November 23rd Update

Pajama Day

Today was a day for carrying your stuffy, being really relaxed, doing some reading and feeling comfortable. Student Council sponsored pajama day and many, many students and staff took advantage of the opportunity to don their sleep attire and have a comfortable day.

Pokeman Cards and Other Treasured Items From Home

This is a reminder for parents that students are expected not to bring items to school that they value, or that will distract them from work during class time,  or discourage active play at recess and lunch.

Pokeman cards have been causing some problems. Examples are: children going to the washroom and then spending time on the way looking through their card collections; students staying in the stairwells at recess to exchange their cards instead of going out to play; quarrels about card exchanges; students looking at their cards during class time; theft of particularly valued cards or even of a whole collection; students misplacing and losing their cards, etc. As you can see, these cards lead to a number of problems. I do not usually ban specific items from school.  However, I have made an announcement at lunch time, and I ask you to reinforce this:   If I or any other staff  see such items being used at a time, or in a place that is not appropriate, they will be confiscated and kept until the end of  term.


This month we have focused on forgiveness. Being able to forgive what someone might have done to hurt or annoy you is an important virtue for children to develop. Something as simple as being able to forgive someone who accidentally bumps into you is not always automatic for some children. They become unreasonably offended. On the other hand, students also have to learn that when they accidentally bump into someone, they need to apologise immediately so that the other person has a chance to forgive them before an angry reaction causes a problem.

Upcoming Events:

November 23                 Pajama Day

November 26                  Hot Lunch Orders are due to the office.

November 30                 Professional Development Day – no school for students

December 21                  Last Day of Classes before the Winter Break

January 7                        School re-opens after Winter Break

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