Update March 26th

We have a very busy week ahead so we are updating our blog today to make sure everyone is aware of: The Science Fair (Thursday), the Garden Building Day (Friday), Ready Set Learn event (Friday) and our PAC meeting (Thursday).

Science Fair.

Students from a number of intermediate classes have been preparing projects which they would love to talk to you about.  An ability to present a science project in an articulate and convincing manner is one of the skills we hope to encourage and develop. Please come and visit our science fair and ask students to share their ideas:  why they chose their topics, what was their hypothesis, what are their conclusions. Your positive feedback can help them develop confidence and make them feel acknowledged for their hard work and learning. Don’t forget to sign each child’s visitor list so that they have a record of people who came to talk to them about their projects.

GARDEN BUILDING DAY – Come and help on Friday.

Click on this link to get all the details:  Work Party Poster

PAC MEETING – Come out and help us make Maple Grove the best it can be.

You are invited to PAC MEETING


6:00 – 8:00 PM
School Library

Meeting Agenda is as follows: 

  • Spring Festival planning  
  • Grade 7 Completion Plan
  • Gym Risers purchase?
  • Call for PAC executive nominations for next year 
  • PAC Usual Business 

Our Purpose is Student Success! 

Maple Grove is a community that cares deeply, shares generously and helps willingly!

READY SET LEARN – an event for anyone with a child starting Kindergarten IN September 2012 

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