Update May 11th

Principal’s Recognition

     I would like to recognize all those intermediate students who have worked hard during the first two terms of the year. These students have shown the kind of responsibility for their own learning that we encourage at Maple Grove. In order to be recognized, students must have worked hard in all subject areas as reported by their teachers. To have 119 students out of 273 intermediate students (47%) meet this criteria is remarkable. It should be noted that all our other students are also working well in most subject areas. To see this level of student engagement is the result of the excellent teaching that prevails at Maple Grove. Our teachers deserve accolades for the high standards that they have maintained and their continuing care of each of their students.

 Adriane Fong, Aiden Dejong, Akshbir Mahi, Alaia Cotichini, Alex Lee, Alexander Bolzner, Amanda Kuo, Amber Cornick, Andrew Hwang, Aneesha Gill, Armaan Kahlon, Audrey Wang, Ava Lee, Ben Marlow, Bess Breidal, Brendan Chia, Brian Wu, Bryana Spur, Caitlin Mak, Calum Mackenzie, Chantal Yang, Chloe Pang, Christine Wang, Corey Scott, Dana Aldave, Danica Aldave, Daniela Neira Correal, David Lowe, David Xu, Derek Gee, Desiree Fung, Dhara Wright, Dominic Denofrio, Elaine Zhang, Elva Chu, Emily Xu, Emma Bolzner, Emma Everson, Emma Young, Eric Kuo, Eric Lai, Ernest Hoptioncann, Errol Xu, Ethan Hansen, Evan Stuart, Faryal Shuja, Flora Wu, Fumi Akagami, Genevieve Wright-Smith, Grace Lin, Hannah Jeung, Hao Shi, Helen Kim, Imogen Gay, Iris Zhuang, Isabella Chen, Jason Kim, Jenni Huang, Jennifer Le, Jennifer Liu, Jessie Wu, Joey Woo, Jordan Sam, Jordan Sue, Julian Goh, Justin Chia, Justin Ho, Kailan Tang, Kaitlin Yuen, Katelyn Seto, Katelyn Yuen, Kevin Kong, Kyoka Sakurai, Laurel Aveline, Lauren Lee, Liam Baxter, Lucas Simoncioni, Lucy Wicken, Mack Lee, Madeline Weih-Wadman, Marcus Wright-Smith, Margaux Arboleda, Matthew Mong, Melissa Zhang, Michelle Wang, Nadine Mclaren, Naomi Law, Nathan Ng, Nathaniel Leung, Nicholas Buttler Speers, Nicole DeYoung, Nicole Eastman, Noah Stuart, Ostara Mcdonald, Palas Scandolari, Peter Wei, Ping Chi Chin, Rachel Constant, Rachelle Arboleda, Rafid Haq, Rebecca Eastman, Ryan Ma, Sabrina Cao, Samuel Che, Sanja Katic, Sarah Korn, Shugo Kai, Simon Ding, Sophia Clarkson, Steven Shi, Thomas Ford, Tia Baxter, Tiffany Li, Tom Marco, Tyler Pawliuk, William Chen, Yeh Yeh, Yvonne Chen 

Volunteer Tea 

“The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers.”                        Terri Guillemet

Today we had our volunteer tea during which the staff recognize the tremendous contribution of parents to the learning environment at Maple Grove. You truly do give of your time generously. Thank you for your time and your commitment, for cooking and cleaning and serving food, for playing the piano and helping the choir, for driving and supervising, for organizing and planning. We thank you. For running with the kids and giving them treats, for showing movies and creating Halloween magic, for setting up games, and running a Spring Festival. We all thank you. For sawing and hammering,  digging and carrying, for creating plans for our garden we thank you.  For counting money and accounting, for meeting and discussing, for making decisions, for phoning and emailing and communicating. We thank you. For imparting your wisdom and your knowledge and your skills, for fund raising, for trying new things, for being part of our community of learners. Thank you. For your leadership, for your ideas, for the way you all work to build and sustain our community, we thank you.

“I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy.”
Khalil Gibran

PAC would like to see if parents are interested in creating a one to two hour after school workshop for the children of Maple Grove.  We would require parent volunteers to spearhead each workshop for the following grade groupings:

Grade K/1
Grade 2/3
Grade 4/5
Grade 6/7
Each parent would create a student activity for after school and be responsible for running the activity.  The activity can be held in the lunch room.  The parent will send out notices to the families of the grade appropriate group.  Interested children will return the form signed by their parents to the Office.  The first 20 – 30 students who respond will be registered.  There may be a nominal fee of $2 – $5 to cover costs of materials and teaching/coaching fee. 

We are interested in running enrichment activities such as: art, music, dance, science, sports etc.
Please check with Mrs Sellars and/or Mr. Naipaul for scheduling the day of the activity.

All proposals must be in writing to PAC by Wednesday, May 23rd.  The activities should be completed before June 22ndDepending on the demand, PAC will provide a budget of up to $700 for each group’s activity.  If interested, please contact Duncan Porter, Tim Luu or Margery Mah.  Thank you.


As we approach a season of warmer weather there is a tendency for all of us to wear lighter and more casual clothes. This is just a reminder that we still expect students to come to school wearing clothes appropriate for work rather than a party or the beach. Flip flops are not safe footwear for children at school.  Thank you very much for supporting our expectations of appropriate dress for school.


It is expected that students will go straight home after school. We do provide some supervision but it is not extensive. Primary students should not be playing on the playground unless supervised by an adult. There are no restrictions as to which students should use the playground after school as intermediate students use this area too while they wait to meet their parents.

Chinese Tea

You are welcome to join us for refreshment in the lunch room on Wednesday May 16th. Chinese translation will be available at this time. There are many interesting topics we discuss such as the Canadian Education System, how much homework should students have, traffic safety, etc.

Limited Edition Camp Combo from Mabel’s Labels.  Maple Grove Fundraiser:


The value-packed collection of UV resistant, waterproof labels and tags was designed especially for everything that goes to summer camp. Identify clothes, footwear, toiletries, swim gear, backpacks and more with this seasonal essential. Includes two FREE friendship bracelets!

Available until the end of June.


CHILDRUN for BC Children’s Hospital

Reminder:  Please see last week’s post for complete information.  Please register your family on the “Maple Grove” team at www.childrun.com.   

Upcoming Events

May 11, 2012                    Volunteer Tea  10:15 am
May 16, 2012                    Chinese Tea 1:30 – 2:30 pm
May 18, 2012                    District Closure Day – No School
May 21, 2012                    Victoria Day Holiday – No School
May 23 – 25, 2012           Grade 6 Camp
May 25, 2012                   Welcome to Kindergarten
May 28 – June 8, 2012    Tennis
June 1, 2012                     Welcome  New students for September, 2012, Grades 1 to 7
June 11, 2012                    Professional Development Day – No school for students
June 15, 2012                   Sports Day
June 22, 2012                  Grade 7 Field Trip and Primary Picnic
June 25, 2012                  Grade 7 Grad
(Ceremony at 9:30 am, Lunch at 11:45 am, Dance at 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm)
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