Hallowe’en Bingo and Information for Parents

Hallowe’en Bingo

What a wonderful evening we all had on Friday, thanks to our energetic and organized leader, Karrie Bogart, and her trusty helpers including Yvette Hoptioncann and many others. The event was a huge success. I have many pictures to share with you at the next PAC meeting.

On Monday it was lovely to see how many of the children dressed up. Student Council put a great deal of work into organizing a Hallowe’en Haunted House. We tried to modify the scariness according to the age group visiting, but it was still too scary for some and not scary enough for others.

Democracy at Work

A reminder that on Saturday, November 19th our school gym will be used as a voting station for the Municipal and School Board Elections. Here are some links that might be of interest, and also information about meetings where you can find out about the candidates. You can also google their names individually. I found it surprisingly difficult to find much on the web that gives a lot of information about the policy, experience or position on current educational questions. If anyone knows of useful links, please send them and we can add them to the next blog.



City of Vancouver All-Candidates’ Meetings in November

Below is a list of all upcoming All-Candidates’ meetings around the city, as well as an Open House event related to Hastings-Sunrise.

Tuesday, Nov 1, 2011
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Location: Britannia Auditorium 1001 Cotton Drive
Contact: Brenda Coombs               604.718.5808         604.718.5808
Come and meet the candidates standing for election for School Board; find out their plans for the school system for the next 3 years.


Sunday, Nov 6, 2011
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
All Candidate Meeting – Park Board
Location: Kerrisdale Community Centre
Contact:               604.257.8100         604.257.8100 (Press 2)
Come and meet candidates running for Park Board.

 Dr. Dan Siegel – Opportunity for those interested in Education and the Development of the Human Mind

Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute from Los Angeles, California presents a scientifically-grounded, revolutionary view of human development and a whole new approach to working with children and families. Workshop participants will learn how to help children and youth develop an integrated brain, empathic relationships, and a healthy mind.

November 16 (7-9pm)                  Parenting for the 21st Century: Building the  Neural Circuits for Resilience and Kindness

 November 17 (9am-4pm)             Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Children’s Developing Mind


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