Friday, March 27th

principals-message  March 27th, 2020 Update

Dear Maple Grove,
By now you should have received a letter from our Superintendent of Schools, Suzanne Hoffman, and a letter from the BC Minister of Education, Rob Fleming and Andrea Sinclair, President of BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils.  These letters outline various high level aspects of what’s happening with BC Schools during these unprecedented times.

I want to speak directly to you for a moment.  I’d like to thank all the parents and families who’ve reached out to Ms. Smith and I over the past two weeks. We truly appreciate your communications and thank you for your kind wishes.

It’s reassuring to see that so many of us are practising good physical distancing yet socially connecting using technology (looking out for friends, neighbours, family and our elders).

We know and appreciate many of us didn’t have the holiday we wished for.  Many of us had plans for travel/ relax in the sun that got cancelled on that Friday (the last day of school) and instead, we’re staying at home; self-isolating; on the phone with airlines and all-inclusives trying to make arrangements to reschedule or get our money back.  We’re so sorry that things didn’t work out for all of you and that we had to make these definitive changes to our break.

I hope that each of you, despite the challenging and unsettling circumstances, was able to find some time to rest and regenerate over the spring break.  We are in for very unusual times that are going to require patience, flexibility and understanding.

Ms. Smith and I have had several online meetings with district management over the past week.  For the most part, they were preliminary planning meetings designed to guide admin through Health + Safety (H+S) issues and what communication and teaching and learning may look like over the coming weeks.

The staff a Maple Grove want our communication to be timely and transparent.  We recognize and acknowledge that these are stressful, uncertain and anxious times- but people have been resilient!  We want to assure you that while these are uncharted territories, we will do all that we can to ensure we are successful.  We will walk slow and together!

This virus has regrettably touched or impacted many of our lives, our schooling and our economy.  And it’s been extremely difficult for people, not only here in BC, but globally.  We find ourselves coming to terms with a rapidly changing world adjusting to this new temporary reality that isn’t easy; but it’s necessary!  Please understand that we don’t have all the answers… and the answers we have may become outdated due to provincial or federal directives.

I want to review the four guiding principles, outlined by the Superintendent, that will guide decision making at both the school and District level as we move forward.

  1. Ensure the health and safety of all students, staff and school communities.
  2. Implement systems and structures within our current context to ensure timely, thoughtful and transparent communication with staff, students and the broader school communities.
  3. Develop opportunities for all students and staff to stay connected to maintain a sense of belonging, value and community.
  4. Support all learners through the provision of continuous learning opportunities during the suspension of in-person classes.

** School is essentially closed.  Okay, it’s not really.  There is NO in-session teaching for students.  In other words… students do NOT come to school unless contacted by the district or the school administration.

Plan for the Week of March 30 to April 3rd.

March 30 to Apr 3

  • No Staff will be in the building.
  • Admin will be connecting with staff and discussing plans for reaching out to students in the future.
  • Staff will be provided times when they can access the school, in small numbers, to gather any materials required to enable them to work from home and plan for student leaning*.
  • All staff will be making contact with students and families
  • Plan to be developed to allow students to access the school to collect materials or belongings they require and left behind.
  • Ongoing check in with students and families to be taking place.
  • Communication of student plan to collect materials to families.
  • More information to families about plans for the following week to be sent and posted to school website.

teachers will essentially be working remotely and off site

Moving Forward

It’s hard to say what things will look like.  Discussions are underway now.  Likely BC students will continue to learn while in-school classes are cancelled.  Schools will offer at-home learning opportunities for all K-12 students online or through accommodations like course packages and telephone check-ins.

Teachers will determine what content to cover based on remaining curricular outcomes and plan tasks that are reasonable to do from home.

K-3 will likely focus on literacy and numeracy

4-6 will do the same and look for opportunities to infuse socials and science

7 will likely incorporate many of the core subject areas.

I want to close by thanking everyone in the Maple Grove community for your patience and understanding as we work through details and provide information.  Maple Grove staff want to assure you that we will always put health and safety first as we work to provide essential supports and services for our students and families.  We will follow all Public Health guidelines for any and all staff that are on-site as staff and student safety is priority number one.  Please be patient and work through your child’s teacher if you have questions.

“In-class” instruction is suspended until further notice.  In other words, the school is closed to students.  They are not allowed at school.

Thank you in advance,

Maple Grove Staff


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Spring Break Update- March 17, 2020

principals-message  March 17th, 2020 Update

Dear Maple Grove,

I truly hope that you and your family are healthy, safe and taking time to exercise social-distancing and cold etiquette/ hygiene.  There has been a lot of uncertainty, changing + evolving information, and new information over the past weeks/ days/ hours… and it exemplifies the gravity or magnitude of the situation globally, nationally, provincially and locally.

I wanted to reach out to everyone and make you aware of the following:

  1. We will be posting information and updates on this website
  2. We will send District communication directly to parents through our MyEd email
  3. The VSB will update our VSB static school website

Earlier today, the Premier and the Minister of Education spoke publicly about the situation in BC.  After, we were provided the following letter from Minister Fleming.

March 17 covid-letter MoE

We will continue to provide updates as we receive them from either the MoE or the District Office.

Please be safe.
MG Staff


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March 13

principals-messagePrincipal’s Message

Good Friday the 13th Maple Grove,
It’s been another busy day here at the best school in Vancouver.  As we embark upon a well-deserved Spring Break, we want everyone to practice kindness and safety.

Parents, if you haven’t checked your email, you have received a letter from our student records email regarding a letter from the Ministry of Education on the current state of affairs.  While things may change over the coming week(s), please be aware that at this point there are no plans to extend spring break.

BC Schools met with their staff today and outlined the content of the letter.  Please monitor local media when its time to come back to school- Monday, March 30.

On another note, schools are planning projections for September, and Maple Grove is looking rather full.  We are continuing with the understanding that the new build is on time and schedule.  More to come on this in the spring.

Thank you parents for being mindful drivers on Cypress St.  While the crazy parking and speeding continues to this day… we are ever hopeful that awareness of others and better driving habits will prevail.  Thank you to our safety patrolers who go out everyday to ensure families cross 47th + Cypress safely.


March 16 – 29 – Spring Break  – no school

March 30  – First day back at school




Congratulations to Lexi Yu, in Ms. Lam’s kindergarten class! Lexi was invited to compete in the Elite International Music competition in New York City. She won first place and performed at Carnegie Hall. Well done, Lexi!

lexi yu


Young Rembrandts Drawing Classes:

This season, students will explore the intricate details of the breathtaking Taj Mahal and, we’ll take an imaginary trip to some beautiful places to draw a cute flamingo as well as learn about the history and artistry of a kimono. Students will learn basic to intermediate drawing skills, art techniques and vocabulary using an engaging methodology that all children can succeed with. We give them skills to express their creativity, introducing them to a fascinating world of colour, pattern and design. Be prepared for a bountiful selection of drawings!

Registration link:


young rembrandts


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March 6th Update


principals-messagePrincipal’s Message

It’s that time of the year where things get very busy on the school front.  Just a quick note of congrats to our Sr. Boys and Girls Basketball teams.  Both teams made it into the March Madness playoffs… with the Sr. Boys making it all the way into the City semi-finals.  The Sr. Girls demonstrated excellent development and improved all season.  The Sr. Boys- despite being one of the smaller teams in the league- were very skilled and were undefeated until the semis (9 wins; 1 loss).  Congrats to both teams and their coaches:
Sr Girls- Justin and Jason (Magee basketball players)
Sr. Boys- Principal Evans and Noah (Magee Gr 12 Basketball player)

Maple Grove is very full these days.  We are a full school for next year as well.  There are many reasons for this… but we are over 526 students.

Maple Grove was entertained last week by “Ginger”.  Ginger is a children’s performer who came to co-host our Ready Set Learn (RSL) event.  Also present were the school nurse, our SLO and the public library librarian.  RSL is an annual event hosted by the school to educate and inform parents on literacy and school readiness for preschoolers and new kindergarten students.  Special thanks to Ms. Hales, Ms. Lam and Miss Kao for all their amazing efforts to organize the event.

Destination Imagination Regional Tournament

The Team Blue Raspberry DI-light with Amanda, Frances, Lily, Marysia, and Theunis from Div 15 won first place in their category, the Big Fix Technical Challenge, at the Destination Imagination Regional Tournament on February 29th.  Congrats to the team!

Destination Imagination


District Science Fair

Team Maple Grove is seen below at the District Science Fair on February 28th. Kate Louie, Alexandra and Jane  are with Mrs. Humeniuk at Langara College.
Kate and Alexandra have been invited to the Greater Vancouver Science Fair at UBC in April.  Congrats and good luck girls!

scince finalists


Maple Grove Pac Website (Click to enter)

upcoming event

March 16 – 27 – Spring Break  – no school

March 30  – First day back at school

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Feb.28 Update

principals-messagePrincipal’s Message

Good Afternoon Maple Grove,

Please see the Article #Build2Learn later in this blog.  There is an important opportunity for feedback/ consultation on buildings and schools.

The Senior Boys and Girls Basketball Teams are doing very well.  Both teams have qualified for the city playoffs and each has won their first playoff games.

Along with Black History Month, Kindness week and Pink Shirt Day, February brings with it another inspiring teaching and learning opportunity.  We would like to thank all the staff and students that have been preparing to celebrate the important contributions of Black Canadians to our society. During this month, we also recognize and acknowledge the resilience of Black Canadians in the face of injustice and discrimination.

We also want to acknowledge Ms. Bartlett who was our guest Music Listening presenter… she compiled several weeks worth of music and scripts for Black History month.

The grade 4 and 7 students have just completed Satisfaction Surveys on Learning opportunities at Maple Grove.  We will be sending information from the Ministry of Education for parents of gr 4 and 7 students so they have an opportunity to participate.

We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Chuck McNicholl.  Chuck has been filling in for Ms. Smith in her absence.  Chuck is a retired VP and was delighted to be back at Maple Grove.

Pink Shirt Day

Our students have discussed and created many activities and crafts for Kindness Week.


Pink Shirt Day Assembly was on Wednesday, February 26.  The staff decided to all wear PINK to support anti-bullying as well as supporting compassion, acceptance and empathy.


Pink Shirt Day



Public Engagement Begins
The Board is engaging parents to ask how we can use VSB buildings across the city for the learning of students today and in the future.  There priorities are to create modern learning spaces and ensure all students are in seismically safe schools.  Planning now with the ongoing seismic program provides an opportunity to continue to build modern classrooms that meet the needs of school communities.  Presently, half of our buildings are older than 70 years.  The Province is providing money to upgrade or build seismically safe schools for every student in Vancouver and across BC.

While we will continue to advocate for more provincial funding and the Province will cover seismic safety, this may not cover all the costs associated with building the modern learning spaces we’d like to create at VSB.  If we combine VSB money with the provincial funds, this could allow us to build more modern classrooms for the future.  To do so, we’ll have to raise money.

We’d like to understand your thoughts about envisioning modern classrooms and community spaces, and how we can raise money to build them.  VSB will host two phases of engagement – one online and one through in-person events.  Our online engagement is open between February 19, 2020, and March 11, 2020.  Please go to to provide your feedback.

This is part of the engagement process that we started in fall 2019.  Through this process, we will develop recommendations for how we can use our buildings to serve the learning needs of students today and in the future within seismically safe schools. We will report back on what we’ve heard throughout the process by the end of June 2020.



Kindergarten Immunization Clinics : March 16 – 27th

4-6 Year Old Boosters:

1. Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussis, Polio

2. Measles, Mumps, Rubella

3. Varicella

When: March 11, 16, 20, 23, 25 and 27th

Location: Pacific Spirit Community Health Centre

2110 West 43rd Avenue

Please call to book your child’s appointment at 604-261-6366.


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February 13th

aaa Important- Please Translate

Message to Parents…

Dear Parents,
Please be advised there is NO school on:

Friday, February 14th (Pro D Day)  AND
Monday, February 17th (Family Day)

Students’ first day back at school will be Tuesday, February 18th.


aaa heart 2

All of the staff would like to thank our amazing students and parents who make this community so special.  We love working with you and your children.  Thank you for the acknowledgement and appreciation.  Have a wonderful long weekend!

aaa RSL


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Feb 7th Updates

Principal’s Message

Please see the enclosed file from the BC Ministry of Health. Please note that it needs to be translated. 這是一份重要資訊 — 請找人為您翻譯. 这是一份重要信息 — 请找人为您翻译.

Letter from the BC Ministry of Health

PAC’s Message

monte carlo


It’s Time for Parents to Have Some Fun!

The Maple Grove PAC would like to announce that tickets are now on sale for the Monte Carlo Night Fundraiser! (available on or contact us at Join us for an adults-only night of silent auction, socializing, casino games, and more!

Did we mention how fabulous our SILENT AUCTION will be?!? To date, we have received over $7,000 in donations, including several very special “priceless” experiences. Check out our amazing Silent Auction items here:  and be sure to visit the school blog on Sunday for a cool Silent Auction reveal!

There is no better way to raise much needed funds for our new Maple Grove school than a fun game night out with friends and amazing food and drinks surrounded by the beautiful Van Dusen Botanical Gardens. The cherry on top will be leaving the event as a winner of one of our many incredible silent auction items. You don’t want to miss out!


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