Update March 9th


March Break Begins

Have a healthy, happy and safe holiday!

The End of an Unusual Week

I want to thank parents for their patience during what is a difficult time for all those involved in education. We all hope for a fair resolution of the differences soon. In the meantime, the Maple Grove team has done their best to ensure that the job action has affected our students’ learning as little as possible, even though they have missed three days of school.  Some parents have asked me about what is happening, and so I am providing a link which might help you better understand the issues. This is a link to Bill 22. The first part is quite challenging to read as it refers to other statutes  and bills. Part 2 is in plainer language so worth scrolling down to.
To read Bill 22 currently being debated go to:
Destination Imagination, Inc. is an extraordinary, non-profit organization that provides educational programs for students to learn and experience creativity, teamwork and problem solving. Tournaments are organized by this group and this year Maple Grove had two teams compete. One team worked on a project to build a machine that could transport at least one of their team and parts of a product to an assembly area. While doing this the team also had to tell a story and showcase their individual creative talents. The second team chose to present a movie trailer in which they were to compare two cultures while also demonstrating the team’s  creativity and talents. In addition teams are expected to solve an instant challenge where they go into a room and are presented with a problem to solve as a team. The appraisers then judge their presentation based on creativity and team work. Jason and I were both appraisers for the competition, but that meant we didn’t see our own teams perform. Our sponsor teacher, Marianna Humeniuk,  saw both performances and they were  very good. Our students were very fine representatives of Maple Grove and we were all very proud of them. The team that did the building project were third in their division.  Next year we hope that more students will be involved with the support of parents.

Upcoming Events

March 9th              Last day of school before March Break
March 26th           First day back to school after March Break
March 28th           Hot lunch orders for April are due
March 29th           Science Celebration at Maple Grove
March 30th           Ready, Set, Learn
April 12, 2012        Class Group and Panorama Photographs
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