September 21st Update

September 24th is a Pro D Day.  No school for Students.  Enjoy your long weekend!

Chinese Translation of Blog

Dear Families,

We are glad to announce that a Chinese version of the Blog is available now.

Please contact Elsie Chan to receive a copy weekly by email. It will also be posted outside the Parent Room on the third floor Rm. 319.



訂閱週報,請寫信給Elsie Chan,註明繁體字版,將定期以電子郵件寄發給您。同時,週報張貼於三樓319教室門口的布告欄,請撥空前往閱覽。





订阅周报,请写信给Elsie Chan,注明简体字版,将定期以電子郵件寄发给您。同时,周报张贴于三楼319教室门口的布告栏,请拨空前往阅览


We had a well attended and successful first PAC meeting. Thank you very much to Sarah McNeill for all her work setting up processes and new initiatives for 2012-2013. Thank you also to Colleen Seager who has quickly and efficiently taken up the reins as our new PAC Chair.

Chair: Colleen Seager
Treasurer: Gurprit Mann
Fundraising: Alisha Mann
Secretary: Allison Arato
SPC: Cindy Cheong, Mary Ann Lo
Montessori Chair: Matt Brown and Jodi Brown
Administrative Assistant:  Maram Qasem
Chinese Tea: Jenny Chen
Auxiliary: Sarah Rae and Monica Tang
Graphic Design/Creative: Monica Martinez
Hot Lunch: Winnie Hon
Gift Card Fundraising: Cathie Cleveland & John Aveline
Ride Share Program: Farah Shroff
Safe Arrival Coordinator: Monica Gay
2012/13 PAC roles to be filled/elected:
Vice Chair:
Chinese Translation at meetings (verbal):  
Chinese Translation for (print/web):
Volunteer Coordinator:
Class Parent Lead (English):
Class Parent Lead (Chinese): 
Glee Club Coordinator:
Parent Representatives from each Division for PAC:



Safe Arrival Needs Parent Volunteers

Safe Arrival is a parent-run service that makes sure that all our kids get to school safely each day.  After teachers take attendance, Safe Arrival parents follow-up on any unexplained absences (absences the teachers do not know about). Parent volunteers donate 2 days of their time each month, and work out of the main office from 9:00 – 9:45 on the days they are scheduled.

Many hands make light work!  The more volunteers we have, the more easily the coordinator can accommodate everyone’s schedules.  If you have two hours a week to volunteer, please contact the Safe Arrival coordinator at  Please include a phone number and the days of the week that work best for you.

And thanks!



UBC is conducting research into how parents think about their children and vice versa. Mothers and their children will visit the UBC Parenting lab to answer questionnaires and complete video-taped interactions together. Fathers will have the option of completing questionnaires at home or in the lab. There is a small amount of cash compensation. Contact UBC at or pick up one of the fliers in the pockets beside the office door under  the Montessori notice board.

Traffic Safety

Traffic safety is always an issue, but at the moment it is compounded by the closure of roads in the area. It is always better to park a little way from the school and walk to school. If you must drop your child off a the curb, please move on quickly. Children are safe when they are on school property.  You do not need to watch them enter the door of the school.

It is really important that you DO NOT BACK UP. You cannot see little people. and their behaviour is often unpredictable. There have been a few incidences at other schools and at homes where parents have hit their own children. DO NOT DO U TURNS. This causes congestion and usually involves backing up. U tuns are illegal.

Consider your route to the school and plan to drop your child on the same side of the road as the school. Then drive around the block to resume the direction you want to travel in.


I am glad to tell you that our students are learning to be quiet and considerate. They do not make a lot of noise in the halls and they try to walk on the right or stand against the wall. If you are picking up your child please follow their example. Wait quietly and have your younger children also wait quietly. If they want to play we have a wonderful playground for them outside.

Once your child has been dismissed, please leave the school quickly. Plan to meet friends on the playground to chat and allow the children to play rather than waiting and causing congestion and noise in the hall way especially outside the office.

Mad Science

The Mad Science Program will start on Friday, October 5th. There will be an assembly for the students promoting this program on September 27th. The first session will be on October 5.  Registration must be done online at

Here is a description of the program:  Mad Science After School Club

Kilometer Club Update

We have had a great running start!
136 runners are participating, thus far.  22 are parents and even a few are younger siblings.
Look forward to individual and club progress reports at the end of next week.  They will be posted on the portable bulletin board at sign-in during the morning runs.  The board will also include running news, healthy tips, etc. Be sure to check it out.
If you haven’t already, come join us Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 8:25AM.  New runners are always welcome!

Wheels on the Playground

We are very happy to see children biking to school. However, they are not allowed to ride their bikes or use scooters, roller blades, or skateboards on school grounds between 8:30 am and 3:20 pm. Please help us by asking your children to walk their bikes across the playground and setting a good example yourself.

Glee Club

Please click on this link to answer a survey about the best times for Glee Club at Maple Grove.  Thanks! 

Royal Canadian Legion Promotes Competition

This is an interesting competition opportunity – posters, writing, movie making – for any students interested.

Are you an artist, wordsmith, or a filmmaker? Take those awesome words and pictures in your head and show the world!

Create something about remembrance and what it means to you and your country, and you can win local and national prizes.

Deadline: November 15, 2012

Who Can Enter: All kids and youth in BC and Yukon

  • Poster category: Grades 1-12
  • Essay category: Grades 4-12
  • Poetry category: Grades 4-12
  • Video category: Grades 7-12

Upcoming Events

September 21                Terry Fox Run  1:15 pm Maple Grove Park

September 24               Professional Development Day – No school for students

October 5                        First Mad Science Session

October 8                      Thanksgiving Day Holiday

October 10                    Early Dismissal 2pm – Goal Setting Conference

October 11                     Early Dismissal 2pm – Goal Setting Conference

October 19                    Professional Development Day – No school for students

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