September 28th Update

Terry Fox Run

We had a beautiful day for the Terry Fox Run. Thank you to Mr. Naipaul for organizing this so beautifully and making such an eloquent speech about why we participate in this event every year. The smiles on the children’s faces show that they really enjoyed the day.


Photo Day is October 11


Students may not leave school grounds unless they have a note from a parent and are accompanied by an adult. While it may seem appropriate for our Grade 7 students to be able to go out for lunch, there are many distractions in our neighbourhood including Magee High School. If a group of students want to go on an excursion for lunch they may do so if a parent or other responsible adult will accompany them, and make sure they return on time.  They must have notes from their own parents and they must sign in and out in the office. Students who are going home for lunch or to a friend’s house also need a note from parents including a statement that a responsible adult will be at home.


Several teachers have begun or are continuing their excellent classroom blogs. Here are the links. We suggest that you add them to “Favourites” or bookmark them. Here’s a link to the page:

And, here are the links on that page:

Mr Munk’s Grade 6/7 Div 2/

Ms Plavan’s Grade 5 Div 4

Ms Seebaran’s Grade 1/2 Div 9/

Ms Wong’s Grade 1 Div 10/

Ms Hales’ Kindergarten Div 12/

Ms Burghall’s Grade 7 Div 13/

Ms Bartlett’s Grade 4/5/6 Div 16

Note that there is a very valuable new blog about Sports and Athletics at Maple Grove. Here you can find information about teams and sports activities such as our Cross Country Team and Girls Volleyball.


Maple Grove Athletics/

Safe Arrival

Our Safe Arrival program is not yet up and running. When we have enough volunteers we will start it again. We are particularly looking for someone for Monday mornings.

For now you may phone the school number to leave messages about your child’s absence. If you do not phone to report an absence and your child is away, we will not be phoning you to check if your child is at home. This service will be reinstated when we have enough volunteers.

Receiving Information

If you know of a parent or guardian who is not receiving the emails from the school informing them of the blog update, please suggest they come to the office and update their email information.

Class Parents

Every classroom needs a class parent to help the teacher coordinate events and build a classroom community. If you are a class parent, I will post your contact information on the blog so that parents of students in your class can contact you and provide you with their contact information.

Cross Country

Our cross country team led by Mr. Munk and Mrs. Belliveau had their first meet yesterday evening. Check for more information on the blog:

Maple Grove Athletics/


Registration for the first Mad Science session is still open. Do this on-line at: last week’s blog for more information.


Every year we have one or two instances where students have used the internet inappropriately or been exposed to material that is not suitable. This is often because they are using social networking sites such as Facebook. Note that students are supposed to be 13 years old to be able to have a Facebook Account. If your child has such an account, be aware that he/she has lied about his/her age or someone else has opened it for them.

We  supervise Internet use very carefully and also require that students and parents sign a contract. It is often at home or at a friend’s house were the inappropriate usage occurs. Please supervise your child’s use of the Internet and use software that will limit what they can access.

We very much appreciate any information about inappropriate use since it is much better to be able to investigate a situation when the problem hasn’t developed too far. School and home must work together to ensure that our children are safe and using the Internet respectfully.

Upcoming Events

October 5                        First Mad Science Session

October 8                      Thanksgiving Day Holiday

October 10                    Early Dismissal 2pm – Goal Setting Conference

October 11                     Individual Photo Day

October 11                     Early Dismissal 2pm – Goal Setting Conference

October 19                    Professional Development Day – No school for students

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