April 21 Update

Seismic Open House

Maple Grove hosted a successful Open House on Thursday, April 13. Many VSB management and project staff were on hand, along with the design team from Shape Architecture. The event was well attended and kicked off the consultation process for the planning, design and development of the new Maple Grove.

While there’s lots of conversation to be had in the future, we thought we would share some poster board information for those parents who were not able to attend.

Track and Field

Track and field practices started early on Wednesday and Thursday this week. We are grateful for the guidance of our teacher-coaches, Ms. Wong, Ms. Humeniuk, Mr. Richard, Mr. Naipaul, and Ms. Shideler, and for the positive energy of our athletes.

Garden Club

The Maple Grove garden club has been busy designing and planning their vegetable gardens. They won all the plants from Tried and True see the announcement here:  http://tried-and-true.com/contest/


The ice cream raining clouds impressed the judges.

Garden 2017






Order Deadline: Thursday, May 4th


  • Ensure all cheques are written out to Maple Grove PAC.
  • Complete this form and enclose it in an envelope along with all cash and cheques you have received.
  • Keep a copy of the form and bring it with you on the day of pick-up.
  • Deliver your envelope to the PAC box in the school office by Thursday May 4th, no later than 3:00 pm.
  • In respect for our florist, no exceptions can be permitted.
  • Orchid orders will be available for pick-up on Friday, May 12th from 3 pm – 4 pm only.
  • Students are responsible for delivering their plants to their customers.

Student’s Name: ____________________________________________  Division: _________________

Phone #: __________________________________  Email: ___________________________________

Number of Plants: _______ _x $25.00 each = $ ______________TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED (CASH + CHEQUES)

Thank you for supporting Maple Grove Elementary School

Both myself, Lindsay Thompson, Vice-Principal and Peter Evans, Principal, would like to take this opportunity to say how much we appreciate and support the PAC in their Orchid Fundraiser.  Please support our PAC’s initiative of Cloud Books for Classrooms!  With each purchase of a beautiful orchid for $25.00, $10.44 will go back to the school for the purchase of valuable technology.  If you have any questions with regards to the fundraiser, please contact Paula Temrick,  fundraising@perspectiveshr.com.


Maple Grove – PAC Food Days Fundraiser

Hello Parents!

Want a day off from packing lunch? Give your child a special treat, while supporting your school at the same time! Between now and the end of this school year, the PAC will be hosting a SUSHI Day, a SPUD Day (smoothies and wraps) and a SUBWAY Day to help fundraise for our school.  All parents need to do is place their order online using MunchaLunch.com and pay for your order by credit card. It’s that easy!

Note: this is not to be confused with the existing hot lunch program

May 2 – SUSHI Day (order deadline April 27)  
May 12 – SUBWAY Day  
May 23 – SPUD Day (pending)  


  • Go to: munchalunch.com/schools/MapleGrove    
  • Click the “Register Here” button (as shown below). The system will guide you through.
  • After adding your children, click the green “Order Lunch!” button to order.
  • Next time, just click the “Login Here” button to access your account.


  • Online ordering will be OPEN April 20th, 2017.
  • If you need assistance with ordering, or do not have access to the internet,
    please contact Angela (angbfoote@gmail.com).

Food will be delivered to your child’s classroom before lunch hour the day of. Please note, if your child is ill on a date you have ordered food, you are welcome to come and pick up their food by 11:45am in the boys basement; otherwise please consider it a donation for a child who does not have a lunch. There will be NO REFUNDS as this is a PAC fundraiser.  We appreciate your support which provides PAC with the funds to help create an enriched learning environment for our students and teachers.

Satisfaction Survey

Help us plan for the future – tell us about your education experience. Students in Grades 4, 7, 10 and 12, their parents and all staff in B.C. public schools are invited to participate in an annual online satisfaction survey about their school experience.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete. If your school district or school has added questions, it may take longer. All responses are anonymous and confidential.

Student and staff surveys are available in English and French. Parent surveys are available in 16 additional languages.

The survey is open from January to the end of April of each year. If it’s currently available and you have your logon information, please take the survey now:

Access the Online Survey

To take the survey, you can use any computer that has:

  • Access to the Internet with basic bandwidth (56K bandwidth)
  • A web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox or Safari)
  • Basic memory (a minimum of 32MB RAM – 64MB is recommended)
  • Hard drive space (at least 40MB)

For example, even if you have no personal computer at home many public libraries will have information about the survey, and can provide access.

Students and staff must obtain a logon number from the school to access the appropriate survey. Parents can access the survey with a logon number provided by the school (automatically selects the appropriate survey for the child’s school and grade level), or without a logon number (the parent must select the child’s school and grade level in order to access the appropriate survey).

The survey can be accessed on the main logon page.

Please contact the web survey providers (AWIS) if you have technical difficulties using or accessing the online survey. If you need a logon number, please contact your school The school can provide logon information, help you find access to a computer or obtain a paper copy of the survey.


The survey covers a range of topics, providing a comprehensive picture of the educational experience in B.C. public schools. Questions were developed with input from partner groups, teachers and experts in educational measurement and special education.

Check out the standard survey questions:


Public reports of the survey data are available while the survey is in session and once the survey has closed. An interim report on parent participation by district is also available during survey administration. Reports of final results, including summaries of participation and responses by question, are posted at the end of each school year.

Schools, districts, government ministries and other external organizations such as the Representative for Children and Youth use the survey data for planning, research and advocacy work for youth. Feedback from participants provides valuable insight for addressing current needs and trends.


Destination Imagination

2nd place at the Destination Imagination BC, AB & YK Provincial Tournament!

2017 DI

Mya Hall, Aleksandra Samchuck, Eric Froese, Sophia Sullivan, Div. 15 & 16



Document Shredding Fundraiser


Magee Secondary School Mainstage presents the musical Cabaret

The Magee students have been working hard to put on the musical “Cabaret”. This musical takes place in 1930’s Germany and is full of well-known songs and wonderful dance numbers.

Tickets are available at https://www.vtixonline.com/event.php?event_id=885

The show runs April 27, 28 and May 4, 5 at 7:00 pm.


upcoming event

May 5th – Pro D Day- No School for students
– Staff working with project team and architects

Link to Maple Grove District calendar    or click the following pdf link to see our monthly school calendar.  Please note the district calendar has been revised for next year.


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April 13 Update



principals-message-1Principal’s Message

Good Afternoon,
On this last day before the Easter long weekend, it’s nice to take a moment to write to you with a couple of updates.  It’s been a busy year at MG and I’m happy to see that we’re progressing in many areas (FSA results, and seismic status) to name a few.

I want to take a moment to apprise you that I will be away from work for a couple of weeks.  Mr. Brian Anderson (a retired Principal) will be filling in for me.  Mr. Anderson has been filling in at several Vancouver schools since retiring last year, and is a seasoned administrator.  Ms. Thompson, our VP, is highly capable and is involved in a number of projects as well as the day-to-day operation of the school.  I would encourage you to contact Ms. Thompson if you have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed in a timely manner.

At a glance:

  1. 2021
    VSB Strategic Plan- This was a new initiative that was surveyed and rolled out last year.  It is essentially a road map for Vancouver schools and the district as a whole.  Vancouver schools will be searching for ways to align ourselves more to the themes of the Strategic Plan over the coming years so that schools and the district as a whole are collectively working on the key emphasis of the Strategic Plan.  More information is available at: https://www.vsb.bc.ca/vsb2021
  2. 1 new curricNew Curriculum Planning- Teachers all over the province have been attending workshops on the re-designed curriculum.  Maple Grove staff started planning last year (March 4 and April 15) and continued this year with Curricular Implementation time on Nov 10, Dec 5, Jan 30, Feb 24 and May 5 has helped meet the needs of staff to feel comfortable with the core competencies and assessment/evaluation components of the new curriculum and how it relates to their programming.
  3. 1 satisfaction surveySatisfaction Surveys- Coming in the near future.
  4. IMG_0638 Maple Grove staff have been chatting and thought that it might be nice to bring back some of our history.  These 1950’s looking gym shirts are grey with “Maple Grove” embossed on the chest.  The letters are outlined in vintage black.  These shirts are perfect spirit wear and wonderful to have for sporting events or public events.  Maple Grove kids stand out in the crowd in these cool retro shirts.  This is a pilot project and may only be offered this year.  We’re testing student response to them.  T-shirts come in kid and Adult sizing.

camp 3

Grade 6 Camp Information Meeting for Parents

Wednesday, April 19 at 3:15 in the Library

There will be a brief meeting for parents of Grade 6 students who will be attending the Sea to Sky camp June 7 to 9th.

orchid 1


Computers For Our Classrooms – An Orchid Flower Fundraiser 

To help support the purchase of computers for our classrooms, MG PAC will be launching an Orchid Flower Fundraiser next week.  For $25 you will receive a beautiful long-lasting potted orchid, just in time for Mother’s Day – Sunday May 14.  Look for posters in our school, flyers coming home and more news in our blog about how you can purchase, fundraise and help support the education of our children.   

Volunteers Needed:  Please contact Paula at fundraising@perspectiveshr.com if you are able to help out (minimum 2 hours between 11am-4:30pm) to sort orders and distributing orchids when they arrive on Friday May 12th.

Kerrisdale Community Centre

The Youth Leaders in Action program is putting on a Mother’s Day Tea at Kerrisdale Community Centre on Saturday May 13th.   It is a great way to show appreciation for all the work Mother’s/Grandmother’s do and to spend some time with family.  There will be tea, cookies, card making (for the little ones), and a little photo booth.  All ages welcome! Attached is the poster designed by our YLIA that has all the details about the event.

Mother’s Day Tea Poster

SWIS parent workshop 20170419

upcoming event
April 14 – Good Friday Holiday
April 17 – Easter Monday Holiday
May 5th – Pro D Day- No School
– Staff working with project team and architects

Link to Maple Grove District calendar    or click the following pdf link to see our monthly school calendar.  Please note the district calendar has been revised for next year.


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April 7


Maple Grove Public Traditional & Montessori School- No better Place to Learn

Embracing the New BC Curriculum’s Focus on Personalized and Student-Centred Learning

The most important innovation the new BC curriculum offers is its focus on personalization. Personalized learning strives to address each student’s needs, preferences, strengths, interests, and aspirations as part of a movement designed to promote greater student accountability and engagement in the classroom.   Undoubtedly, student-centred learning will have a profound impact on BC schools for years to come.

Maple Grove staff are a dedicated team of passionate and experienced teachers who are actively working to align our curriculum with the Ministry’s new guidelines.  We have made a concerted effort to protect the academic rigor of our program, while striving to adapt new and promising approaches to teaching and learning.  As we head into third term, I am particularly impressed by the impact that our implementation of personalized learning strategies have had on both the Traditional program and in our Montessori program.

Since September, all our intermediate and primary teachers have participated in regular meetings to review our curriculum planning and to share what is happening in our classrooms. Without exception, I have walked away from all of these meetings feeling inspired by the staff and by the stories that they share.

During the first and second term reporting period students considered the First Peoples Principle of Learning that states, “Learning ultimately supports the well-being of the self, the family, the community, the land, the spirits, and the ancestors.” They researched ancestors, who had overcome personal challenges, and presented their work at our heritage fair (just before spring break).  Many of the students I spoke with said that “Working on this project made me realize that determination runs through my family.  A lot of my ancestors never stopped until they did something great.”

Other students stated, “Although now I live in a safe country where there is little discrimination, I know that my ancestors had to work hard to make a better life for themselves and their families….”  These statements and reflections on our heritage served as timely reminders to give thanks for who we are an the diversity of our backgrounds.

Another personalized learning opportunity that is evident at MG this year, is the importance of reading as a means of developing stronger thinking and writing skills. Two yeas ago MG staff designed a framework for successful critical thinking. Throughout the year, students will be expected to select books to read stories that are aligned with their own interests, as long as the books that they choose to read possess literary merit. They will be expected to critically examine work and analyze content.

MG intends to build on these successes by extending our use of student-centred learning strategies to include discussion-based approaches to teaching and learning school-wide. Please stay tuned for more information.



Childrun poster


SUNDAY, JUNE 4th, 2017 AT 9:00 AM

Please help a great cause and join the Maple Grove Runners

to raise money for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation! 

All Maple Grove students, parents and staff are welcome to join the school team.

Start Line: Midlothian Ave & Clancy Loranger Way (by Hillcrest Community Ctr.)

Please use this link to join our School team “MAPLE GROVE RUNNERS”


or just visit the BC Children’s Hospital’s Events page


Click the “RBC Run for the Kids” icon on the right and click “Register” and follow the prompts.

NOTE: When you get to “Registration Options”

Click on “Join an Existing Team

There will be an A-Z drop-down menu so you can select

Maple Grove Runners

You can choose to do a 2km Fun Run/Walk or 5km distance.

All Maple Grove Team runners will receive a team T-shirt and if you are a KM Club member, your race km will be added to your individual KM Club tally. And if that wasn’t enough… there is a carnival celebration at the finish line.

If you can’t come out to run please consider making a donation.
upcoming event

April 13- Seismic Open House 3:00-6:00 in the library
April 14 – Good Friday Holiday
April 17 – Easter Monday Holiday
May 5th – Pro D Day- No School
– Staff working with project team and architects

Link to Maple Grove District calendar    or click the following pdf link to see our monthly school calendar.  Please note the district calendar has been revised for next year.


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March 31- Welcome Back!

principals-message  PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE

A dedication:a maple grove
Welcome back from Spring Break!  I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable time with family and friends.  The gratitude we feel for being privileged to teach your children cannot be expressed in mere words.  When we reflect on the opportunity we get everyday to work with your children, it’s truly humbling.

This week, we had reason to go back into some archives and ponder Maple Grove in its early years.  Maple Grove was commissioned in 1920, and opened in 1924.  That means that by the time we move into a new Maple Grove, the school could be about 97-100 years old.  Walking the halls and being in classrooms today, I cannot help but wonder what those early teachers and students would say, knowing there will be a new Maple Grove.  Student and staff safety is paramount, and I am happy that a new school will be built to ensure everyone will be as safe as possible.  Standing here today, so much has changed over the years.  Classes have been added, gyms built and additions piecemealed onto the original structure (take a look at the old pic of the original building).  From our early small classes to a bustling school of 500; our core purpose remains the same – providing students with a quality, thorough and comprehensive education so that they are fully engaged in their teaching and learning experience.
aa maple

The Spirit weeks, grade 7 dances, grad, PAC events and Spring Fairs have all been part of the Maple Grove experience.  Pajama days and skirts (4.25 inches above the knee) and camp have all been fond memories for many of our staff and students.  Soon, we’ll be looking back thinking those were the days!   But no matter what our memories are; it’s the people who really can’t be replaced.  So whether it was Gordon Tartan or bobby-socks, hoodies or blades, Maple Grove has found its way into each of our hearts.  The teachers are fantastic, caring conscientious individuals who work tirelessly to ensure each student has a positive, successful and engaging education.  Thank you Maple Grove for bringing this  amazing community together and for providing so many rich and wonderful opportunities for teachers and students to thrive.  Thank you for bringing together this amazing community and opening the doors to so many opportunities!


We have been informed that the road work on Cypress St is likely to continue for another week or so.  The CoV apologizes for the delay and inconvenience to parents trying to drop off/ pick up students.


Check out the following link for the lastest VSB news on the Maple Grove seismic project.  Essentially it announces that we’ve been approved for a $24.4 million replacement school that will be seismically safe.  The provincial government has approved funding for the Maple Grove Elementary school project includes replacing the existing school with a fully accessible state-of-the-art building on the same site, with enough space to welcome up to 500 students.

Official Trustee Dianne Turner joined Education Minister Mike Bernier, MLA Andrew Wilkinson, VSB Director Ellen Roberts, Associate Superintendent David Nelson and Director of Facilities Jim Meschino and senior district staff at Maple Grove this week. One group of grades 4, 5, and 6 students sang the Maple Grove school song.  Another kindergarten group sang a song to welcome spring.

Student leaders Kate Koo and Braydon Newman also spoke about the excitement of Maple Grove students in hearing they will have a new school in a few years.

The new Maple Grove Elementary will be built alongside the existing school. The school population will be able to stay together in the current building during the construction, which should begin in spring of 2019. They will all move into the building once construction of the replacement school is completed, likely in 2020.

This seismic upgrade is being undertaken through the Seismic Mitigation Program, with funding from the Province of British Columbia that helps school districts ensure our schools will keep students and staff safe in an earthquake or other emergency.

THE LINK: http://www.vsb.bc.ca/district-news/maple-grove-elementary-get-seismic-replacement-new-school

I just wanted to provide a brief outline as to some of the seismic meetings that are taking place in the next month.  Mainly to give you an idea of the collaboration and consultation that’s going on as the architects try to involve all stakeholders in the visioning process for the school.

April 13 8:00 am VSB Project Office meeting with school staff
April 13 3:00-6:00 pm Open House for all parents and community (in the library).  This is a chance for the public to share ideas, thoughts, concerns with planning staff
May 5 9:00 am -12:00 pm Architects and Project Office meet with school staff.  Later in the month a parent cohort group will meet with the planning team and discuss visions for the school.
May  TBA 9:00 am -12:00 pm Architects and Project staff workshop with students on design elements and focal points in architecture.  Students will then have a contest to suggest what their ideal school will look like.

OPEN HOUSE- April 13th   3:00 pm to 6:00 pm in the library

Please see below for details about our Open House afternoon/ evening on April 13th from 3-6pm in our school library.  This open house is your chance to provide ideas, suggestions and feedback to senior VSB staff, school admin, Project office staff and the architects.  This Open House is open for all members of the public to attend.


September 2017

We are working hard on our numbers for the next school year. Please let us know if your plans have changed and will not be returning in September.



Class group and Panorama Photographs will be taken on

April 6, 2017 – beginning at 9:00 am

Click here for the:

Maple Grove Pac Website


Summer school


Here is a great opportunity for families regarding First Nations reconciliation at UBC.  No registration necessary. (click the link)

UBC Reconciliation Pole Event

upcoming event

April 14 – Good Friday Holiday

April 17 – Easter Monday Holiday

May 5th – Pro D Day

Link to Maple Grove District calendar    or click the following pdf link to see our monthly school calendar.  Please note the district calendar has been revised for next year.


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March 3rd Update

principals-messagePRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE  

Dear Parents,
Greetings parents.  Did you see the new signage posted by the City of Vancouver around our school?  The signage is in response to trying to positively frame good parking, stopping and driving habits.   parking-signParents are now able to stop up to 3 minutes to help load/ unload their children in the morning or after school. There is still no stopping or parking directly in front of the school, but North, South and along 47th are available for stopping.  Please exercise good road sense and driving habits.

At the forefront of everyone’s mind is registration and enrollment for September 2017.  Due to the recent Supreme Court decision regarding restorative language in the teacher’s collective agreement, there are some structural changes in class size and composition allowances. Therefore all schools in BC will be revisiting their organization and number of  classes for September.  This process is taking place now as we plan for September with our enrollment projections.  As schools accommodate new class limits and compositions, it is creating delays in responding to new Kindergarten enrollments as schools struggle to get their projections right.  Please make sure you contact us if you are planning on leaving Maple Grove.  We have wait lists in most grades and both programs. We appreciate your help with this.  Thanks.

Heritage Fair!

Thank you to all the parents, visitors, guests, students and staff for their work with our annual Heritage Fair!  It was a lovely event.  There were tons of wonderful displays and informative presentations from many of our classes.  Ms. Thompson and Mr. Evans visited a number of classes and spoke to many students about their presentations.  Great Job Maple Grove.

 In February, Divisions 13, 14, 15 and 16 enjoyed a beautiful day of outdoor education beginning with an interpretive snowshoeing program and ending with tobogganning fun.




kilometer club


Walking to school I’m sure you’ve noticed some flowers poking up through the dirt and new buds on tree branches… so yes, Spring is coming! It’s the perfect time to lace up your running shoes and get moving! KM Club runs every Tue, Wed and Fri morning at 8:30 

If you didn’t join back in September, it’s not too late, you can still do so. There are sign-up sheets available at the KM Club table. (Note: all students do need a parent’s permission to join.)

PLEASE REMEMBER to sign in each time you attend so we can track your mileage! We encourage everyone to do at least 1km per day, but you are more than welcome to do 2 or 3 km if there is time. NOTE: We do stop the sign-ins at 8:45 as we need to give our Student Volunteers time to get organized for class after the last runners have completed the course.

If you run 15km or more by June you will be invited to an excellent end-of-year KM Club Pizza Party.


Please help a great cause and join the Maple Grove Runners to raise money for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

All Maple Grove students, parents and staff are welcome to join the school team for this year’s “RBC Race for the Kids” happening

SUNDAY, JUNE 4th, 2017 AT 9:00 AM

Start Line: Midlothian Ave & Clancy Loranger Way (by Hillcrest Community Ctr.)

Please use this link to join our School team “MAPLE GROVE RUNNERS”


or just visit the BC Children’s Hospital’s Events page for “RBC Run for the Kids” and click “Register” and follow the prompts.

When you get to “Registration Options” Click  on “Join an Existing Team”

There will be an A-Z drop-down menu so you can select “Maple Grove Runners

You can choose to do a 2km Fun Run/Walk or 5km distance.

All Maple Grove Team runners will receive a team T-shirt and if you are a KM Club member, your race km will be added to your individual KM Club tally. 

And if that wasn’t enough… there is a carnival celebration at the finish line.

If you can’t come out to run please consider making a donation.

Click here for the:

Maple Grove Pac Website

upcoming event

March 8th – Early Dismissal at 2:00 pm – Parent Teacher Conferences

March 9th – Early Dismissal at 2:00 pm – Parent Teacher Conferences

Spring Break – March 13th to the 24th

Link to Maple Grove District calendar    or click the following pdf link to see our monthly school calendar


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February 10th Update


Monday February 13th is a Holiday!  Enjoy the long weekend!


from the Lunar New Year Celebration!


The winning number is 2335543

You will need the winning ticket to claim your prize but it is in the office with Mrs. Peters when you (hopefully) find your ticket!

Volunteers needed ….just 2, little ones.

  1. We are looking for a Laminator extraordinaire! We have the technology we just need some one with a few hours to laminate like no body’s watching. Except we’ll get you a tutorial on how to do it before nobody is watching! Email Galen or Karrie with a yes please 🙂
  2. We need a second volunteer to take the lead on the next round of the Fresh to You Veggie Fundraiser. If this is you (and how could it not be?!?!) please let us know ASAP




Some Snowy Fun at Maple Grove

(Thanks Ms Chester for the photos)




Click here for the:

Maple Grove Pac Website

upcoming event


February 13 – Family Day Holiday

February 24 – Professional Development Day – No School for Students

Link to Maple Grove District calendar    or click the following pdf link to see our monthly school calendar


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Snow Today

Dear Parents,
In an effort to be helpful, we remind you to listen to local media outlets (TV or radio) for updates. CBC 690; News 1130 or City TV or Global.

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