May 17th Update

Long Weekend

No School for Students Friday, May 17th – Professional Development Day

Monday, May 20th – Victoria Day Holiday.


Maple Grove’s Global Citizenship Club will be participating in a Walk For Water campaign on Friday, May 24th at lunch. We think that every child should have access to clean water and that children shouldn’t have to skip school to get water for their families. Donating just $25 can provide clean water for one person for life. Please help us to help families in Haiti by sponsoring a student and visiting Click on Maple Grove Elementary to donate!

Please check out our fundraising campaign on CrowdRise at

Cynthia Yu, Chloe Ng, Christina Ly and Taranveer Dosanjh, Global Citizenship Club


On May 3 students from Maple Grove participated in the Jamboree Badminton tournament at Charles Tupper Secondary School. They showed great sportsmanship and amazing badminton skills. Great job players!

Badminton photo

KER WD2 May.png

Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

May 17 – Pro D – No school for Students

May 20 – Victoria Day Holiday

June 5 – 7 – Grade 6 Camp

June 7 – Welcome to Kindergarten and Welcome to New Students for 2019 2020

June 21 – Sports Day

June 24 – Grade 7 Grad

June 27 – Last Day of School for Students

June 28 – Admin Day

September 3 – Back to School

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May 3 Update

Planning for 2019-2020 School Year

This week HR is locking all school projections and working on entitlements for next year.  All schools in Vancouver are planning for September.  We’re working with numbers (graduating students, Kindergarten intakes, transfer ins and transfer outs).  We are also working with staff to determine what their plans are for next year.  Once we have more information from HR as to whether or not they agree with our projections and organization, we will provide that information to you.  We are just letting the dust settle and will be publishing a DRAFT school organization in the coming weeks.

Class Placement Requests:  We do not accept teacher requests.  We have criteria that we publish annually.  Class placement requests must be made in writing and are sent directly to the Principal and must adhere to the criteria.  A written request does not guarantee that your request will be granted!


The objective of class placement is to create and organize classes so that each student is in a positive learning situation.  The school also wants to ensure that each teacher has a manageable teaching assignment that conforms to Ministry of Education standards and the teacher’s Collective Agreement.

A. Instructional Criteria:

  1. Ability Distribution: there should be a range
  2. Work Habits: there should be a range
  3. Teaching/Learning Styles: should be considered.

B. Positive Social Grouping:

  1. Friendships
  2. Peer conflict
  3. Boy/ Girl ratio
  4. Positive leaders

C.  Other Criteria:

  1. Previous Experience: Previous class assignment of teachers & students is considered.
  2. Teacher Recommendations
  3. Parental Input
  4. Resource Team Input

D.  Attention to Each Child:

  1. Each child’s academic needs
  2. Each child’s social needs
  3. Class group dynamics
  4. Gender balance
  5. Equitable distribution of students

Parent requests must be delivered to the office and addressed to Mr. Evans and are due by May 27th

April 29th Professional Development Day

Pro D April 2019

Maple Grove staff working through the some communication exercises with our VP, Ms. Smith.  Richmond School District Superintendent- Ret, Bruce Beairsto joined us for the morning as MG has a team participating in the SFU deliberate conversations symposium series.  Four schools out of 93 applied and were selected to participate in the workshops this year and next.   We see significant value in constructive communication and collaboration- and moving into the new school is a great opportunity to put these skills into practice.

Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

May 17 – Pro D – No school for Students

May 20 – Victoria Day Holiday

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April 26th Update

Professional Development Day – Monday April 29th

No School for Students.




2019 Emergency Procedures- during NEW school build

DRILLS: Fire Drills, Earthquake Drills

  1. Classes will follow the usual procedures regarding exiting the building
  2. Our Emergency Mustering Area has changed due to construction. Instead of gathering on the North Gravel field, we will gather on the Primary Gravel field.
  3. Classes will line up in order Div 1 to 22, per the painted numbers on the wall.
  4. Follow our usual procedures re: sending a runner to Ms. Peters to report your class is safely out of the building


Big One at 2 PM May 2nd – Earthquake Drill:

  1. Students drop, cover and hold.
  2. After the last aftershock… students count to 60.  If another aftershock occurs, students start count over again.
  3. If 60 seconds passes and no aftershock… students get their jackets and backpacks and line up…. No talking. Listen to teacher for instructions.
  4. Teacher grabs their earthquake backpack.
  5. Teacher puts “ALL CLEAR” on doorknobs if all clear
  6. Teacher leads students out nearest safe exit.
  7. Gather on Primary gravel field per fire drill.
  8. Classes line up in order.
  9. Teacher takes attendance.
  10. Teacher gets student to hold up YELLOW division sign
  11. Teacher sends completed RED 1/2 sheet “Earthquake Emergency Status Report” up to Ms. Peters.
  12. School sets up for student release… use extended stay map procedures.



“Extended Release” replicates a situation in which staff, students and parents may be on school grounds after an earthquake for several hours/ days.   For the purposes of the drill, student release will start at 2 PM.  Release is totally optional.  Only if parents can make it, do we expect to practice releasing kids early.  No pressure!
(It’s changed from last year.  we will be in the South Staff Parking lot)

Parents enter MAPLE GROVE SITE off of 47th AVE
Parents line up according to student’s LAST name.
Only the persons on the Emergency Contact List can sign out a student
Parents and emergency contacts MUST have photo I.D.
Last year, lineups were long, we will have more staff at this station


  1. All Entrances to the school will be guarded. Access only off 47th AVE
  2. Maple Grove Greeter will be on 47th Ave
  3. Gate 1 Check-in. Provide instructions for parents.  Basically proceed to Gate 2 Student Release
  4. Gate 2 Student Release. Basically parents line up.  Get name checked. Runners go find kids on the field/division.  Runners bring students to the Student Release table and then parents and student exit the site via 47th (South side).  Through staff parking lot.
  5. Parents have the option to participate.
  6. Not all students will be picked up
  7. School is in session per usual
  8. At 2:45 pm we will end the drill… return to classes… prepare for dismissal as usual.
  9. Parents are expected to pick up at 3:00 pm like any other day.
  10. Students who were picked up early and released will be gone for the day.  They are not to be penalized in any way for not being in school at 3:00 pm.


Parent Volunteers:

In a real emergency, we may actively recruit parents to assist in whatever capacity they can.  It’s possible that we may have staff and students injured or trapped.  Recruiting parents will be done once parents have gone through Gate 1 check-in so we know who is on site.

Volunteers may be asked to help with:

Supervision, tracking, crowd control, translations, assisting students.


Volunteer Tea Garden Single Notice Blog


          THE POWER OF ART


The Art of Maple Grove Elementary 

Art show 1Art show 2Art show 3Art show 4Art show 5Art show 6

Some of our Maple Grove artists have their art currently on display at the new VSB Art Gallery at the School Board. We had our Art Show Opening on the 25 April and we were welcomed by Superintendent, Suzanne Hoffman, Associate Superintendent, Jody Langlois and Peggy Bochun, District Arts Coordinator.

We had a lovely field trip to the gallery. The students enjoyed seeing their art on display and had the opportunity to see the Reconciliation Pole that are being carved on the VSB site.

Thank you to all the students who created excellent art for the show and a special thank you to Ms. Garrod, Ms. Adams, Ms. Seebaran, Ms. Lam, Ms. Kao, Ms. Shoemaker, Ms. MacNiel and Ms. Smith for facilitating the art making and to Mr. Evans for accompanying us on our field trip.

This exhibition gives just a small taste of what will be on display at this year’s ARTelicious – Maple Grove Art Show on Thursday, 12 June. Mark this date in your calendars!! All MG students will have art on display at our own Art Show. The amazing Maple Grove teachers are facilitating wonderful art making in their classrooms.

Enjoy the photo collages of our special day!

Blueberry Bonanza Fundraiser
Wednesday May 1, 2019

The YMCA of Greater Vancouver’s Strong Kids Campaign is focused on raising much needed resources to support proven YMCA programs that give kids the opportunities they need to live healthier, happier lives now, but also to grow into productive adults. All proceeds raised will go to the Strong Kids Campaign and directly support children and families in the community.

Elevate Ultimate

For the next two weeks, Elevate Ultimate will be teaching Ultimate Frisbee to all the classes here at Maple Grove! They focus on teaching values such as sportspersonship and conflict resolution, all while improving athletes’ technical skills through small-sided and fun games.

If you want to see what the program looks like for yourself, Elevate is hosting a free demo on May 5th nearby at Granville Park. You can find all the information here.

Thank you for your support of our program. We are looking forward to “our portion” of the Magee fields being covered with kids & frisbees!!!

The future is Ultimate (36) (1)


Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

April 29 -Professional Development Day – no school for students

May 2 – “Big One” at  2:00pm

May 3 – Volunteer Tea – 10:15 to 11:00am in the Library

May 17 – Pro D – No school for Students

May 20 – Victoria Day Holiday

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April 18th Update



Good Afternoon Maple Grove families.  As we head into the Easter long weekend I’d just like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to all our families.  Whether volunteering to drive classes on field trips, or helping in the classroom with reading, or sitting on committees or helping with our hot lunch on Wed and Fri, we are lucky that you share the skill set you possess with us.  Thank you for your awesome leadership and work with our students.


Enjoy the long weekend! 
Schools are closed tomorrow, Good Friday, and Easter Monday.  Students return to school on Tuesday.


Police 002

Vancouver Police

The VPD were visiting Maple Grove Wednesday to provide Traffic Education and assistance to drivers in front of the school.   They will be returning over the next two weeks to hand out tickets for dangerous driving offences.  Please do not confuse parking from driving.  U-turns, 3-point turns stopping in no stopping zones are all considered driving offences.  Parking offences only apply to parking zones.  Consider parking a block from the school and walking your child to the building.  This will help reduce the congestion and traffic on Cypress St.  Thank you in advance for your assistance with this matter.

Destination Imagination

Dear Families,

We have some exciting news to share with our school community!  Early this year, some of our students participated in the Regional and Provincial Destination Imagination tournaments.  Destination Imagination is a leading educational nonprofit organization designed to challenge the creative minds of young students!  Maple Grove teams placed very high in both tournaments.  Mrs. Humeniuk’s Grade 7 Teams, IDIas From the Sky and Aspirational Impromptuers, who placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively, at the Provincial Tournament.  They are now heading off to the Global Finals, which will take place from May 22nd to 26th, 2019.  Our two teams will be competing against 1400 teams from more than 15 countries from around the world.  The Global Finals take place in Kansas City, Missouri.

Students from the two teams will be holding fundraisers for the next few weeks to help send our students on to the world stage!   Div 1 will be holding bake sales, popsicle sales, donut sales…

If you would like to make a monetary donation, please return it to the office in an envelope marked with “Destination Imagination”.   Donations over $25 are eligible for a tax receipt from the school board.  You need to include your name, and address.  That said, any amount would be greatly appreciated by the kids.   this is completely optional and more an FYI, than a request.   Go IDIas From the Sky and Aspirational Impromptuers!!


Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

April 19 – Good Friday Holiday

April 22 – Easter Monday Holiday

April 29 -Professional Development Day – no school for students

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April 12th Update

Early Dismissal – April 15th+17th -Student Conferences.

Please be aware that school will be dismissed at 2:00 pm on April 15th and 17th.  This is a change from our usual Wednesday/Thursday early dismissal days.  Please be sure you have made arrangements to have your child picked up at 2:00 pm on those days.


Dear Parents,

An important notice regarding amendments to the Maple Grove Elementary PAC Constitution and Bylaws, has been posted to the PAC website. We ask and encourage everyone to please follow the link below for full details.

Our PAC website does offer a Google Translate function found on the right hand side of the webpage. The goal of Google Translate is to convey the general intent of message, but please note that we do not guarantee the quality or accuracy of the translation. We do also encourage parents to have any critical documentation translated so that you can make informed decisions.

Thank you,

Your PAC Executive


有关修订Maple Grove小学家长委员会(PAC)章程和条例的重要通知已经发布在PAC网站上。我们恳请每位家长点击以下链接了解详情。 /

学校PAC网站在网页的右侧提供了谷歌(Google)翻译功能。 Google翻译的目的是让您了解文书的大意,但是我们不保证翻译的品质和准确性。我们也提请各位家长安排翻译任何重要文书,以便您做出明智的决定。

PAC 执行委员会


mg new ani date


free kick


Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

April 15 – Early Dismissal at 2pm -Student Parent Conferences

April 17 – Early Dismissal at 2pm – Student Parent Conferences

April 19 – Good Friday Holiday

April 22 – Easter Monday Holiday

April 29 -Professional Development Day – no school for students

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April 5, Update





Welcome back from Spring Break!  My words prior to the Spring Break were, “You’ve probably noticed the wood + orange plastic fencing/ tree protection barriers going up around the trees on 45th Ave and Cypress St.  That means it’s probably not long before we’ll start seeing the beginnings of site envelope fencing, etc.  I’m quite certain you can expect to see the metal perimeter fencing going up sometime after Spring Break”.  Well, what a surprise!

The contractor, Chandos Construction, has been very busy and things are moving quickly.  They are very safety conscious, and so, have insisted on high fencing to ensure a safe worksite.  There are lots of plans coming for murals on the fencing and information sessions/ teachable moments for the students.  Stay tuned.

It is our recommendation that in order for parents to avoid traffic frustration, please do not drop off on Cypress St.  Park a block away and walk to school with your child.  There will be a significant number of heavy trucks and loaders using Cypress St over the next year.  Sometimes its just less aggravating to avoid the area rather than contribute to the congestion.

We’ve had a lot of student and staff sickness at Maple Grove prior to the break.  We encourage families to adhere to the following recommendations:

1) Do not send sick children to school – they don’t feel well or function well- and they infect other kids and spread their viruses.  They can afford to miss a day or two of school if they’re really sick.

2) If your child has just been sick… make sure they’re truly feeling up to being back at school. Rationale: if your child has a compromised immune system, your child is more susceptible to being reinfected and getting sick- again!

3) That’s why it’s important for sick children to stay at home.. When children have compromised immune systems and they are exposed to other children who are sick… they get sick again.  It’s a vicious circle.

Early Dismissal – April 15th+17th -Student Conferences.

Please be aware that school will be dismissed at 2:00 pm on April 15th and 17th.  This is a change from our usual Wednesday/Thursday early dismissal days.  Please be sure you have made arrangements to have your child picked up at 2:00 pm on those days.

Ultimate Frisbee is coming to Maple Grove!

Three lessons per class. April 30 to May 13.

Ultimate frisbee is fast-paced, non-contact, and fun. The curriculum has been designed by co-founders Danie Proby (a physical education teacher in the Burnaby school district) and Ari Nitikman, who have a combined 20 years of top-level playing experience including time on Team Canada.

Ultimate for Primaries too?! Yes! They have softer discs and have designed age-appropriate frisbee games where every student (K-7) can learn, find success, and have fun. We are excited to be hosting a program in which students of all ages can participate and we view bringing in expert coaches as a valuable way to enhance our PE program.

Fee is $11.50 per child.  Watch for an email with more information.  Please pay online at



MG ANI 19.jpg

Student Achievement

Congratulations to Thailey Roberge.  Thailey has been cast as the lead in the upcoming Arts Club production of Matilda.  Thailey will be sharing the role with another girl, with alternating performances that begin mid-May through July.  Thailey has had several performing arts experiences and we wish her all the best with her latest endeavour!  Bravo!!Thailey


Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

April 15 – Early Dismissal at 2pm -Student Parent Conferences

April 17 – Early Dismissal at 2pm – Student Parent Conferences

April 19 – Good Friday Holiday

April 22 – Easter Monday Holiday

April 29 -Professional Development Day – no school for students

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March 15th Update



First day back is April 1

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Maple Grove just wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that we are still in the cold and flu season.  As such, it is important to be reminded that encouraging students to wash their hands regularly is important.  Also, do not send sick children to school.  There is a general rule of thumb in the healthcare industry that students should be at home at least 48 hours after being sick.  This is for two reasons.  Firstly, sending a sick child to school only infects other children… not to mention that the sick child is miserable and would rather be lying down resting and recovering.  Secondly, sending children to school- when they’ve just been off sick and their immune system is compromised, only increases their susceptibility to catching another virus or cold from other sick students.

One of our classes was impacted by a scenario similar to the above.  Our engineer crew (and the teacher) washed toys, manipulatives, surface areas throughout the week.  During the Spring Break, engineering staff will disinfect the room.  It is thought that the cleaning and two-week break will kill any virus living on a surface.

There have been increased reports of student illness at school.  This virus is circulating in the community at this time.

During winter months, infections are common, especially in schools during winter and early spring.  Symptoms usually include a sudden onset of nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea.  They’re uncomfortable.  People infected usually get better on their own after a few days, without treatment.  Because a virus causes these infections, antibiotics do not work.

Keep your child home from school if they become ill with the symptoms listed above. Children who fall ill during the school day will need to be sent home as soon as possible.  Children should not return to school until 48 hours after their symptoms have stopped.  These measures will help stop the spread of the virus to classmates and school staff.  Make sure your child drinks lots of clear fluids to prevent dehydration.  If symptoms last more than a few days, or are more serious, contact your family doctor.

Viruses can be contagious but not everyone who is exposed will get sick.  If children do not have any symptoms, they can go to school.

Frequent hand-washing with soap and water is very important to reducing the spread of any virus.  This should be done by students, staff, and family members at home, especially after using the bathroom, and prior to preparing or eating food.  Children should not share food or drinks with their classmates.

Additional information can be located at the following web links:

Please feel free to contact your school public health nurse or our office for further information.
Principal Evans                       Harj Johal RN(C) BScN
Maple Grove School               Public Health Nurse/Children & Youth Team
604-713-5356                          604-261-6366 ext 3339

ParticiPASSION Fun


Participassion 4Participassion 3Participassion 2Participassion 1

MG cash4clothes banner


Will you be Spring cleaning during the break? Are you looking to find somewhere to dump all of the stuff you don’t need or things that no longer spark JOY in your life? Did you miss our first drop off date or have more bags to donate? Well, the Maple Grove PAC will be doing a second drop off date after Spring Break! On Wednesday April 10th from 2:30 until 4pm, you can drop off your filled bags in the gym vestibule.

Invite your family, friends and neighbours to participate! Items can be collected in large black or green garbage bags. Alternatively, if you need bags, you can pick them up in the office!

  • Acceptable items include: used clothing, bedding, towels, shoes, purses, drapes, sewing material, craft supplies, pots & pans, dishes & glassware, toys, games and electronics.
  • The following items will NOT be accepted: books, pillows and large items.

Thank you for supporting this new fundraising initiative at Maple Grove!

Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event


March 18 to 29 – Spring Break

April 2 – Photo day for Class and Panorama Photo


April 19 – Good Friday Holiday

April 22 – Easter Monday Holiday

April 29 -Professional Development Day – no school for students



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