Responsibility. This is over one third of our intermediate students. Congratulations to all of you for using your time wisely.

Stephanie Sellars, Principal

 Christmas Craft Day

What fun everyone had!

craft day2 craft day 3

 craftday4 craft day 5 books craft day mya hall craft day goodies craft day sofphia P crafts day elisha craft day Christmas crafts 1


blog tickets Watch for your tickets coming home with your child on Monday.  Remember that you need a ticket to attend the performance.

Making Decorations 1   Making Decorations 2Making Decorations 3

Everyone is getting ready rehearsing and making decorations for our Winter Concert.


Entry forms are now available in the office.  About thirty-five students came to a meeting about this.  However, students did not have to have been present at the meeting to enter the competition. The prize is a $50 value to be shared among the winning group.


Sponsored by Student Council

Theme: Virtues

Maximum Length: 3 minutes

Submission method: DVD

Submission Deadline: January 17th

Number in group: no limit

Prizes: $50 value for the winning entry to be divided among group

Criteria: No unnecessary violence or inappropriate language or topics

Movie effectively shows one or more of the virtues

Title is shown

Credits are at the end of the movie

Judges are looking for: editing skills, good dialogue, engaging material, creativity, good photography/video making skills, originality of music and ideas

TITLE OF MOVIE: __________________________________

VIRTUE REPRESENTED: ____________________________________

The complete entry form can be picked up from the office. It should be submitted with the DVD

report card

Reports are Going Home Today

Here are a few thoughts about how to approach reading a report about your child with your child.

1. Open the report and read it when you have time to pay attention to all of the information.

2. It is probably more important to look at the student’s work habits in each subject area than the actual grade. If the student has a “good” for work habits you may generally conclude that he/she is working up to his/her potential.

3. While the report is addressed to you and should be delivered unopened to you, it is a good idea to let your child read it before you discuss it.

4. Ask your child what he/she thinks of the report in general, and then ask more specific questions that will encourage him/her to reflect on what has been done this term and how successful it has been.

5. Encourage your child to take pride in accomplishments and having worked hard.

Upcoming Events:

December 14                    Reports go home

December 19                    Winter Concert – Matinee 1:15 pm, Evening 7:00 pm

December 21                  Last Day of Classes before the Winter Break

January 7                        School re-opens after Winter Break

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