June 26th Update

Have a great summer

Dear Maple Grove Families:

I want to wish you a most wonderful summer, and to say goodbye. I keep saying to myself “don’t cry because it’s over, be happy that it happened”. The last five and half years seem almost like a dream. They went so smoothly, and for me this work as Principal at Maple Grove has been most fulfilling. It has been an honour for me to work and lead a community with the same vision of school as a place of joy and learning. Thank you all for your support, and I wish everyone a wonderful future.

“May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back, and the sun shine warm upon your face, may the rain fall softly on your fields, and until we meet again, may god hold you in the hollow of his hand.”    An Irish Blessing

Warm regards, Stephanie

Dear Parents,

We wish you a lovely, relaxing, safe, sunshine and laughter filled summer holiday.

We look forward to welcoming you and new families joining the Maple Grove School community in September. Until then, may your days be filled with homemade lemonade, running through sprinklers, picnics in the park, fun and adventure!

Best wishes,

Monica Tang & Allison Arato

PAC Co-Chairs


                       For Hard Work and Citizenship

Adam Mong

Alex Chen

Alex Yang

Amolak Rhandawa

Andy Dang

Ann Liu

Anna Lu

Anthony Leong

Areeb Meher

Arthur Yang

Bella Chan

Ben Marlow

Brayden Newman

Carlo Santos

Cassidy Tran

Cathy Zhang

Chloe Pang

Chloe Yung

Corris To

Dana Aldave

Dang Nguyen

Daniel Rocha Zandbergen

Daniel Wang

Diya Haq

Donald Chen

Elaine Zhang

Elena Leung

Emily Leung

Emma Everson

Eric Ou

Eric Sun

Erin Ma

Ethan Hansen

Grace Lin

Gurleen Purewal

Hannah Chang

Henry Wang

Hitoki Nakajo

Hoa Tran

Jackson Wen

Jacob Everson

Jacqueline Nguyen

Jessica Kuerbig

Jessica Zhou

Joanne Pan

Jonah Bogart

Jonathan Eng

Jordan Llorente

Julia Oprea

Kaitlyn Gee

Kamilla Rojas Serrano

Karl Pan

Karl Wong

Kate Koo

Katherine Huang

KeRen Shi

Kevin Lee

Kianna Lacasse-Watanabe

Kitty Lin

Lauren Tang

Lucia Yang

Mack Lee

Maitreya Wall-McManus

Mandalay Roberge

Maria Li

Marisa Lowe

Marypaz Pulford

Maslin Kim

Medina Wardman

Megan Ng

Megan West

Michelle Wang

Michelle Wu

Mio Nakajo

Mitchell Yuen

Mizuki Kai

Nahira Gerster-Sim

Natalie Yee

Nathan Yee

Nathaniel Leung

Nenad Mitic

Nicholas Ho

Nicholas Kuan

Nickolas Zhang

Nicole Chuy

Nika Zondag

Oriana Lee

Owen Louie

Rachael Lowe

Reilen Millar

Renee Gao

Ryan Lee

Sam Jeong

Sama Ahmad

Sanja Katic

Sarah Tomlinson

Siriane Maume

Sophie Tang

Stephen Lin

Valerie Wong

Vicky Yan

Vijay Kuo

Vivian Chen

Yu Matsumoto

Zoe Wang

IMG_4868 IMG_4867 IMG_4876 IMG_4861

Thank you to all the children who wrote me messages, gave me hugs at the assembly or in the hallway, made speeches and videos and sang songs. You are all wonderful and I hope that we will meet again. Ms Sellars


September 8    Welcome back   Grades 1 – 7  Dismissal at 10:00 am

Please let us know if you will be late returning so that we can count you in.

                                                          Kindergarten students will be contacted by their teachers regarding the gradual entry schedule.

September 9     First full day of school. Dismissal at 3:00 pm

September 16    Meet the Teacher – Social and Barbecue

September 18     Terry Fox Run

September 22      Outdoor Day

September 30      Parent Conferences – Early Dismissal at 2:00

October 1               Parent Conferences – Early Dismissal at 2:00

October 2               Professional Development Day. No school for students

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June 19 Update

Sports Day Fun

Sports day 1 Sports day 2 sports day 3IMG_1570

 Lost and Found

Lost and Found 2

Lost and found items will not be kept at the school over the summer.  We will be donating them to a charity.  Please have a look at the items on the tables outside the Library in case any of the many sweaters, jackets, lunch boxes, etc. belong to your family.

Art Gala


Thank you to all those who were able to attend the PAC AGM last night.  We are pleased to introduce the PAC Executive for 2015 – 2016:




Monica Tang

Vice Chair

Allison Arato


Galen Hutcheson


Gurprit Mann


Karrie Bogart

If you are interested in any of the following areas, please contact Monica (monicaktang@gmail.com) or Allison (allison.arato@shaw.ca) and we will contact you over the summer so that you are all set for September!

DPAC representative


Hot Lunch 

Movie Night 

Halloween Bingo

School Raffle

Spring Fair 

Parent Education–Traditional

Parent Education–Montessori

Direct Mail Fundraising Campaign

Volunteer Training

Community BBQ/potluck events

The PAC Executive would like to extend a sincere thank you to every parent who contributed to our community by making a financial donation, taking time to volunteer in the school, helping at special events, attending PAC meetings, providing delicious treats, or helping in any other way.  We are truly better together!

Monica Tang & Allison Arato, PAC Co-Chairs

Upcoming Events

June 21 – Father’s Day

June 22 – Grade 7 Celebration and Farewell

June 23 – Primary Picnic June 25 – Grade 7 Field Trip

June 25 – Last Day of Classes – Reports go home.

(Please remember to give the office a self-addressed stamped envelope if your child will not be at school on the last day.  We will mail the report card to you.)

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 June 12th Update

sports daySports Day

Sports Day is on Friday, June 19th.  Students need to arrive in their classrooms on this day at 8:30am and all students will be dismissed at 1:30 pm.  This year, our Sports Day theme is Disney Movies.  Students will rotate through 10 stations – each with a Disney movie theme.  Some of the stations are: Pirates of the Carribean, Don’t Let it Go, and Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride.  Make sure to slap on some sunscreen before coming to school and to wear running shoes and a hat. Students are encouraged to wear their team colours (their teacher can tell them which colour to wear) or to dress up in a costume (but make sure it is one that allows your child to run around). Parents are invited to attend as spectators.  We will begin in the gym where among other things, we will also have a race for pre-schoolers so if you have a youngster, feel free to enter them in the race.

report card

Report Cards

Report cards will be distributed on June 25, the last day of class.  If you are leaving early, please supply the office with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and we will mail the report card to you.  You may also write us a note to allow someone else to pick up the report card for you.  Any report cards that are not picked up or mailed will be kept in the office for you to collect in September.

Global Citizenship Club

Global citizenship The Global Citizenship Club has worked very hard this year to raise $1,600 for charities in Vancouver and around the world. We also collected 650 lbs of food for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Our club is dedicated to making the world a safer, happier and healthier place. We also promote student leadership and youth empowerment. This year, our members organized food drives and made hampers for local families in need. We also raised funds to help build a health care centre in the Amazon region of Ecuador. A special thank you to all of the families who baked for our “We Bake for Change” campaigns. We would also like to acknowledge all of the support we have received from our Maple Grove community. Together we can “be the change” that makes the world a better place. The final Global Citizenship Club meeting will be on Thursday, June 18th. All participating members should come to Ms Lam’s room at recess on Thursday. If you would like to join us next year, Mrs. Peters and Ms Lam would love to see you at our meetings in September.

Grade 6 Camp




camp4 camp5

 United for a Cure Popsicle Fundraiser

Maple Grove United for a Cure team popsicle fundraiser_2015 Thank You, Maple Grove Community! A very big, heartfelt thank you to our Maple Grove community for supporting Division 13’s United for a Cure Team at their popsicle sale this week. The fundraiser was a big success! The team raised $750 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s 2015 Walk for a Cure for Type 1 diabetes. Your generous support will help all of those in BC–many of them children–who live with Type 1 diabetes. We have a very special, caring community here at Maple Grove.

Talent Show

The annual primary talent show was a great success. Students loved watching the performances which included gymnastics, dance, instrumental performances and singing. Thank you to Mrs. Prodan for organizing. The intermediate talent show will be this afternoon.       

     PAC PAC Annual General Meeting Reminder to all parents, please attend your PAC AGM on Thursday, June 18th at 7PM in the library! PAC executive elections and passage of next year’s budget on the agenda, as well as a review of the past school year. Free babysitting and light refreshments provided.  Our new principal, Mr. Peter Evans will be coming so please come to the PAC meeting if would like to meet him. See you then!

Upcoming Events

June 15 – Art Gala – in the gym.  Parents are welcome to visit from 1:15 to 2:45 and from 3:15 to 4:30.

June 18 – PAC Annual General Meeting – 7pm in the Library

June 19 – Sports Day – Students come to school at 8:30 am. Dismissal at 1:30 pm

June 21 – Father’s Day

June 22 – Grade 7  Celebration and Farewell

June 23 – Primary Picnic June 25 – Grade 7 Field Trip

June 25 – Last Day of Classes

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June 5th Update

Ms Sellars

Dear Maple Grove Families

I want to let you know that I will be retiring at the end of  August which means I will not be back at Maple Grove in September. 

It will be difficult for me to leave such a wonderful community that has come to be home for me. Every day it has been a pleasure to come to a school in which I take such pride. Maple Grove is a wonderful place: parents, students and staff. I shall miss your morning greetings and smiles, the sound of children’s laughter on the playground, their hugs and waves as I walk through the school. I shall miss watching the band play, the musical, our early morning runners, the Winter Concert, those crazy costumes at Hallowe’en, the fun at Spring Fair, all those wonderful projects, the incredible art on the walls, the poetry, the sports teams and so much more. I have been so glad to be in a school where democracy has been important as shown by our active student council, and where giving to others through the Global Citizenship Club or service to the school has been seen as a responsibility, not an option. Maple Grove has a wonderful staff in all areas from office to classroom and from library to boiler room. Their energy, enthusiasm and devotion to teaching children and caring for them has been an inspiration.

Thank you parents for all your wonderful support, for your understanding of the challenges, and for your willingness to help in so many different ways. I shall miss those Friday morning goodies and chats in the library.

The new Principal will be Mr. Peter Evans and I will try to arrange for him to meet you soon. I expect him to attend the next PAC meeting and this will be a wonderful opportunity to meet him.

My very best wishes go to all of you.    I shall look forward to those last few Friday coffee mornings.

Warm Regards



Message from PAC

Dear Parents:

As you will have read above, our fearless leader is retiring!!

Ms. Sellars has been such a force for good in our school. Her knowledge in both Traditional and Montessori schooling is well informed, her experience in dealing with parents, teachers, students and administration is strong, and her thoughtful approach and collaborative nature have been unparalleled.

Though we know this is the best decision for her, we will miss her terribly!

Ms. Sellars, we wish you a healthy, happy, and well deserved retirement! Our deep appreciation and gratitude for all that you have done. Thank you for the tremendous positive impact you have made. Maple Grove is so much better for your having been a part of it. We hope that you will come back to visit!

Our warmest wishes,

Monica Tang & Allison Arato, PAC Co-Chairs

 Genius Hour

For the last six Tuesday afternoons we have been having a period of time dedicated to encouraging students to make choices and follow their own interests. This time has been most interesting as we have seen students explore a wide variety of interests and also gain ideas from each other about what they might do. While some students are still learning to use this time productively, these are the students who probably most need this opportunity to explore their own interests. It is important to respect and validate the interests of students so that they learn to have confidence in making choices. Those choices may not seem good to us, but we can guide students. Among good memories I have of these afternoons is helping a primary student who wanted to learn to shoot goals, watching a student on her roller blades, seeing some wonderful models being built, listening to students together composing on the piano, students playing the guitar or cello, learning chess, origami or doing more traditional projects.

Maple Grove Library

All Library books are now overdue. Please help by searching high and low for missing books and please be on the lookout for some that might not have been on any overdue list but students still might have at home.

Linda Tornroos, Teacher-Librarian

summer reading club

Summer Reading Club 2015: Build It!

Get ready to have fun all season long with free summer programs for kids and families at the Vancouver Public Library. Build your story, build your imagination and build for fun!

Kids can sign-up for free at their nearest VPL branch starting June 19 until the end of the summer. Once registered, club members can attend free events and earn a 2015 Summer Reading Club medal by reading for at least 15 minutes a day for 50 days. Visit your local branch for details or check out the schedule for programs, locations and dates.


Child Run

Thank You to the Maple Grove Community!

The 30th annual ChildRun raised $1 million for BC Children’s Hospital and set a record for attendance, with 6,910 participants. 65 members of the Maple Grove community that participated in this event and as a school we raised a total of $4,742.00.  Congratulations!

Mark your calendars!

Next year the ChildRun will take place on June 5, 2016.

walk to cure diabetes


Reilen Millar and his United for a Cure teammates in Division 13 are holding a popsicle sale at lunchtime Tuesday June 9 to raise funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Walk for a Cure. Reilen has Type 1 diabetes and is a Youth Ambassador for JDRF. He’s participating with some of his classmates in the JDRF Walk on June 14. Bring your twoonies next Tuesday so you can cool off with a popsicle on a hot, sunny day and contribute to a good cause at the same time! All proceeds go to JDRF.

Grade 7 Grad

Grade 7 Parents: It’s coming up in less than 3 weeks!  Invitations for your grad’s ceremony has been sent home earlier this week.  Please note RSVP & ticket order due date of Tuesday, June 9th.  Tickets will be issued in the RSVP envelope as per your order.  Your timely response is greatly appreciated. Grad Committee 2015

BC Lion’s School Offer

As part of the VSBs continued support and collaboration with the BC Lions, the BC Lions would like schools to share their discounted family ticket offer with school communities. In the past, each school had received a bundle of promotional vouchers to share amongst the school community. In an effort to go ‘green’, they have provided the voucher as a printable PDF, or it can also just be used as an E-voucher at the gate on match day.

BC Lions 2015_School_Offer

Lost and Found 1

Lost and Found 2

Lost and Found

Recognize anything?  We’ll be donating the items in the Lost and Found to a charity at the end of June.  Unfortunately we cannot keep them over the summer.  Please have your child check to see if anything belongs to them.

Summer Drawing Camp with Young Rembrandt’s

Details here:  Summer Camps-COLOr-2015



Upcoming Events

June  10  Band and Choir Performance

June 11 – Primary Talent Show

June 12 – Intermediate Talent Show

June 15 – Art Gala

June 18 – PAC Annual General Meeting – 7pm in the Library

June 19 – Sports Day – Students come to school at 8:30 am. Dismissal at 1:30 pm

June 21 – Father’s Day

June 22 – Grade 7 Celebration and Farewell

June 23 – Primary Picnic

June 25 – Grade 7 Field Trip

June 25 – Last Day of Classes

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May 29th Update


Monday is a Professional Development Day – No school for students.

Enjoy the long weekend.

Spring Fair

IMG_1396 IMG_1397  IMG_1399

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Spring Festival last week! This is such a fantastic school event both for the fun and games, and for the money raised to support school programs, and your participation is what makes it successful!.

An extra special Thank You to Tim Luu, who has led the planning and organizing for many years now–this event would not happen without your dedication.  And special recognition to all the student and parent volunteers who worked diligently behind the scenes and on the big day itself to set-up, run, and clean-up from the event itself.  It was a big job and your good work made it all possible.

With much appreciation,

Monica Tang & Allison Arato

PAC Co-Chairs

Bike to School Week

Over 30 people (staff and students) signed up for Bike to Work Week. Thank you to all those who participated. Students have been enjoying checking in and adding a sticker to the poster. We’re so proud of the dedicated riders.
Bike to School

School Fees for 2015 2016

Schools Fees for 2015 2016

Track Team 2015

Track Team 2015


PAC AGM is on Thursday, June 18th at 7pm in the Library! Please join your outgoing PAC executive with a review of the year! There is also an open call for nominees for the following positions:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • DPAC (District Parent Advisory Council) Rep
  • Fundraising Coordinator

Join the PAC Executive and help keep Maple Grove at its best for all our kids! If you have any questions about the duties of these positions please email allison.arato@shaw.ca

Upcoming Events

June 1 – Professional Development Day – No School for Students

June 3, 4, & 5 – Grade 6 Camp

June 11 – Primary Talent Show

June 12 – Intermediate Talent Show

June 15 – Art Gala

June 18 – PAC Annual General Meeting – 7pm in the Library

June 19 – Sports Day – Students come to school at 8:30 am. Dismissal at 1:30 pm

June 21 – Father’s Day

June 22 – Grade 7 Celebration and Farewell

June 23 – Primary Picnic

June 25 – Grade 7 Field Trip

June 25 – Last Day of Classes

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  May 22nd Update

spring festival


See you there!

 Bike to School Week May 25 to 29

Don’t forget to bring your bike locks.  Come and see Mrs. Peters in the office before 9:00 am to register your ride.

Student Council

For the past few months Maple Grove’s Student Council has been raising money to put towards the purchase of a storage unit and gym equipment. The PAC also provided funds towards this purchase. This equipment will be lent out at lunch times to any students who would like to borrow a ball or a skipping rope to play with. The Student Council is very excited about the purchase and will begin lending out gym equipment on Monday at lunchtime.

BC Children’s Hospital ChildRun

The Annual BC Children’s Hospital Foundation ChildRun is Sunday, May 31, 2015.     Join the fight against childhood cancer by joining the Maple Grove Elementary School ChildRun Team. The run takes place on Sunday, May 31, 2015 and it’s the largest family fun run in Vancouver! The Maple Grove team currently has 57 participants and so far has raised $3,427.00. There is still time to register on-line at childrun.com.

Please see Sue Belliveau in room 106 if you have any questions or email her at sbelliveau@vsb.bc.ca.

Changes to Band Program Option September 2015

The district has been providing additional staffing to Maple Grove for a band program option to students in grades 6-7. As part of the budget planning process for 2015-16 the Board of Education approved the following changes in order to reduce the additional operating costs, while maintaining this valued program option for students.

As of September 2015 students in grades 6-7 at Maple Grove will have the option of participating in the band program. The monthly participation fee will be $5.00 monthly for an annual fee of $50.00. We are pleased to be able to maintain this program option for students.


Have you heard about this? When people have a growth mindset they believe that they can develop their abilities through dedication and hard work. Come to the PAC Meeting on Thurssday at 7:00 pm to learn how you can help your child develop a growth mindset. Our own Lori Prodan will be presenting.growth Mindset

Trip to Seattle

Students in Diuvision 13 and Division 1 joined with students from Tyee to go to Seattle for the Pompeii exhibition. It was a wonderful trip.

Our Trip to Seattle

By Areeb Meher

On May 12th, students from Mr. Munk’s and Ms. Burghall’s classes went on a trip to Seattle to see the Pompeii Exhibit, a display of Roman artifacts from 79 A.D. It was amazing to see how life and society were so different back then. There was also an amazing eruption theater simulator. The fog machine created realistic smoke effects and made you feel like you were there. The classes then saw an Imax film on a volcanic eruption in Ancient Greece similar to the one in Pompeii. The film was a good way to explain many secrets, legends, and mysteries that were unexplained and how archeologists piece things together. We were then given the chance to explore around the Pacific Science Center and see the permanent exhibits. After eating dinner, we headed back to Vancouver. Everyone seemed tired but happy. I would like to thank all the staff and parent volunteers who came on the trip. Before I finish, I would like to repeat something Mr. Munk says, “You could read from a textbook all you want, but to truly understand, you have to get out there and explore.”

Pompeii 1 pompeii 2 pompeii 3 pompeii 4


We will be having our annual talent show on June 11 and 12.  Please sign up in the office if you are interested. We are looking for variety. Just a reminder that while you can sing popular songs you may not have recorded music with a singer and it may not be too long. You are encouraged to get together with a friend and maybe have a piano accompaniment.

IMG_1390 Division 10 and 12 sing the school song to welcome new students coming in September.

Upcoming Events

May 22 – Spring Festival

May 22 – Welcome to New Students 10:00 am

May 26 – District Track Meet

May 28 – PAC meeting. Presentation by Lori Prodan, Learning Resource Teacher has prepared a presentation about How to Develop a Growth Mind Set in Children. This will be a very interesting presentation.

May 29 – Welcome to Kindergarten – 10:00 am

June 1 – Professional Development Day – No School for Students

June 3, 4, & 5 – Grade 6 Camp

June 11 – Primary Talent Show

June 12 – Intermediate Talent Show

June 15 – Art Gala

June 19 – Sports Day – Students come to school at 8:30 am. Dismissal at 1:30 pm

June 21 – Father’s Day

June 22 – Grade 7 Celebration and Farewell

June 23 – Primary Picnic

June 25 – Grade 7 Field Trip

June 25 – Last Day of Classes

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May 15th Update

Band performance


I was very proud of our Maple Grove students who played at this event last Thursday. They truly played beautifully and I was very proud of them.


Yesterday our students shared their beautiful projects at the Vancouver Regional Heritage Fair. Some of them are featured below. This use of Project Based Learning to address Critical Questions is one of the new directions we are taking at Maple Grove. The students certainly learn a great deal from determining a question and then researching it. Many skills are developed including writing and oral language.

Vancouver Regional Heritage Fair Participants

Sanja Katic, Samuel Che, Hanna Chang, Areeb Meher, Kianna Lacasse-Watanabe, Valerie Wong, Megan Ng, Braydon Newman, Marisa Lowe, Gurleen Purewal, Max Ng, Solaina Dosanjh, Isabella Parker, Kenzie Mah, Emma Everson, Ben Marlow, Hoa Tran, Stephen Lin, Rachel Lowe, Jonah Bogart, Nicholas Cao, Nahira Gerster-Sim

hist10 Hist11 Histss

hist1 hist2 hist3 hist4 hist5 hist6 Hist8 Hist9 hist10

 Calendar for 2015 – 2016 School Year:

2015 2016 Calendar


Students are enjoying participating in the Track and Field extra curricular program. Thank you to Ms. Wong, Ms Shideler and Ms Humeniuk for all their work in coaching them.


2015-05-19 Popsicle SaleOUR STUDENTS SHINE
Jensen & Parissa showing their Gold Awards in Piano (Gr. 6 & 4) from the BC Conservatory of Music May Festival.  Jensen also was a class winner in the festival.  Many thanks to their teacher, Krstyna Tucka at the Vancouver Academy of Music, and all others who helped them in their endeavours to make this possible!

J&P Yee


Students in Division 16 very much enjoyed the camp experience at Stave Lake. Many of them were tenting or even away from home for the first time. However, they enjoyed it and I understand learned a great deal about being independent, cooking for themselves as well as learning about ecological stewardship.

Seattle 2Seattle 1

Upcoming Events

May 15, 19, 20 – Meetings to prepare for Spring Festival

May 18 – Victoria Day Holiday

May 22 – Spring Festival

May 22 – Welcome to New Students 10:00 am

May 26 – District Track Meet

May 28 – PAC meeting. Presentation by Lori Prodan, Learning Resource Teacher has prepared a presentation about How to Develop a Growth Mind Set in Children. This will be a very interesting presentation.

May 29 – Welcome to Kindergarten – 10:00 am

June 1 – Professional Development Day – No School for Students

June 3, 4, & 5 – Grade 6 Camp

June 19 – Sports Day

June 21 – Father’s Day

June 22 – Grade 7 Celebration and Farewell

June 23 – Primary Picnic

June 24 – Awards and Service Assembly

June 25 – Grade 7 Field Trip

June 25 – Last Day of Classes

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