Update April 27th



Come tonight and enjoy the good food, great games and good company.


Reports will be sent home on Friday, May 4th. They are a streamlined form and  provide information about how your child is doing based on current achievement. If you have any concerns, please contact the classroom teacher. Thank you for your patience and understanding at a challenging time.


We have had some problems with more students taking hot lunch than have paid for it. On Tuesday May 1st we will be making sure that only those students who are registered for the hot lunch program will receive it. It is therefore very important that you provide your child with a packed lunch if he/she is not registered for the hot lunch program. If children forget to bring their lunch we will allow them to phone home so that you can bring one for them.


There is no supervision at the school after 3:20 pm. Students should go home after school. Parents do have the option to bring them back to use the playground. Parents, please do not allow your students to come into the school and play. There is no supervision and it interferes with the cleaning of the school. We have traditionally allowed students to come in to use the washrooms, but we expect that they will leave the building again immediately. Please help us by making sure your child is appropriately supervised and that they do not come into the building except to use the washrooms.


We have added a new page to the blog where you can find out more information about summer activities including Summer School. Please check there for information.


It is time to start thinking about registering your child for summer school.  You will need a PEN number in order to register. (This PEN number does not change from year to year.)  Earlier in the school year, students were given a label with the PEN number and asked to put it in their agenda/planner.  Please look for the number there.  If you do not find it, please do not email or phone the school office.  Send a signed note with your child to the office requesting the number,  and we will write the PEN number on your note and return it to you.

Thank you. 


Upcoming Events

April 27, 2012                  Spring Festival 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm
May 11, 2012                   Volunteer Tea
May 25, 2012                   Welcome to Kindergarten
June 22, 2012                  Grade 7 Field Trip and Primary Picnic
June 25, 2012                  Grade 7 Grad
(Ceremony at 9:30 am, Lunch at 11:45 am, Dance at 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm)
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