November 27th Update


Principal’s Message

Dear Maple Grove Families,

As we head into this weekend many of the staff will be staring thoughtfully at their computer screens thinking of their students and writing report cards that, hopefully, reflect your child’s school experience at Maple Grove.  This was a busy first Term.  This is just a heads up for parents so you’ll know what to expect over the coming weeks.

The Province of BC, Ministry of Education (MoE) requires that parents receive three formal written reports (roughly December, March and June) which follow the requirements set out in provincial legislation.  This rule applies to all elementary and secondary school programs in BC.  There will also be at least two informal reports through meetings (these take the form of Goal Setting Conferences (occurred in Oct) and Student-Led Conferences (scheduled for March 8+9).

Written reports include a description of the student’s academic progress and a description of the student’s behaviour, including information on attitudes, work habits, effort and social responsibility. According to the expected learning outcomes of each curriculum, reports must clearly describe: (a) what the student is able to do, (b) the areas in which the student requires further attention or development, and (c) ways of supporting the student in his/her learning.  Parents occasionally request additional letters or certificates about their child’s schooling, but in British Columbia report cards are the official record.  Report cards are not issued according to our annual calendar, if students are absent when report cards are issued the reports will be available when the child returns to school.  The MoE and the Vancouver School Board (VSB) set the frequency of reporting for different subjects.  Not all subjects are reported each term.  This is standard practice throughout the province.

English Second Language Learners, Special Needs students and other students who receive additional learning support and curriculum adjustment who meet the prescribed curriculum learning outcomes will receive regular letter grades. When it is determined that a student is not capable of achieving the learning outcomes or when substantial curriculum modification is necessary the use of letter grades and percentages for reporting is not appropriate, Individual and Group Education Plans (IEP’s) as well as VSB ESL Reports will be used to describe the program and progress for these students.  Furthermore, a student may receive and asterisk as a mark for the term where one would normally expect to see a letter grade.

I hope this is helpful information.  I will be adding more information in the coming blogs.


donation boxfriends like you

Holiday Hampers

The collection period goes on until December 8th.  The best items to contribute are non-perishable foods, toiletries, treats and small gifts.  Our twelve families are mostly single parent families, with a total of 10 girls, aged 4 to 12  and four boys, aged 8 to 12.  We are also hoping to collect $2.00 from each Maple Grove student to go towards the purchase of a grocery store gift certificate for each family.

Please be sure to check the expiry date of the food item before donating, and make sure your items have not been opened.  Thank you Maple Grove families!   The twelve families will have a much happier holiday season because of your generosity.


Pj day 2015

Pajama Day 2015 – We were all nice and cozy on a cold day

holiday concert

Holiday Concert – December 17th

Watch for your invitation to the Holiday Concert.  There will be two performances – 1:15 Matinee and 6:30 Evening.  Each Family is guaranteed two tickets.  The tickets are $5.00 each.  You must have a ticket to attend either performance.  The deadline to get your ticket order in is December 4th.  We’ll be selling any extra tickets from the office starting December 11th.

Upcoming Events

December 9th -Christmas Craft Day for Primary Students
December 4th – Deadline to order tickets to the Winter Concert
December 8th – Last day to contribute to the Holiday Hamper fund.
December 11th – Any extra tickets for the Winter Concert will be available for purchase from the office
December 16th – PAC Meeting
December 17th – Raffle (PAC)
December 17th – 1:15pm and 6:30 pm Winter Concert
December 18th – Reports Go Home
December 21st to January 1st – Winter Holiday
January 4th – School Reopens

March 4th and April 15 – see translated letter below regarding two new professional development days for 2015 – 2016

Curriculum Implementation Professional Development Days

This letter was sent home to parents in last week’s blog.  At that time, we only had an English version.  We have subsequently received a translation in Traditional Chinese (繁體中文):  We have included both for your reference.


多年來,卑斯省教育廳、學校管理層及教師協力設定一個新的幼稚園至十二年級綜合課程。 時至現在, 幼稚園至九年級新的課程正在省內試行, 而十至十二年級的新課程將會在2016年9月可供試行。 本年初秋, 教育廳及卑斯省教師聯會 (BCTF) 宣佈一份支持長遠推行新課程的計劃, 其中要求各學區在2015-2016 學年內增設兩天的課程推行準備時間, 讓老師們更熟悉新課程及計劃來年的全面執行。


三月四日星期五 及 四月十五日星期五 


我們很高興在新課程的轉接期間, 老師有額外時間致力在這重要工作上, 以求為貴子女提供更好的教育。


Simplified Chinese (简体中文)


多年来,卑斯省教育厅、学校管理层及教师协力设定一个新的幼儿班至十二年级综合课程。现在幼儿班至九年级新的课程正在省内试行,而十至十二年级的新课程将会在2016年9月试行。本年初秋,教育厅及卑斯省教师联会(BCTF)宣布一份支持长远推行新课程的计划,其中要求各学区在2015-2016 学年内增设两天的课程推行准备时间,让老师更熟悉新课程及计划来年的全面执行。


三月四日(星期五) 和 四月十五日(星期五)




For Parents,

As you may know, a new comprehensive curriculum for the K-12 system is being developed in BC. This work has been years in the making with teachers, administrators and the Ministry of Education involved in its development. At the present time, the curriculum for students in Grades K-9 is being piloted throughout the province. New curriculum for students in Grades 10-12 will be available for piloting in September 2016.

Earlier this fall the Ministry of Education and the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) announced a plan to support the ongoing implementation of the new curriculum. As part of this plan, districts have been asked to add two days of curriculum implementation time during the 2015-2016 school year. This time will be provided for teachers to continue to familiarize themselves with the new curriculum and to plan for its full implementation in the coming years.

In Vancouver, the following two days have been selected as our local non-instructional days for curriculum implementation:

Friday, March 4 and Friday April 15

Schools will not be in session for students on these two days.

We are pleased that teachers have been given this additional time to spend on this important work to serve your children better as we transition to the new curriculum.

Please contact your principal if you have any questions.


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Nov 20-Update

principals-message-1PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE

Dear Parents,
There is some important information regarding new BC Curriculum in this blog.  Please make sure you read this posting completely as there is a change to your calendar dates regarding two NEW Pro D days ADDED by the Ministry of Education.  We have highlighted these in RED.  We will be publishing a revised School Calendar shortly, updating our school blog calendar links and emailing each parent to ensure our school community is apprised of the revision.  Thank you for your understanding.  These events were outside of our control.

On a more somber note, I was asked by several parents this week, if I would post the speech I gave at our Remembrance Day Assembly, on Tuesday November 10th at 11:00 am.  Apparently there are a number of parents who were unable to attend, but heard that the speech resonated with those in attendance, and some of those parents have asked that I share the speech in the blog.  While I don’t normally include speeches in newsletters and blogs, I’m flattered and in an effort to reach out to those who were not present to hear it, please enjoy this excerpt:

“Good Morning Parents, Staff, special Guests and Students,
This week, this morning, and in fact tomorrow, we find ourselves in a season of remembrance.  Sadly, in the year since we last gathered here, more Canadian military personnel are among the men and women killed in wars, conflicts and violent acts all over the world.

And as the the grey skies of November are upon us, and darkness comes calling ever so earlier in the afternoon now, and wind and rain seem to be relentless against our windows and doors, the leaves fall, and with them, our hearts into a time of remembering.  We remember autumns past and stop to remember loved ones no longer with us.  These days of November are indeed a time for remembering.

The poppy has become the symbol of Remembrance Day, and we wear them in November as a way of honoring the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  Even as we speak today, there are Canadian and Allied forces at war- a different kind of war- but a war nonetheless.  We also stop, pause and acknowledge by wearing poppies that we are giving thanks too for living in safe clean communities across this great country free and for family being close to us.

This morning you have heard, and will hear some more songs, poems and presentations that ask us to remember and give thanks for the community we live in.  As well, you will see beautiful artwork around the school- like the art and writing samples posted outside our library.  Take a moment to admire it; reflect and give thanks for the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces and allied forces who died while serving our country in war and peacekeeping duties.

Canada has a wealth of witnesses (our Veterans) who have described the unspeakable horrors of war through their stories, poetry, songs, and paintings.  That is why remembrance is so necessary and yet so difficult.  It is necessary because we must not forget, and it is difficult, because the pain is never forgotten.

And many of you know that Canadian men and women gave of themselves totally through duty, courage, commitment, selflessness, love and honour, and many paid an ultimate sacrifice so that we can live in a free and democratic society that values the rights and liberties of all people.

Each year, we pause to remember those soldiers, sailors, aircrew and merchant seamen who served, and those who were killed, in the First and Second World Wars, the Korean War, The Vietnam War, Peacekeeping Operations around the world and Canada’s current missions throughout the world.

We honour these men, women and children by this act today, and in so doing, are admitting with terrible finality that we will never know them—we can only give thanks.  Whatever life they could have led, whatever choices they could have made are shattered.  They are over.  We are honouring that unacceptable thing—a life stopped while doing one’s duty.

Tomorrow there is no school.  It’s a day off for all of us.  Take some time to give thanks for living in a safe community, and please take time to enjoy and embrace your family.  Try to acknowledge them for who they are and accept them unconditionally.

Grasp them.  Seize them.  Cherish them. Embrace them.  And when you’re finished, pay that feeling forward to others.  Stand for those who cannot be heard; and speak for those who do not have a voice.

Be the best person you can be.  There is a silent compromising danger that lurks in society these days- that of complacency.  And there is an urgency that should surround all of us, that we need to make good choices.  Make good choices- AND own them.

Make choices that reflect positivism- not dismissal;
Make choices that reflect compassion towards society- not contempt;
Make choices that reflect a decision made from thought and understanding- not anger. Thank You”

~Remembrance Day, 2015, Speech at Maple Grove delivered by Mr. Evans

holiday wreath

Holiday Hampers

Watch for a letter coming home!  We’re excited about making up Holiday hampers again this year.  Our sister school, Nightingale, has selected twelve needy families who will receive a hamper of non perishable food items, gifts, treats and a gift certificate for groceries.  It will make their holiday season much brighter.  These are families who can barely make ends meet week to week.  

Donations should be brought to your child’s classroom and put in the donation boxes. We’ll be looking for parent volunteers to help with packing up the boxes.

Please be generous, it is very much appreciated.

Many students in the school are working hard to ensure the holiday hampers are beautifully decorated and others are making cards for each family.  One division has volunteered to look after collecting $2.00 from as many students as possible to purchase the grocery store gift cards.  Please help us to make this a very special holiday time for 12 families that need some support. 

Collection Period:  November 23rd to December 8th.

The Global Citizenship Club and Holiday Hamper Committee

PJ's 2011

Pajama and Stuffy Day

Maple Grove’s Student Council is sponsoring a School Spirit Day on Thursday, November 26.  On Thursday, all students and staff are invited to come to school dressed in their pajamas and/or robe (of course, put on a fresh pair – don’t wear the pajamas that you slept in the night before!). Bring along a stuffed animal as well.  Show your school spirit and come to school in your pajamas!


013012_Apps91_Parking-App.largeParking Safety

Parents, we find ourselves in a position of having to remind you not to use the staff parking lot (south side of the school), or the semi circular driveway (at the front of the school).  Last week we had two near misses in each location.  We want to remind you that the staff parking lot is for staff parking only and that it is also used as a business entrance for all the delivery truck that pick up and drop off from the school.  The front entrance is actually a driveway and parking lot as well.  We get many deliver and courier trucks using that entrance.

We encourage all parents and students to use the North or South end doors to the school.  These doorways have paved sidewalks that lead to the street and are safe for children and families.  Thank you for your assistance with this matter.


Movie Night  Disney Pixar’s – INSIDE OUT

Friday, Nov 20th
6pm-8pm  //  school gym  //  $2 per person (includes popcorn)
Extra treats will be for sale for $1 each

Bring the entire family to watch this amazing movie with your Maple Grove friends!


Important information for all Parents

Parents, please be advised of the following information:

As you may know, a new comprehensive curriculum for the K-12 system is being developed in BC.  This work has been years in the making with teachers, administrators and the Ministry of Education involved in its development.  At the present time, the curriculum for students in Grades K-9 is being piloted throughout the province.  New curriculum for students in Grades 10-12 will be available for piloting in September 2016.

Earlier this fall the Ministry of Education and the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) announced a plan to support the ongoing implementation of the new curriculum.  As part of this plan, districts have been asked to add two days of curriculum implementation time during the 2015-2016 school year.  This time will be provided for teachers to continue to familiarize themselves with the new curriculum and to plan for its full implementation in the coming years.

In Vancouver, the following two days have been selected as our local non-instructional days for curriculum implementation:

 Friday, March 4 and Friday April 15

 Schools will not be in session for students on these two days.  Please mark and amend your calendars to reflect this change.  We will do the same by publishing it in the school blog shortly.  Changing our School Calendar Tab on the website, and emailing a copy to each parent.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support as we work to engage all students in a personalized education that reflects individual programming to enable student success.

 Amazing Div 1Grade 7 work on fossils…


Montessori Choice Program Information Session

Last week our school hosted a district choice program information sharing session for parents interested in registering for our Montessori program.  The session was well attended and there was a lot of interest in registering at our school.  All the registration information families need is located on the VSB webpage.  There is a wonderful RSL video that walks parents through the registration process.

Yesterday we held our annual RSL (Ready Set Learn) information sharing session.  The program was very well attended.  We are very thankful to Ms. Greyhurst, Ms. Hales, Ms. Lam and Mrs. Tornroos for hosting the event and speaking to many interested parents.  Also thank you to Mr. Adam Smith for helping provide a wonderful educational experience for the preschoolers who were able to attend.   The RSL program is a wonderful opportunity for preschool families to connect with their neighbourhood school and to discuss school readiness and literacy.


Upcoming Events:

November 20th – Movie Night  “Inside Out”
November 27th – Professional Development Day (no school for students)
December 16th- PAC Meeting
Devember 17th- Winter Concert
December 18th- Report Card Day
December 18th- Last day of school before Winter Break

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November 13th Update

 Principal’s Messageprincipals-message-1

Dear Families,
November has arrived and with it comes cooler, wetter, weather!  With this change, we need to ensure that we pull out our warmer coats, mittens and boots and dress appropriately for the winter weather.  As Maple Grove has an undercover area that provides shelter; and the fresh air is good for children; and students need a break from stuffy classrooms; and that exercise and movement stimulate thinking and learning; every day is an outside day at Maple Grove.(You may wish to send an extra pair of pants and socks to school with your child.  Doing so ensures that they will have something dry to change into in the event they get wet from puddles, splashes or spills).

As the grey days of November fall around us, so too do our hearts as we remember those who gave up so much for us.  This week classes have been thinking about peace, giving thanks and remembrance.  We have been discussing the notion of honouring Canadian and Allied soldiers and peace-keepers whose lives were deeply affected by WWI, WWII and subsequent wars and peacekeeping missions.  On Tuesday, November 1oth, we held our annual Remembrance Day Assembly.  This was a very well-attended assembly and very successful.  Thank you to all who were able to join us for the morning!

Over this weekend, I hope that everyone has an opportunity to give thanks and remembrance to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom, and to find time for peaceful moments filled with love, nature, friendship, family and joy.

Peace Always, Principal Evans

Ready, Set, Learn

Please make sure to RSVP if you are planning to attend to reserve a spot and a goodie bag of resources.

RSL invite

Holiday Hampers – The Global Citizenship Club will be collecting for this good cause.

Between November 23 and December 8th the Global Citizenship Club will be collecting non perishable food and other items for needy families at our sister school.  Watch for a notice coming home next week.  Please be generous.


Hello Parents,
Please take a moment to go to our PAC Blog. We have posted information about the winners of our Halloween Costume contest, our next PAC meeting, and our upcoming movie night showing Disney/Pixar’ s latest animated hit, Inside Out.  Come and enjoy a great movie with popcorn and friends! $2/person.

Want to receive these messages automatically?  Then simply click on the blue +Follow button at right hand bottom corner of our blog page and enter your email address.

Also a reminder that MapleGrove PAC is on Twitter.  Follow us @maplegrovepac

Have a great weekend!
Monica Tang, PAC Chair


Upcoming Events:

November 18th – Junior and Senior bands and grades 8 & 9 band concert at Magee Secondary School at 7 pm

November 18th – PAC meeting 7:00 pm in the Library

November 19th – Ready Set Learn  3:30-4:30

November 20th – Movie Night
November 27th – Professional Development Day (no school for students)

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Nov 10th update

Remembrance DayNo School

Dear Parents,

Please be advised that there is no school tomorrow (Wednesday, November 11th, 2015) due to Remembrance Day.  Student’s first day back at school will be Thursday this week.  Thank you to all the families who were able to share in our Remembrance Day Assembly today.  The students did a spectacular job!!

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Nov 6 Update


Principal’s Remarks

Dear Parents,  In an effort to be helpful, we’re trying to focus on positive messaging regarding traffic and dropping off your children.  We’ve clearly outlined the parking rules and drop off spots in previous blog messages.  Now we’re trying to convey positive messages regarding where you can stop on Cypress St.  Please see the attached images that represent the sign boards that we’ve placed out on Cypress St to help drivers recognize where they can stop and drop off versus where there is no stopping.

2015-11-04 08.46.16 2015-11-04 08.47.13 2015-11-04 08.47.34Please note that while we’re trying to be positive about stopping and dropping off, ideally we still encourage you to park a block away from the school and walk to school.  The exercise will do your child good, and assist in the removal of congestion on Cypress St which will prove to be beneficial for all.  On a side note:  If you are a parent who works for a popular traffic engineering company and you contacted me earlier in the fall, I would like you to call again and speak with me.  Please feel free to call the school and leave a message with convenient contact numbers.  Thank you in advance.

Remembrance Day Assembly

Our annual Remembrance Day Assembly will be held on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at 10:40 am in the g2015-11-04 09.09.32ym.  Parents are welcome to attend this event.  We anticipate that the assembly will take approximately 45-60 minutes.  There will be a number of class presentations.  IT IS NOT APPROPRIATE TO TAKE PICTURES DURING THIS ASSEMBLY.  This assembly is a solemn event were we ask students and parents to give thanks and remember veterans.  We also ask that you provide a twoonie to the veteran’s association in support of their programs that support veterans of  military and peace-keeping efforts.  There will be many opportunities throughout the school year to take pictures and video of your child performing.  We also ask that there be no applause during this assembly.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Also, thank you to Ms. Tornroos for setting up the display case.

Kindergarten Registration

kindgarten Registration imageThis is going on Right Now!!  If you have a Kindergarten aged child (born in 2011) we want you to come and register now for September.  Remember, you must  register at your home school- even if you’re planning to apply to a choice program, and even if there is a sibling in the choice program. For more information, please refer to previous blogs, or visit the VSB Website Click here and follow the links to Kindergarten Registration.

Ready Set Learn

RSL invite

Letter from Coastal Health re: EPIPEN

EPI Pen Coastal letter

What’s Going on Around the School

2015-11-04 07.35.34 2015-11-04 07.35.38 2015-11-04 07.35.48
Spooky Ghosts and Halloween Decorations from Div 11

2015-11-04 07.35.59Me to We Food Hampers raised by our Global Citizenship Team.  Thank You for your Great work and support.

2015-11-04 07.36.12

Thank You to our amazing PAC and parents for supporting special programs, materials and projects around the school.  We are partners in educating our children, and we recognize that it is our collective goal to provide a stimulating, robust and comprehensive education for children so that each child is engaged with their learning experience at Maple Grove.

Colourful Artwork from some of the K classes (main hallway)

2015-11-04 07.36.44  2015-11-04 07.36.55

Kinders at the Pumpkin Patch and early primary patterns + relations

2015-11-04 07.37.05

2015-11-04 07.37.20

Positive Messaging and Social Responsibility

2015-11-04 07.37.44

Hiding in the North Stairwell, you will find beautiful examples of intermediate writing.

2015-11-04 07.38.46

Ever wondered about Fossils?  Check out Div 1’s, “What do Fossils Tell Us?” 2015-11-04 07.39.13  2015-11-04 07.39.19  2015-11-04 07.39.24  2015-11-04 07.39.38

Artwork & lines from Div 13

2015-11-04 07.39.45  2015-11-04 07.39.49

Upper Intermediate Hallway

2015-11-04 07.40.16 2015-11-04 07.40.04  2015-11-04 07.40.21

2015-11-04 07.40.47

Interesting art and writing in the open area

2015-11-04 07.41.13  2015-11-04 07.41.19

2015-11-04 07.41.43  2015-11-04 07.41.56

Div 3 colour wheels… sorry to have missed their amazing newspaper front pages.  These were truly works of art.  They were on display during the goal setting conferences.

2015-11-04 07.42.11 2015-11-04 07.43.08

Writing, “All About Me” and art in the Montessori primary wing and print making for fall.

2015-11-04 07.43.18  2015-11-04 07.43.57  2015-11-04 07.44.02

2015-11-04 07.47.30

A little bit of recycling information/reminders/ examples from Ms. Chester’s class last year (outside the library)

PAC News

I just wanted to acknowledge and thank all the parents and the PAC for their amazing Halloween Bingo.  While the event was not super crowded, there was a constant crowd throughout the evening.  I was particularly pleased to see so many students winning prizes.  I think everyone won at least one prize.  Our amazing PAC and Executive deserve props for being so supportive and wonderful in building community and culture in the school.  Thank You.

Check Your Calendars


Upcoming Events:

November 11th – Remembrance Day Holiday Remembrance Day
November 13th – Montessori Information Session – Kindergarten focus
November 19th – Ready Set Learn  3:30-4:30
November 27th – Professional Development Day (no school for students)

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Don’t forget to set your clocks back…

Just a friendly Maple Grove reminder to set your clocks back if you haven’t already done so or if they didn’t self adjust. See everyone Monday. MG

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Oct 30th Update

Principal’s Message

Greetings Maple Grove families.  What a busy week!  We were frantically preparing for our Halloween Assembly in an effort to host all the scary, and not so scary costumes, belonging to our spooky students.  What fun it was!!  We owe a couple of special thank you’s.  Firstly, I’d like to thank the Student Council (Sponsored by Ms Hales and Ms Wong and Ms Wilson) for all of their organization regarding setting up our annual haunted house.   I’d also like to thank Mandalay for her conscientious efforts to pull the event together- as well as the team of student who worked tirelessly to organize and run the event.  Also, I’d like to acknowledge Patrick, Sandra and Thailey for letting us borrow their amazing decorations and props.  It was truly a fun event and very pulled together.  Like Patrick said to me earlier today, “It takes a Village.”  Thank you for your inspiration and work.  Also, High Fives to Vinnie the Vampire for being so entertaining and spreading sooooo much Halloween Spirit to our students!

Enjoy the following Clip

Enjoy the following stills

IMG_2733   IMG_2739   IMG_2742

A special visit from our friend Vinnie The Vampire!!

Don’t forget that our Halloween Parent Bingo is this evening!!

 Halloween Bingo 2015

Maple Grove Teachers Give Back

Several of our teachers are sponsoring UBC student teachers.  Please know that these student teachers will be completing their 10-day practicum in early November and then a 3-month practicum in the Spring.  We are both happy and excited to have Megan, Leanne and Hannah with us.

2015 cross country

Cross Country 

Congratulations to Cross Country members on a very successful district meet at Trout Lake.  Thanks to sponsors Ms. Wong and Mr. Richard for coaching and helping the kids.

DEAR (Drop Everything + Read)

DEARintermediate  DEARprimary2  DEARprimary

On Monday October 26 students and staff at Maple Grove were a part of a very exciting event that dropped everything and read. (DEAR).  Schools all over Canada were celebrating National School Library Day and in British Columbia the British Columbia Teacher-Librarians Association sponsored DEAR. From 11 – 11:20 students and staff in every district in the province were reading and recognizing the joys of a good book. And they loved it.  At Maple Grove the Intermediate students gathered in the gym to read.  They were engaged and you could hear a pin drop it was so quiet.  They did not want to it to stop. Thanks go to Ms Wong for speaking to the students.

The Primary students all came to the Library and they DEAL or dropped everything and listened. Ms Yeung did a brilliant job of reading “Listen, Buddy” by Helen Lester and Ms Hales was awesome in her delivery of one of her favourite Elephant and Piggie books. Mrs. Tornroos ended their time reading some wonderful poems from “Jumping Off the Library Shelves”  about Libraries of course.

Ready Set Learn

RSL invite

Individual Photo Retakes – November 5, 2015 – 1pmphotographer

The retake procedures are no longer a prepay plan.  The students who need a retake come to the photographer on the 5th for  a new photo.   They will receive a  new proof envelope with a new deadline date about 7-10 after retake day.

WE Day Excitement

Click on our We Day 2015 tab We Day 2015 to read reflections from the students who attended.  I’d like to acknowledge Ms. Peters and Ms. Lam for sponsoring Me to We and for accompanying the students to We Day 2015.

We day 1   download

To The Maple Grove Band + Ms. Macaulay

The University of British Columbia
Teacher Education Office, Faculty of Education

To Ms. Macaulay:
Thanks again for having UBC student teachers give music clinics to the Maple Grove Beginner band students on Thurs, Oct 1, 2015, @8:30-9:45AM.  UBC students were truly inspired by the young musicians during clinics which added to their excitement about becoming school music teachers.

It’s wonderful to be able to bring UBC student teachers to a school where they can have such a positive and educational experience.

Thanks again,
Karen V. Lee, Ph.D., Lecturer/Faculty Advisor/

download (1)Allerject Recall

Re: Allerject injector device recall: Please forward this information to Staff and Parents today.

Parents and staff may be worried about the recall of Allerject injectable epinephrine by Sanofi, the manufacturer.

Here are a few salient facts about the recall:

There have been a small number (1 per 100,000 units distributed) of reports that Allerject devices may not have delivered the correct dose (too little) while treating allergic reactions.  No deaths have occurred because of this.  Sanofi is recalling the devices as a precautionary measure.

Allerject devices may be returned to the pharmacy to be replaced with an alternative device.  If the exchange cannot be done immediately, patients should keep their Allerject devices and use them if needed as usual.

Anaphylactic (severe allergic) reactions at school are very rare, thanks to the education and preventive measures parents and schools have instituted over the years.

Here is the link to the announcement of the recall by Sanofi:

If you have any further questions, please contact your school’s Public Health Nurse.

Parent Education Evening Workshop

Happy HalloweenHalloween safety tips

Tips for parents and caregivers

Halloween can be an exciting time for children and with the distraction of candy and costumes, safety rules can easily be forgotten.  In fact, research shows that distractions can increase a child’s chances of being struck by a car.

  1. An adult or responsible older child should accompany younger children since they may lack the developmental skills to cross the street on their own. This is a year-round tip that will help keep your child safe while you share good pedestrian habits and pass on a legacy of safety-minded behaviour.
  2. Teach your child to stop at the curb, look left, right and left again, and to listen for oncoming traffic. This vital skill is especially important when children are distracted and excited. Never rely on traffic signals alone – use your eyes and ears to make sure it’s safe to cross.
  3. It’s unsafe to cross between parked cars or other obstacles – always cross at crosswalks, street corners or intersections. Many injuries occur when children run out between parked cars, but even at intersections it’s vital that children practice tip #2.
  4. Stay on the sidewalk or path when walking from house to house and if there is no sidewalk, walk beside the road, facing traffic so drivers can see you. From a very young age, children can be taught that roads are for cars and sidewalks are for kids. If your community has no sidewalks, walking beside the road at night can be very dangerous – adult accompaniment and flashlights are a must, regardless of the child’s age.
  5. Select costumes with bright colours to increase your child’s visibility and choose face paint instead of masks. Masks can make it hard for your child to see properly and often restrict peripheral vision, making it difficult to check for oncoming traffic before crossing a road.

Tips for drivers

Halloween means that there will be more children out on the streets. Drivers need to take extra care.

  1. Drive slowly in residential areas where children are more likely to be trick-or-treating. Did you know that drivers cannot accurately judge their own speed when driving? The higher the speed, the less likely you are to see a child pedestrian, and the harder it is to stop quickly.
  2. Watch out for kids, many of whom may be wearing costumes with masks that make it difficult for them to see. With the excitement of Halloween, children may forget simple pedestrian safety rules. They have a tendency to dart out in the most unexpected places – the most common being between parked cars. Remember also that costumes can limit a child’s vision and they may not be able to see your vehicle.
  3. Reduce your distractions and stay alert. All your concentration should be on the road, not diverted by cell phones or loud music.
  4. Remember to enter and exit driveways slowly and carefully. Excited trick-or-treaters may run on sidewalks, or dart out unexpectedly. Proceed with caution, when entering or exiting the roadway.

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